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I am going to discuss the season premiere of the New HBO Series The Outsider (2020), based on the novel by Stephen King. Plus Review and Summary

HBO Series The Outsider (2020) – Review and Summary

I am going to discuss the season premiere of the New HBO Series The Outsider (2020), based on the novel by Stephen King. HBO unveiled the first two episodes back-to-back tonight’s if you have not seen both episodes should forewarn you that I’m gonna be discussing both episodes also before I say anything more about the show. I should give you a heads up that I listen to the audiobook of the outsider read by will Patton so while already I can tell that the show has streamed lines Stephen King’s text in a big way.


I’ll admit that I found the book to be enjoyable and appropriately mysterious but I wouldn’t necessarily include it among my favorite Stephen King books for me his great period is really the late 70s to the early 90s thereabouts but I’m always open to reading anything he’s written from any era what’s interesting to me is how the show’s already eliminated one of my biggest complaints to the book which I just found to be too long at this point is career Stephen King probably doesn’t necessarily need or want a lot of people editing or condensing his material down.

Just by virtue of condensing the story to the television format, I’m amazing just how much faster and quicker the paces and how far we are into the story after only two episodes furthermore I thought the second half of the book was far stronger than the first. The Outsider Review. So we’re essentially getting to skip ahead to all the good parts but what we’re dealing with initially is a straight-up old-fashioned police procedural this time last year.

HBO gave us season 3 a true detective so perhaps HBO’s decided that from now on January is a great for murder mysteries with a hint of the supernatural also in 2018. Sharp objects, I feel like HBO is just becoming a great home for murder mysteries period in any case when it comes to the overall story of the outsider a child named Frank Peterson has been murdered raped and partially devoured in the most gruesome horrible way imaginable.

In all physical evidence and eyewitness testimony points to Terry Maitland a family man an English teacher softball coach basically your all-around small-town good guy that everybody likes but what should be a slam dunk for detective Ralph Anderson turns out to be nothing of the kind in that there’s also evidence.

HBO Series The Outsider (2020). Terry was in him in town the day that Frank was murdered and then he was 70 miles away to conference about whether or not to ban certain books in schools due to controversial subject matter the question remains how is it possible that a man could be in two places at the same time but due to human error and bad judgment.

Terry’s immediately tried in the court of public opinion and before his arraignment. He’s shot dead by the brother of Frank Peterson ref stops the shooter but with his dying words, Terry tells ralph again that he’s innocent leaving Ralph with this unbearable guilt that not only is a presumably innocent man dead but also that whoever killed Frank in that horrible fashion is still on the loose.

It’s just a fantastic premise for a show and so far I think the show is doing a lot of things right with the material I love the overall look of the show specifically the color palette the use of shadow everything about this world just feels grim and hopeless. The Outsider Summary. I really enjoyed the opening scene where we see Frank Peterson’s body being discovered there’s no dialogue just classical music and horrific imagery as the show tells us everything we need to know visually instead of a dialogue but the secret weapon of the show so far is Ben Mendelsohn as Ralph Anderson but this is your first time seeing him you might be surprised to hear.

I know where the story’s going but in this review, The Outsider Review, I promised not to discuss any details from the book unless those ingredients were explored in tonight’s two episodes but as far as what happened in the first two episodes that’s all fair game but let’s start with the overview the outsider was adapted into a show by author Richard Price who wrote the first five episodes as well as the season finale Stephen King has a ton of respect for Richard Price.

He’s written a ton of TV over the years but he’s also a pretty famous novelist in his own right with books like The Wanderers which was adapted into an amazing movie but Philip Kaufman back in 1979. The big surprise for me tonight was in learning that Jason Bateman who plays Terry Maitland he also directed the first two episodes.

It’s one of the most likable actors around I think Bateman was perfectly cast as Terry but as it turns out he was a fantastic choice for a director as well and after a brief glance at IMDB. I saw that he’s directed a bunch of episodes of Ozark so I’m most likely beginning caught up on that before the next season but let’s stay focused on the outsider for now so far I really like would have seen perhaps even more so than the book.

