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Anelka: Misunderstood (2020) - Review, Recap, Ending, Summary. Main Stars: Nicolas Anelka. It is Released on 5 August 2020. It is directed by Éric Hannezo.

Anelka: Misunderstood (2020) Netflix Review, Recap, Ending, Summary

This is the Latest Review of Anelka: Misunderstood. Anelka: Misunderstood (2020) – Review, Recap, Ending, Summary. Main Stars: Nicolas Anelka. It is Released on 5 August 2020. It is directed by Éric Hannezo.


We’re going to be talking about Anelka misunderstood a documentary about Nicholas Anelka a french footballer and like this summary. Who had his fair share of clubs but also his fair share of controversies with the success of last dance I think we’re going to see an uptick in sports documentaries I believe Beckham’s even rumored to want his own last dance style documentary for those who don’t know Nicholas Nelgr is a former football player.

Who started out with some terrible clubs like arsenal winning the fa cup in the premier league and then going to real Madrid and winning the champions league before eventually finding himself in mid-table glory with manchester city best team in the land in all the world and then going on to win a premier league a golden boot two fa cups as well as making a champions league final with Chelsea he’s also known for his fractured relationship with the French national team which resulted in the implosion.

If you will of their 2010 world cup in South Africa so with this documentary it’s interesting to hear his side of the story, in particular, I enjoyed the talk about the 2010 french national team that just went to absolute bits and like my summary. There was like a mutiny in the south African world cup but unfortunately, you have to sort of taking this whole documentary a pinch of salt because a lot of it is certainly favorable to an elk pretty sure he had like a large same production.

I would have liked a little bit more of people justifying or reasoning their side of the story when it comes, for instance, leaving them out of the national team this documentary’s main focus was Nelka and didn’t really offer much else in the way of opinion which is fine I expected that going into it I love the talking heads they picked as well were clearly in Elka’s camp when it came to issues on and off the pitch but yeah because it’s somewhat one-sided and biased unfortunately at times that means that the documentary comes off as self-indulgent.

He has shots where he’s like running on the sand dunes and he’s posing in front of the camera with a shark tank over his head in an aquarium and then you’ve also got him looking for Longley leaning his head against the window as he looks out into the Dubai skyline, yeah stuff like that was a little bit there. I hope that you gonna like the summary. They did tackle the canal gesture for those who don’t know the canal gesture is a gesture created by a french community called dear don.

Who has some controversial opinions about Israel and Zionism which certainly potentially could be seen leading into the anti-semitic and some believe that this gesture isn’t an anti-semitic gesture so during a game Anelka did this gesture and I talked openly about it which is good he was claiming it was an anti-establishment or anti-steve Clark gesture what they did like to mention was that he was friends with the creator of the gesture.


They tend to breeze past it quite quickly it’s like an elk has had his say on it please move on some of the filmmaking choices were a bit peculiar like in the intro sequence there’s like a dragon ball z Esque animation with an Elka which is strange and felt very out of place and then, later on, he’s seen wearing a t-shirt of it so I can only assume and like this review. It’s some sort of merchandise that he’s selling or something also when things are said that are quite impactful or like quite big statements.

They would then fade to black for the effect which I didn’t think really worked also they used glitchy graphics which I’m assuming is a stylistic choice because they didn’t seem to have any link or relevance to the documentary but they didn’t work for me either apart from that everything else was nicely shot well lit all the talking heads were good even. if they were all naturally in favor of Anelka. I would recommend out of you please like my review and summary and please keep watching my next upcoming review and summary.

He had some big names he had Wenger emperor Tyrionry I think this is an interesting watch if you have some sort of affinity for an Elka I think he does give interesting points and inside the story, for me, it felt more like I was just trying to sell an Elka than actually offer any insight or information about past events um so I’m gonna give it two out of five thank you so much for watching my review.

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