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This is my Review for Netflix as a series of Medical Police (2020) is an American television comedy series as a spin-off to the short form alt-comedy series Children's Hospital.

Netflix Series Medical Police (2020) – Review and Summary

This is my Review for Netflix as a series of Medical Police (2020) is an American television comedy series as a spin-off to the short form alt-comedy series Children’s Hospital. Which parodied medical dramas medical police is a parody of international spy thrillers. This is another series that is very easy to binge-watch and get through there are 20-minute episodes.


Two American physicians in São Paulo, Brazil, discover a civilization-threatening virus and are recruited as government agents in a race against time and around the world to find a cure and uncover a dark conspiracy. Medical Police Summary.

Mostly and there are only a few episodes so if you want something short to fun and easy to watch then this is your jam if you know anything about Children’s Hospital you know that the parody of the medical staff that they had in that and this is the same except with police and medical terms. Medical Police Review. If you’re a doctor and you take things very seriously. You’re not going to enjoy this.

My wife had to walk out the room when she was watching us she’s not a doctor but she loves medical stuff she knows a lot of her medical expertise and kind of medicines and what you use and when you see someone do just the absolutely wrong thing and just make up medical terms you might find this frustrating.

I found them pretty funny actually just the stuff that we’re making up or felt like they were making it up well it is kind which I think lends itself to their clever scripting feels natural. It definitely feels like a naked gun meets scrubs meets a Children’s Hospital if you put those three in together. Medical Police Summary. You have this amalgamation of this funny quirky interesting new take on things.


It’s very dry it’s very off the wall people in the backgrounds will say and shout things that shouldn’t be allowed to be said or just random things that you know it’s very random in its comedic timing although. It’s obviously time very well it’s a calm whoa I don’t know if there are many people that could take on this role has been these to a medical cop what is that even Erin Hayes and Rob Huebel are the two main protagonists are medical cops.

They’re very interesting to watch I love watching people do comedy well. I think they do it well and like I said I don’t think this is for everybody it’s a very interesting take on the comedy series. Medical Police Review. It’s definitely off the walls I feel like the strongest suit of this medical police mate is that it really doesn’t take itself seriously.

In fact, parodies everything very well so we’re there spy thrillers. They really rarely play on that with the medical drama that really plays on the words they use or how they do it everything seems exacerbated to the fullest extent. There’s more you know somebody gets shot. It’s over a shot. If somebody swears it’s over swearing.

If somebody’s dying is over dying you know it’s just it’s that sort of parody comedy style what I really liked is that these ten episodes although they cut down to 20 minutes each. It feels like a long feature-length story so it does kind of continue on each from each episode so it’s like one long story and you’re just following along this weird wacky adventure.

It is a lot of fun but I don’t think it’s gonna be for everybody if you’ve heard of Children’s Hospital. Medical Police Summary. I think you’ll love it you’ll love making a gun I think you’ll love it I do think some people are just gonna be like this is rubbish what is this even about I think it’s great weapons-grade plutonium Fernet tart.

I think it’s scripted well, I think it’s edited well. I think the flow and pacing work really well, I think the actors do what it’s expected of them and more because it’s so hard to do timing in comedy even there’s the stunts and everything. Medical Police Review. It feels like a big-budget movie at times but it isn’t it’s a comedy it’s just a weird concept that I think kind of works let me know in the comments below what you thought about this I’m gonna give this a B+.

I think it’s pretty good I’m looking forward to seeing what they do the second season’s Cop doctors thanks so much for watching this review and until next time remember live long and choose me.

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