It’s from Australia but I love the accent he’s using for this role I worried for a while that he’s gonna end up being typecast as villains from here on out due to his role in the Dark Knight Rises as well as rogue one a Star Wars story. HBO Series The Outsider (2020). I’ve been loving him in the comedic role tailless in the MCU and with this role.

He’s proving that his range as an actor it’s just incredible his character has so much darkness and sadness. In him due to the premature death of his son Derek and for me the most moving scene of the two episodes so far was listening to Terry tell Ralph about teaching his son how to bunt he got so good at it then he went from being the laughing stock of the team to earning the nickname the pusher.


The scene honestly just gave me chills but because of his grief, we see how Ralph is initially blinded by emotion and hatred for men that he trusted with the Sun one of the reasons. The Outsider Summary. The Outsider Review. He rushed to have Terry arrested publicly in the most humiliating way possible movies already come to regret.

I also really enjoy seeing the investigation and the first episode told out of sequence intercut with the arrest of Terry while the cops are thrilled to have so much evidence against Terry. We as the audience hear the first alarm bill there’s something very strange afoot almost as if Terry very deliberately left a trail of breadcrumbs leading right to him.

He let a girl see him with blood streaming down from his mouth he left the van that he used to pick up Frank to be discovered in the parking lot of a strip club. This is a man who wanted to be caught and yet any time we see Terry in real-time he very convincingly protests his innocence all around this is a very solid slow-burn storytelling the best of all the amount of restraint.

The show is shown in revealing the truly dark and diabolical ingredients of the story when cops are raiding the Maitland’s home for evidence we see a mysterious hooded figure taking it all in with their face incredibly difficult to see we see this figure again after Terry’s shot. The Outsider Review, We get a slightly better look at their face one that appears to be horribly deformed

If you blink you’ll miss it and furthermore way the additional mystery of one of Terry’s daughter’s tormented by nightmares of a man looking at her in their home this is disturbing stuff that goes above and beyond conventional cop shows and for folks who really enjoy watching cops do their thing.

There’s plenty of great detail to sink your teeth into the big mystery we’re left with right now is the connection between the stolen van that was used to kidnap Frank and the Maitland’s for reasons that remain unclear this stolen van was in Dayton Ohio on the same day of the Maitland’s went there to visit Terry’s senile father and while at the hospital Terry got this strange cup accident.

From a nurse who was working there at the time and then in spite of the Maitland’s flying home the van somehow managed to end up in their hometown as well after being ditched for the kid who initially stole it for detective Ralph Anderson. HBO Series The Outsider (2020). This is damn peculiar stuff and while most of our sympathy goes to the Maitland’s and how their lives have been completely ruined.

The Peterson’s are even worse off young Frank was murdered the mother died from grief the brother was shot seeking revenge and the father’s now brain-dead from trying to hang himself and once again the hooded man was there on the scene to soak in every detail so many lives in this small town have been forever altered and the story’s just getting started this is not a spoiler but moving forward.

I would also urge people to keep an eye on the cop Jack who was called back from vacation prematurely while he was hunting pigs he’ll be playing a huge part of the story moving forward but we haven’t even met one of the major characters yet Holly Gibney if you’ve seen the teaser in the trailers. You’ll know that she’s at the heart of this tale she’s an eccentric investigator who’s been in a ton of Stephen King books specifically the bill Hodges trilogy which consists of Mr. Mercedes Finders Keepers and end of watch I haven’t read those books yet.

I can’t say anything about him but I do know they’ve already been made into a show of their own at any rate when it comes to the outsider. The Outsider Review, I’m totally in I’ll most likely be doing reviews and reactions to each episode. I’m not quite yet ready to claim that this is some massive new runaway hit show for HBO.

I am thoroughly enjoying this interpretation of the material also if you’re just a pure HBO but I’m gonna be reviewing and following the show the new episode which starts tomorrow night which is the sequel to the young pope. HBO Series The Outsider (2020).

Which is one of the best shows of the last decade, in my opinion, Paolo Sorrentino is just a brilliant filmmaker so our urge people to get caught up on that before diving into the second season, in any case, it is past midnight here in New York and it’s late in tomorrow’s Monday. The Outsider Summary. I’m gonna go ahead and wrap up this video but I hope you enjoyed this reaction and review definitely let me know what you think of the show if you want to talk about Stephen King or the outside or anything.

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