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This is the review and summary of the HBO Series The New Pope also known as "The Young Pope", starring Jude Law, John Malkovich, Silvio Orlando.

HBO TV Series “The New Pope (2020)” – Review and Summary

This is the review and summary of the HBO Series The New Pope also known as “The Young Pope“, starring Jude Law, John Malkovich, Silvio Orlando. I’m back to review the season premiere of Powell of Sorrentino’s new pope the sequel to the young pope from 2016.

One of my favorites shows in recent memory last time around. We had to wait months to get this show in the United States but now we’re almost up to speed with the rest of the world Italy got to see this episode first a few days ago followed by the UK and now.

It’s on HBO here in America also I should add that in the interim between the two seasons. I did have the chance to go to Rome and go on a proper tour of the Vatican. I’m not a religious person but I do love art and getting to see so many masterpieces like Raphael’s School of Athens up close and personal was one of the most awe-inspiring experiences of my life in any event.


Academy Award-winning director Paolo Sorrentino returns with The New Pope, his second original series set in the world of the modern papacy. Written by Sorrenttino with Umberto Contarello and Stefano Bises, the nine-episode original series features Jude Law and John Malkovich. Sharon Stone and Marilyn Manson guest star.

The season will be 9 episodes total with every single episode directed by Paolo Sorrentino and I have to say I love this new trend of allowing dynamic filmmakers direct an entire season of television. HBO TV Series “The New Pope (2020)” – Review and Summary. Whether you’re talking about David Lynch and Twin Peaks the return or Nicolas Winding Griffin with too old to die young for me.

This blurring of the lines between otter driven filmmaking and long-form episodic storytelling it’s one of those exciting things happening today in the world of film and television especially when you have a filmmaker is wildly original as Paolo Sorrentino so far.

I’ve seen his films the great beauty and youth and obviously the TV show of the young Pope but I’m dying to check out his recent movies Lauro 1 & 2 but for now, let’s focus on this particular show one that picks up nine months after the events of the young pope. Where we saw Pope Pius the thirteenth collapsing at the end of season one.

We learned that he’s been in a coma all this time which opens the door to a much needed new pope the selection of which forms the bulk of the drama. This first episode of this episode was a real showcase for the extraordinary talents of actor Silvio Orlando who plays cardinal yellow the Secretary of State.

I thought he was the true secret weapon in season 1. The New Pope Review. I can’t remember ever laughing harder than seeing him in a soccer uniform while walking away and sadness after realizing that his team has lost a game in any case with Lenny AKA Pius the 13th deep in a coma and with john Malkovich not yet taking center stage Sylvia Orlando really got to hog the spotlight.

This episode and he did not disappoint the episode eases into the drama with some fascinating scenes. Early on where we see a nun giving Lennie a sponge bath very carefully keeping his naughty bits covered before she indulges in a little masturbation off-screen and then Seema’s followed by this incredible opening credits sequence were nuns who were up in the middle of the night smoking cigarettes and trying on perfume.


They begin to rise in their nightgowns before a pulsing cross like a scene straight out of some sacrilegious kinky nightclub and for me that’s always been one of the biggest assets of this show is how it blends modern style and sensibilities and music with one of the oldest most powerful institutions on the planet.

We soon learned that Lenny’s going through his third attempt at a heart transplant let me see a spirit moving about the operating room slightly observing the surgery and those in attendance but sadly this is about all.

We get of Jude Law this episode until the very end of the episode his most loyal fan Esther believes that this third transplant will also prove to be a failure but she prays from all the same as do many others who are now practically. Indulging in idolatry in their admiration for Lenny something that vuela finds very dangerous and the character that really grabbed my interest is episode is Bauer played by Mark Evanier who appears to be a ruthlessly efficient operator working for Roy yellow.

They discussed how in the light of tariffs threats multiple sex scandals and Lenny’s coma a new pope is absolutely needed. Now I’m gonna need to rewatch the ending of this episode but it appeared to me as if it was at least being implied that Bauer played a role in Francis. HBO TV Series “The New Pope (2020)” – Review and Summary. The second untimely demise in that the show kept cutting away to Bauer eating clams.

