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This is Birds of Prey Review, Summary and everything you want to know. Starring Margot Robbie, Rosie Perez, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Jurnee Smollett-Bell.

Birds of Prey (2020) – Movie Review and Summary

This is Birds of Prey Review, Summary and everything you want to know. Starring Margot Robbie, Rosie Perez, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Jurnee Smollett-Bell. It’s been about three and a half years. Since Suicide Squad looking forward to that comment section seriously yeah birds of prey in the fantabulous longest title ever. Since don’t be a menace to South Central while drinking your juice in the hood so birds of prey is a bird of prey.

It’s not really a birds of prey movie birds of prey prequel. Birds of Prey Summary, It’s generally a Harley Quinn movie Harley and Joker they have split Charlie’s dealing with it because it’s not just like okay split done on to other things. Now, She’s actually dealing with it for the beginning of this movie. I appreciated that there are phases before acceptance.


There are a few people in Gotham who are like you mean that lady’s been trolling us and with us all those times. She no longer has the Joker back in her corner. I say we kill her the one who really wants to do that as Romans Ionis. Birds of Prey Review, I always said sionis. I guess, it’s Iona’s who is black mask played by Ewan McGregor.

He does not like her at all so he’s coming after her. There’s a diamonds that she needs to get for him to save her life which sounds remarkably like one of the plots of snatcher involving brick top. Birds of Prey Summary, Now that I’m thinking about it and then you start meeting the birds of prey. What I liked about this movie is Margot Robbie is Harley Quinn.

Whatever your grievances was Suicide Squad she’s fantastic but she just completely sells it. The voice the persona when she’s vulnerable you feel for her when she is doing that quite efficiently and all with the whimsical kind of fun. You would expect from Harley Quinn. She was great actually really likes canary as well those were a great team up.

They team up the earliest actually my one of my favorites in the movie. It’s actually Huntress and you don’t get much of Huntress. However Huntress has the best sounding. I’m like so as much as I loved Huntress in the movie. Birds of Prey Review, I felt robbed it was like I want to see her back story when you see flashbacks of her backstory.


I want to see the whole movie you know be like Punisher but with her which sounds amazing. Birds of Prey Summary, When they just think about it so basically as the band is slowly getting together they get together in the last act and that’s when you really you really feel the dynamic. It’s the vibe that Suicide Squad was probably going for also the action the fight sequences.

I thought they were really exciting okay my main grievance the thing. I did wrong is I didn’t watch this movie. I was high I’m just saying this is the kind of movie probably good I do probably enhances the experience. Whatever it’s no one cares put your Dare shirt down. However the villain in this movie black mask Roman Simon is played by Ewan McGregor at first I was like he’s having fun with the role.

I’m liking this I was really digging it but then the movie just keeps going. Birds of Prey Review, Until, I felt it went too far in terms of just the cartoonish nature of it not fun cartoonish nature no when he was doing that I was having a good time with it like the scene in the trailer is like who’s having a good time.

However this is I mean it’s birds-of-prey is gonna be a girl-power movie for sure how is it not gonna be it’s curtains birds-of-prey no question about that but this movie does go to the point. Where I feel like it draws a line in the sand where it’s like alright women over there dudes over. There good people shitty people.

It’s the theme of the movie and they push it really far with him he’s a complete misogynistic to the point where I’m like am I even watched in black mask right now. Birds of Prey Summary. I have the finger on the pulse of all the black mask story arcs but he never got this from Black Mass. I mean you wouldn’t McGregor acts to the out of it.

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