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I hope that you gonna watch and love the documentary Film A Secret Love. It was released on April 29, 2020, by Netflix. it is produced by Ryan Murphy.

A Secret Love (2020) – Summary and Review

I hope that you gonna watch and love the documentary Film A Secret Love. It was released on April 29, 2020, by Netflix. it is produced by Ryan Murphy. I watched it this morning Glenn came into the bedroom to check on me to see.

if I was all right and I was just there like just sobbing and weeping this the documentary hit me hard the two ladies of this documentary are Terry Donahue and potential a lesbian couple had been together since 1947 however, they kept their relationship a secret for decades. The summary of A Secret Love is very good.

They didn’t even come out to their own families until their retirement years even though they’ve been together forever they managed to pass as two ladies that just happen to live together kinda like Bert and Ernie but female some people actually thought they were cousins but regardless of the facts that they had everybody fooled their love for one another can be felt in every old photograph every home movie and every love letter it’s an achingly sweet tale of forbidden love a secret.


Love is actually directed by Terry’s great nephew Chris Boleyn and much like circuses of books was directed by a family member the personal connection to the subject of the documentary invites the viewer into their world it feels very intimate with the film documents their whole lives. This is a very nice summary of A Secret Love.

How they met what they did for a living Tara’s actually wants major league baseball players so she was breaking rules and new territory mofo professional life and her personal life the bonus of peppers the documentary with newspaper clippings and old footage of what societal attitudes were the time towards gay people and it gives you an idea.

Why the ladies kept the relationship hidden the film follows them all the way up to their golden years when they eventually came out to their family members and then their eventual marriage seeing them hit that milestone of marriage so late in their the relationship was like 65 years before they got married just illustrates. I am hopeful that you are going to love the review of A Secret Love.

We’ve come by the time the documentary gets to the point where they’re taking their bowels and finally getting married I was blubbing the fact these two ladies are just two big bags of sugar so sweet and adorable just makes it so hot it is a pleasure for me that you will like this review.


I had so much empathy for them you look at them and you just know that they’re meant to be together but no relationship is about struggles but what’s interesting about their relationship is how that struggles evolved over time because back in the beginnings of the relationship they had to keep it a secret that was their struggle.

But when the older and finally free to be who they are it’s all about how age takes away the things that we love it takes to where independence it takes away our health takes away those that we love again I just felt very empathetic towards these two ladies because I could kind of see my own two grandmas in them not saying.

I had to lesbian grandma housing to say both my grandma’s I kind of saw them in them you know what I mean sorry grandma’s hope you didn’t take offense yeah I did relate to the struggles of what Pat and Terry go through at the end of this documentary.

They are getting older they’re dealing with the ailments of age as well as how I’m just taken back to the home of 21 years and decide whether you’ll spend the last few years of their life together in Canada Florida closer to family these are all things that my own grandmother went through as well as soon as she lost her independence. I hope that you are going to like this summary of A Secret Love.

She valued the most that is when she really started to deteriorate it’s an inevitability that we’re all gonna have to face someday and it’s not ourselves it’s a loved one and you can see that in this documentary anyway guys I had a wonderful time watching a secret love it tugs at your heartstrings it’s inspiring it’s deeply personal and it’s the type of a sweet simplistic documentary that renews your faith in love and humanity. I hope that you would love its review.


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