As we see Francis the second collapsing with chest pains hopefully the next episode will confirm this but bear appears as if he’s gonna be massively important to the action. This season but after this fantastic scene, we’ll receive a yellow meeting with the other Cardinals in a bamboo forest for yellow finally makes his move to try and become the new pope going up against Hernandez who appears to be as perfect clone apart from not having a mole on his face.

I found this entire election scene to be absolutely riveting a love of the show kept cutting away to close-ups of these stunning works of art all of the tune of club music to give the proceedings. The New Pope Review. A little extra spice and we hear all these conflicting internal monologues by the Cardinals describing all the various qualities.

They would wish to see in the next Pope one Cardinal named John Braddock’s keeps getting votes but as soon becomes clear that Hernandez is gonna win a majority and vote yellows rivalry with him was so intense that it convinces all of us in supporters to vote for a guy named Vigliotti who they think is naive simple-minded.

It’ll be easy to manipulate but I love another chiffon so many unusual ways to insert brilliant comedy as though yellows describing his plan. He places his hand on the bandage for the head of another Cardinal and he keeps kind of staring up at yellow with this hysterical expression as though yellow speaking to them.

I was laughing so hard that it ended up missing a lot of the dialogue but as it turns out the new pope who chooses the name Francis ii proves to be a disaster for Roy yellow. During his first homily, his speeches snatched away by Byrd and suddenly he starts to realize that he has enormous power.

He could say whatever he likes and he decides he wants to follow the example of Saint Francis of Assisi and give away all of his wealth as well as all the wealth of the Vatican and open its doors to all the poor migrants in the region. Apparently the Vatican has assets worth roughly fifteen billion dollars.

This is obviously a moment of acute crisis for the Vatican’s normal way of doing things and we get another hysterical scene where beau yell is playing a first-person shooter as he discusses all their options. Meanwhile Francis, the second he takes her BER with this army of friars who block off areas preventing Cardinals from entering to change all the passwords all the various bank accounts and vaults and Francis very boldly claims that the time of privilege is over.

And that a holy life of poverty has begun he wants surveillance to prevent any sexual acts of any kind he plants into frock boy yellow entirely and he plans on unveiling all the dirty secrets that could place many of the Cardinals in jail the crisis is such that for yellow and Hernandez team up to in-state bran acts.

Francis’s place and in yet another great comedic moment Hernandez asked Oh yellow why they had never gotten along and in spite of being like complete and total doppelgangers boy. HBO TV Series “The New Pope (2020)” – Review and Summary. Yellow tells Hernandez, they’re just too different so we soon st. Francis the second collapsing from a heart attack and if there was any evidence of foul play.


I didn’t catch it my assumption it’s a power played a role but I can’t say for sure and obviously this opens the door to John Malkovich’s character a self-confessed fragile man but one that I assume will be a formidable rival and adversary for Lennie once he recovers. The plot thickens when we see signs of Lenny’s imminent recovery when his finger starts moving and right then perfectly on cue the theme music to the show music.

I absolutely loved it kicked in reminding me all over again just so much I love this show. I guess it was around three years ago the first season aired on HBO. The New Pope Review. I didn’t realize how much I miss it and I know a lot of people watch this show for many reasons many of which are rooted in religious beliefs and while I was raised as an Episcopalian as I mentioned before I don’t actively practice religion apart from my deep and overwhelming love of cinema.

When it comes to great cinema it’s hard to find a better filmmaker these days than Powell of Sorrentino the Strausser rich and stimulating almost intoxicating. I’m beyond fired up to continue watching more of his work so obviously I’m 100% on board with the new pope. HBO TV Series “The New Pope (2020)” – Review and Summary. I’m eagerly looking forward to the rest of the season.

I’m gonna do my best to come back for reactions and break down after every single episode in any case.

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