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This is a spoiler quick review of the brand new Netflix series Ares, Starring Frieda Barnhard, Robin Boissevain, Tobias Kersloot.

Ares Netflix – Review and Summary

This is a spoiler quick review of the brand new Netflix series Ares, Starring Frieda Barnhard, Robin Boissevain, Tobias Kersloot. This is a very interesting and fascinating concept did this show execute and did the finale deliver. We’re gonna talk about all of those things. I need you in the comments down below have you seen this are you going to give it a shot.

Ares Summary

Let’s get into it so Rocha an ambitious and intelligent college student who is trying to get her life straight is recruited to join an exclusive and mysterious society. This is hard to talk about without at least revealing a few plot points. I’m going to talk about it if you don’t want to know anything turn away.

Now so basically we have this secret society that claims to be behind the development. Ares Netflix Review. The success of this company and Rocha who is our main character. We establish who she is throughout the first couple of episodes but the way that this show starts, you don’t know what’s going on you’re like alright.

You’re basically seeing the process of what it’s like to join the society and be a part of it and then the thing happens. Y’all know what I’m talking about the gruesomeness the gore displayed not just in that first episode but all throughout this show. It’s actually really well done and there are a lot of things about this show that I found to be thoroughly entertaining and visually pleasing okay.

That’s a weird way to put it because at times you’re like I don’t know if I want to look at this because it gets so gory and intense. There are multiple moments throughout the show where people are dying and being mutilated and hanging themselves. It just happens over and over to a point to where it becomes not repetitive but just kind of too much right.

I’m still one of those things that you can’t really look away you have to see everything happen because this series gets crazy towards the end right. Ares Netflix Summary. I will say the ending to this season it may not give you all of the answers. I are still asking many questions online what does this mean and we’ll get into the terminology here in just a second but I liked the ending of this season.

I actually like the last couple of episodes more than how this show started while the first scene gets you into it. It is a bit of a slow trudge through the first couple of episodes. Ares Review, Now when the story gets more entertaining and exciting that’s also when it gets a bit more convoluted.

There is a lot that goes down in this show and not that I had trouble keeping up with who the characters were in the relationships and what was actually happening but it did at a point become just a tad bit too much for me to care about every character that we really had to care about but basically this show is coming from the point of view of a girl who is an outsider and completely unaware of what the society is.

How exactly it works and how she got involved with it in the first place because everyone a part of the society or in the process of joining their families have been involved for quite some time. She’s sitting back wondering what’s my role here why am I someone who is being chosen to become a part of this when everyone else really has a reason to be here.

Once she gets in semi spoiler but not really you know. She’s going to be a part of society once she is in society that’s when the crazy stuff within the society starts to go down. Ares (2020) Review. It takes a horror route every now and then it takes to thriller route. It’s almost as if this show didn’t know what it wanted to be completely.

Ares Review

I’m okay with the show balancing so many elements and really so many genres like this show do oh my goodness all the way through but this one I think just had a tad bit too much to let the audience soak in everything. Ares Netflix Review. That is happening not just her storyline but everyone around her has their own part to play absolutely some who do not want to be there.

They make that very clear within the first few episodes but their storyline is just as important as hers but we’re really with her. We’re balancing this new life that she has to balance herself with her home life that is crazy her mother a little bit crazy so the story. Ares Netflix Summary. It’s constantly bouncing back and forth between what’s going down within the society.

All of the visual craziness that’s happening on-screen there and we’re trying to figure out okay what went down within the family why is her relationship with her father so strain why does she want to leave this life behind and go home which is what she calls it. I believe in the third episode take me home.

This is my home now and that’s kind of what a cultish society like this do they make you feel a certain way and they make you believe. Ares Review. It felt to me like she wanted to be here in the first place. Once she is there even though she’s seeing all of this wacky crazy stuff happening around her.

She still feels as if she belongs there and to me, that was the fascinating aspect of this story so we get it in those final few episodes and that’s really going to be the turning point for a lot of people. It’s was the build-up worth it at that point. I’m still not for sure if it was for me but like I said I did really enjoy the ending or did you just kind of trudge.

Through it to get there and by that point, you’re just kind of you ‘re kind of over it. I understand right they’re not the most relatable characters you’ve ever seen. I feel like there could have been a bit more fleshing out a bit more explanation as to what each thing was what does feel what’s the role you see that visual the venom looking creature at the beginning.

It continues to progress and people are throwing up the sludge look. Ares (2020) Review. I can’t even explain what the visual was there but it’s really well done from a practical sense and really special effects-wise. I thought it looked great you’re just a tad bit confused as to what exactly is happening.

Even if you do feel that way it is still captivating you as you’re watching because it’s just pure madness. This show is pure madness when you’re dealing with a society like this that does its own thing and runs a very different way than how we run in everyday life. You’re going to be fascinated all the way through.

Even if you don’t get everything that you want and that’s how I feel about this show I didn’t get every answer I didn’t invest myself. I’m like I needed a bit more from you. I needed a bit more from Rocha. I think there is a lot here to enjoy but personally, it could not quite get to it’s a good show. Ares Netflix Review. I’m gonna recommend it to you guys I still think it’s okay and before I give you my score of you guys enjoy.

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