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This is the Review of Hovership Havoc PC Game Review + How It Works. The best Snow Day Software game of 2020.

Hovership Havoc PC Game Review + How It Works

This is the Review of Hovership Havoc PC Game Review + How It Works. The best Snow Day Software game of 2020. I hope you enjoy this game. Everyone is letter ten. I’m back with another review. Today I’m going to review and cover a game called hover ship havoc. It just came out I came out on April 19th, 2019.

If you’ve ever played a twin-stick shooter before you’ll be very familiar with this game it does throw a very little bit of roguelike elements. It’s like bare minimum where you can get random drops the stages are head nuclear random you get juice for four different ships or off the get-go and as you level up. You’ll be able to upgrade them and so forth the game was developed by snow day software. It is right now on Steam for 9.99.

I think that’s a really fair price for what this game offers you. You just like inhale the twin-stick shooter like I said before you just shoot enemies this is wave after wave after wave after you killed enough enemies. Hovership Havoc PC Game Review + How It Works. You’ll be given a choice of an exit you shoot the node and it will take you to the next stage.

How It Works:

There are two sections of each stage before you fight a boss so you’ve got five stages and you will have five more stages. You’ll get your full health after the first five stages you might get a chance to upgrade your ship. After the second set of five stages, you will then find a boss. I have several hours into this game already and at first, I was like okay this is another twin-stick shooter.

I believe or not the more I play the more addicting. I got I had to kill every enemy. I had to pick up every orb I had to get much experience as I could so I could not only just level up but also can put points into my health how fast I attack how quickly my weapons down. You can also upgrade the special abilities that you pick up.

I think it goes up to ten levels for each item but this game. It’s simple but it’s very fulfilling. I guess and my first few times you know I died pretty quickly because I quite understand how it worked because I thought hey you know why am I sucking so hard and the enemy AI is smarter than you would suspect.


It is actually harder than say old school shooters like say Smash TV for arcade signs and such but yeah this game is really fun. I didn’t really expect it a whole lot I got through almost to everything but when you die like I said before you get this choice as you see here at 240 points.

I’m applying points he’ll be critical hit rate and everything else which you may not notice that at first but the more point you put in the easier does get the further. Hovership Havoc PC Game Review + How It Works. You get to go along you get better achievements. I love the second stage industrial zone for some reason it reminds me of some of the level design we’re not Sonic I don’t know if Sonic 2 or Sonic 3 the metropolis zone.

That’s what reminds me of for some reason which I wasn’t a huge fan of but I’ve grown into that whole style but yeah it’s really freaking fun. I didn’t expect it to be this way because like so kind of bored at the beginning but to once you get to the boss after you complete those ten stages. You know split into five again the boss stage is pretty unique.

I like this sort of like the first-person view well it’s not really first for a third-person view. Whatever but I like how it changes the camera and you can just face the boss. I found that very different than what other 2063 games do there might be some that already do this but I thoroughly enjoyed the boss battle.

It’s a pretty fun game um so that covers everything basically with the cover ship have it do I recommend it. If you love twin six-shooters absolutely if not that’s okay. Hovership Havoc PC Game Review + How It Works. If you don’t want this game either but yeah go ahead.

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