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There are Five reasons why Temtem is better than Pokemon. Temtem stealing animals are way cooler in Pokemon. Humble Bundle is well known

5 Reason Why Temtem is Better than Pokemon

There are five reasons why Temtem is better than Pokemon. Temtem stealing animals are way cooler in Pokemon. Humble Bundle is well known. I know you are a fan of Pokemon but in this article, you are going to surprise because of the new game Temtem. This is just amazing. I hope you will like it, after watching and playing this game.


First of all, tempt him are kept in cards they are not in bowls. 5 Reason Why Temtem is Better than Pokemon. If you think about how many balls you can keep on you at any one time. It’s not very many eventually can’t get very many balls in your pockets. If you think about it ever tried to play tennis and you know when they keep the tennis balls in their pockets when they’re playing and you can see them bulging out.

It’s not very practical at all if you think about how many cards you can get in your pocket it’s a lot more if this was actually real life then Temtem would always be Pokemon because Temtem would always have more animals in their pockets Pokemon trying to do this later the fact that you have pokemon cards that you collect.

You don’t have Pokemon balls so they realized too late that cards were actually better but Temtem has caused from the beginning. It’s just always cards and it’s better to be in a card because people like cards Cod games are really popular all the games are not as popular throwing cards is a lot cooler you can throw cards like gambit from the x-men or pretend. You’re a magician like when youth the David Blaine throws it and then it’s on the other side of the glass you do that but with Temtem and Temtem come out.


Temtem stealing animals are way cooler in Pokemon. You pretty much just start with a yellow Mouse that follows you around and in Temtem you can choose from three you have like a crystal lizard. You have a fire monkey lion thing you also have this purple thing that has shapes around it it’s like a mentalist or something.

Temtem vs Pokemon
Temtem vs Pokemon

I think the Temtem a much cooler than in Pokemon because you can see that there is one that’s like BAM made of potato there is a but that is a tomato you have a toucan and in Pokemon, it’s just like seeds and stuff and plants and Pokemon. You have something that looks like an onion pokemon been going for so long that any new Pokemon game the stars are just ridiculous really when you think about it if you look at this thing. 5 Reason Why Temtem is Better than Pokemon. It’s basically like a little vegetable and then there’s this which to be fair is kind of cute but when it gets to this evolution it just looks kind of ridiculous in like a fiery fantasy.


It’s online so that means you feel connected to the world and to the other people that are in the world and around it and you can see people and that’s cool Pokemon aren’t you just feel completely shut off. You’re running around in it Sierra in place and it doesn’t feel very much like a community at all but Temtem is totally a community.

They will keep adding to Temtem it’s basically an MMO it’s online so there’s gonna be expansions and patches and fixes and they’ll be you know this thing will come out and it’ll be like a new expansion a new walled that you can go to. They’ll be all these new Temtem where is Pokemon and that comes out that’s the only thing that is there and that’s it you bought it on that disk and that’s it.

That’s all you have and once you have everything it’s done also again just to go back to the fact that it is online it’s way cooler to collect things in Temtem because if you collect something in Pokemon you pretty much just collecting it for yourself you may as well just have a notepad and draw a sketch in it and say that that’s your Pokemon because I’m gonna show it to anyone.

It’s my way better in attempting because you can run around and they will be following you and you can show off and then you can also fight people you can buy your own house and decorate it and have people come over which you definitely can’t do in Pokemon. It’s cool that you can have a house and then customize it which also speaking of that you can make your own character and customize them and put them in clothes and there’s even a shop in the game where you can buy clothes like a bikini for a lot of points to look cool. 5 Reason Why Temtem is Better than Pokemon. There’s also a surfboard so that already makes it better than Pokemon for that reason of customization alone plus a surfboard that’s like a bonus reason so it’s already winning.


In Temtem: It is 2 V 2 instead of 1 v 1 which makes it 3 times cooler because there’s three times more now there are 2 more people involved so it’s twice as cool.


C’mon is only on Nintendo’s so you have to play it in your hands on a small screen whereas Temtem is on pc. I don’t know my pokemon never came to pc but Temtem is coming to PC and PC is the best that’s why it’s gonna actually destroy Pokemon. Pokemon isn’t gonna exist anymore once Temtem comes out because the PC is the best and when things come to PC.

That’s the end of everything else because nobody even likes consoles so like Pokemon being on Gameboy and DS is then they should have come to PC but now Temtem comes to PC. It’ll be the thing that everyone talks about nobody will talk about Pokemon anymore because Temtem is on PC.

PC is the best you can’t have as good graphics on a Nintendo 3ds as you can have on a PC so that’s why I think Temtem is gonna be much better than Pokemon and I have to say that I think it is taming is a lot cooler than training because training is like the pokemon are captured like circus animals.

Instead in Temtem, you tame them and they know your friends and family so come by the stream slash mad morph where. 5 Reason Why Temtem is Better than Pokemon. I will be playing Temtem live and we will see exactly why it is better than Pokemon from today because it comes out today watching and remember to like and subscribe and if you have an issue with anything that I’ve said in this video please leave a comment below.

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