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Roki (2020) - Review, Recap, Ending, Summary. It is Released on 24 July 2020. It is developed by Polygon Treehouse.

Roki (2020) – Review and Summary

This is the Review of Roki. Roki (2020) – Review, Recap, Ending, Summary. It is Released on 24 July 2020. It is developed by Polygon Treehouse.


We’re going to be taking a close look at the brand new game Roki from polygon treehouse in the game we play as Tove a young girl who also looks after her little brother lars her mother died when she was young and her father is still around where he’s stuck in a deep dark depression and doesn’t do anything so like my summary. It’s down to you Tove to raise your brother we start off running around a beautiful snow-filled vista throwing snowballs and chasing lars in the early stages it treats it more as a tutorial just getting used to the controls.

This is pretty much the first half-hour of the game we end up doing menial tasks like taking last to the bathroom and making dinner as well as guiding our way around the controls it also introduces to how strong the relationship is between tophat and lars just as it feels like you’re getting used to the gameplay along comes a monster literally a huge monster and snatches lars away this is where the game really picks up its stride it’s split into three chapters with the first chapter you looking after lars and the second chapter.

Which is the main chunk of the game looking around for lars from here on in we are walking this beautiful ominous fairy tale alone taking in all kinds of Scandinavian folklore from trolls to sea monsters and all in between in the second part of the game the map opens significantly and as you crack each puzzle it grows even more as the game progresses so like the summary and does the difficulty with the puzzles, for the most part, it’s all inventory based in some cases you need to use inventory items on each other to create something new but other times you use it with whatever is around you in your environment you can carry quite a lot of inventory and as the map is big it may seem a little daunting?

If you stop for just 30 seconds and have a look at your inventory and look at the map it does become actually quite clear on top of the inventory puzzles there are one or two logic puzzles as well such as moving discs in the right place and shifting statues but these are few and far between to move around the world we use the WASD keys for left right up and down and you can hold the shift key to run as well and to interact you press enter this can be a little fiddly and I ended up using the arrow keys.


If anything it would probably be better to actually use a controller the hint system is pretty fantastic too rather than telling you what to do you simply press the f key and all the hotspots light up if you no longer need to use the hotspot it doesn’t light up simple as the map is so big there are cases where you need to travel long distances to go and do something and it may seem like a chore however integrated into the game is a fast travel system it’s actually integrated into the game as part of the story every time.

You open a new area of the map there tends to be a tree and you can use the tree roots to enter a different area brilliant the art in this game is absolutely sublime from tiny little cabins through to huge mountainous vistas there was never one part of the map that didn’t feel as it was part of one hole and as for the music. I hope that you gonna like my review. It’s just like the landscape pretty sparse but absolutely beautiful it echoes the glacial surroundings perfectly there isn’t any voice acting in the game except for one or two words.

You hear the majority of the characters just from their laughs cries sighs and general murmurs but he gets her point of view across in a great way from start to finish Roki is an absolute sensation the Art the music but mainly the story apart from a few negative control issues and some of the puzzles can be quite simple I would say that this is one of my favorite games of the year thank you for watching my review of Roki.

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