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Cats (2019) Movie – Review and Summary

Cats (2019) Movie Directed by Tom Hooper and here is the review of this Movie. You know Taylor Swift also cast on this film. Bombalurina (Taylor Swift) is the main cast of this film. In this movie, you will see a much amazing dance but not a human. Yes, right this is the dance of Cats.

This movie is looking very attractive. That,s why on the Premier of this film. Many Superstar coming to promote this film but many of them don,t like after watching this film but we can say that his/her decision. If you are looking for an amazing movie then I suggest you watch this film.

Christmas is almost coming but People try to find the best Christmas Movie or shows or TV Series. I know this very difficult but not so difficult to find the amazing thing. Just you need to see more Reviews of others on Youtube and other websites and especially this website will prove you the best Information that you need to know after watching any movies.


Competition of Cats Dance. This movie is based on the A Cat named “Bombalurina”. Who she is a very good dancer but not famous so she wants to be famous and wants to win the Dance competition but other cats don,t like her and they try to destroyer her.

Do you think, this is one of the best movies in 2019. But there are also so many movies like Frozen 2 and Jumanji 2. Everyone has their own opinion. My opinion is that this film is amazing. You need to watch this film. Idris Elba As Macavity as a Villain in this film. Acting is so good and the story of this film is also so amazing.

When you watch the trailer of this movie then I sure you will think this is just like a song and you just play a song and some Cartoon characters playing their character. But you have another choice to understand this film. First, this movie’s story adapted the story of a Poem.

In this film, you will see many superstars playing their Cartoon Character roles. Some of them are this list: Taylor Swift, Francesca Hayward, Idris Elba, Judi Dench, Ian McKellen, Rebel Wilson, and James Corden. I highly recommended those who are looking for an amazing movie and this is a great chance for you to the choice your best Christmas Movie.

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