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This is Amarey A980 Review | Best Vacuum Cleaners 2020. Everything you need to know about this Product Plus How it works?

Amarey A980 Review | Best Vacuum Cleaners 2020

This is Amarey A980 Review | Best Vacuum Cleaners 2020. Everything you need to know about this Product Plus How it works? Our recent multi-product review article reviewed the Ecovacs Deebot 500 and if you remember if you haven’t watched I wasn’t too happy with it but today I’mgoing to review the a more a a 980 and I think you’ll find a bit of a differentstory. Today I’m going to take the frustration out of automation by showingyou a robot vacuum from a maker you probably haven’t heard of now.

How it works?

This is a Amarey and fair warning Amarey did sponsor this video but you guys shouldknow by now that doesn’t mean that they’re getting a good review for me itmeans they’re guaranteed this spot on the channel what is the Amarey a980. Well it is straight up a robot vacuum it can be controlled by Amazon’s voiceassistant through app or through their remote control here and you can schedulewithin their app to be able to start this vacuum in terms of its cleaning capabilities.

Its features include a 1600 Pascal suction capability it’s underthree inches in height so it can go under lots of the spaces that you arehoping it can it has a 2600 milliamp hour replaceable not just rechargeablereplaceable battery and it has just a ton of sensors around the front andaround this device that you would expect on this kind of a robot vacuum now italso has a hundred and forty five-degree.

This is a camera actually on topof this device and it’s intended to actually map out your space no it alsocomes with additional accessories and you can see a few of them here so youget the extra little well I don’t even know what to call these things you getextras there on the side and then you also get the brushes that you expectkind of coming with these you get the remote.

You also get a boundary strip andit’s a magnetic strip that you can kind of cut up and put to a number of placesif you want to make sure that this is not going to go past a certain area orif you want to make sure it doesn’t go down some stairs now this is all at theprice point of three hundred and fifty dollars you asked but we also have acoupon code basically about till the end of February.


Check that out theelzar down below in the description what does it do well in one way that’s a verysimple list it’s a smart vacuum so it’s not a mop it’s not got any other kind offunctions on it but that’s what it does now it will run around your home in anautomated fashion you don’t have to interact with this one at all and then when it’s done it will return to its dock and start charging with that cameraon top of it.

It will actually map your space and then from that point on andand the map gets better as you go and go here but from that point on you canactually tell it to only clean certain rooms or certain areas within themwithin your map your smart map that is developed through this.

There’s a plainold suction mode which is just a really high-powered suction so you can kind ofbrush things up to the vacuum turn that on there’s an edge cleaning mode as welland there’s a spot cleaning mode of course you can put Mary and that’s myname for I need my other one Jeeves this is Mary and you could put it on aschedule you can go ahead and you can review the history of those cleanings.

You can also hit the button to finder if you can’t find her and she’s lostsomewhere in your home and you can use the app entirely you don’t have toactually leave the app at all and or you can use this remote to control it interms of what I like you have to really start with the basic functions on avacuum so do I like how this one is performing actually I really like howthis is performing.

It’s definitely outperforming the d-bots 500 that I’vetalked to you about and I’ve been around a number of different models from anumber of different companies and I can hear this one actually picking up a lotmore than I expected to I can tell from the suction power that it’s doing agreat job and I can just tell in general when I flipped it over.

Amarey A980 Review

I can see what’s gone into the container and what’s on the brush it is actually doinga remarkably good job and that’s the most important thing about any robotvacuum it’s been very good at avoiding most objects and it’s not perfect itstill runs into some walls and it still runs into some things but it’s got alittle bumper on the front that keeps it from leaving marks.

I haven’t seen anymarks and in general it’s not getting hung up on anything and when you couplethat with the fact that although they give you thenext rip that you can go and put in front of your stairs it actually won’tfall down the stairs it it gets up to the stairs it starts the tip and itstops itself and it’s very good at that so there is literally no interactionthat I have had to have with this no matter how many times I’ve started.

It nomatter what the conditions are that I’m putting it in I have a very difficultthick rug that I have in my home that other robot vacuums have gotten stuck onand you know what I haven’t had to interact with this at all so it’sliterally a set and forget and that’s what I want out of home automation thesmart map feature is very nice and they are doing a good job building that mapover time.

It’s not perfect the first few times so don’t think you’re gonna haveit go around map your home immediately and have it perfectly accurate this is gonna take you a few times to actually roll through and get that smart map to apoint where you really can use it going forward now it is still a very goodfeature and it allows you to go and just do certain rooms if you’ve got an issuesomething I should mention as well is the app is very good and it is veryintuitive and there’s no mistakes through it.

It’s pretty much perfectnow when you first get the device you don’t necessarily even have to get itconnected through Wi-Fi you don’t even have to do that with this vacuum to getalmost everything out of it the fact is you have a remote here and just thesimple power button allows it to go about its cleaning business so from themoment I got this I literally press the power button on the top of this and letit go and do a cleaning so that’s how easy and simple.

It can be and then you have the more complex things that you might want to do that require the appwhich is very good as well the edge cleaning mode that is on this Ireally like and the reason for that is its high suction so it turns on thesuction really high it’s not going to leave your battery going for that longbut it turns it on really high and you pull things out of the edges and that’sreally important for these types of devices because they don’t do great incorners but that has improved its capability aroundthe edges of my home.

I like how meri communicates with me verbally and that’sthe verbal component to this device it actually speaks very well and I hear thethings that I expect to hear and not too much though I also like the amount ofsensors that I’m seeing on this and the way they’re using these sensors in mostcases so they’ve done a very good job with a very good physical device now onthe flip side what didn’t I really love about the a 980 well the first thing isthe integration with the voice assistance and with other platformsthere’s really not a lot.

If this and that Google assistant smart things anyother hubs there’s no integration at this point Amazon’s voice assistant you can get integration with I had to go throughkind of their beta system right now is they just get that final approval statstep but all it does is let you power on and off the device so that’s a bit of anegative there for people but honestly guys there’s not much reason to havethis integrated with anything else it can just go about its day on a scheduled basis.

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You don’t have to worry about that you can work it into routines onAmazon’s voice assistant I have done that with just the power on but thepower off stops it in the middle of the floor so you just let it go until itruns out of battery the other relatively big thing to me is I can’t tell how thephysical components are doing so you know you get basically a timeline forhow some of these components are supposed to work with other vacuums wedon’t have anything here so I just have to physically check this one finally theconnection process was a bit of a bear now this is 2. 4 gigahertz only and weknow that some phones and some Wi-Fi systems are not exactly conducive to this.

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The app didn’t really help me either and I was getting a number offailures for getting this initially connected now what I can tell you isright now this is what you need you turn it off with the switch on the bottom youturn it back on you factory reset which is a hold of this for 5 seconds and Iwas able to reliably get it to connect with just broadcasting a Wi-Fi hotspoton my phone at 2. 4 gigahertz with just the same credential so that worked everyI’m reliably once I had figured that out.

I was able to get Mary connected and move it all in although the Amarey a 980 has been a very good smart vacuum and I can actually recommend it at the price point of three hundred and fifty dollars us otherwise go ahead check out our other smart home product reviewsyou’ll find a ton of different devices in that playlist on screen otherwisethanks for watching and of course don’t hate automate

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I was able to get Mary connected and move it all in although the Amarey a 980 has been a very good smart vacuum and I can actually recommend it
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