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This is I Blundstone 500 Chelsea boots Review | Best Blundstone Boots 2020. I think we're doing some cool stuff where we're really analyzing

Blundstone 500 Chelsea boots Review | Best Blundstone Boots 2020

This is I Blundstone 500 Chelsea boots Review | Best Blundstone Boots 2020. I think we’re doing some cool stuff where we’re really analyzing what’s inside a lot of these products so you can see for yourself what you’re spending your hard-earned money on and kind of determine. If you’rebuying a really high-quality brand name or if you’re just buying a brand name.

So, Today we’re doing the Blundstone because originally work. I don’t know but so today’s the Blundstone and then what do you guys want to do for a hundred thousand like an I trying to think of some cool things to do so let me know what you want to do for a hundred thousand.

If there’s aparticular boot out there that’s just like crazy or a particular product. It doesn’t have to be leather but let me know what you want to do for a hundred thousand and then next week. blundstone 500 vs 550 reddit. We’re doing the classic vans got these in today.

I love these shoes and I’m really interested to see how they’re built and what’s inside. If you want to see those next week but let’s get to these Blundstone’s let’s cut them in half these are the 500, not 500 dollars the model is the 500 Blundstone boots these are the most affordable versions of their Chelsea boots.

Chelsea boots are basically like the type of boot that doesn’t have any lacing it has kind of the elastic on the side so it’s easy to slip on and off RM Williams is a similar style. Blundstone 500 Chelsea boots Review. You know it’s just kind of a really popular style right now a lot of people requested these and a lot of people a lot of my friends wear these because they like how they’re a little bit more dressy but you can still as a work boot lightwork boot and for a garden boot you know.

They’re really versatile boot they are a hundred and eighty-five dollars on the site at least the US version of the site with shipping and everything. It got to me for about $200 even it says it’s premium leather that’s waterproof and they say it’s an oil-treated leather.

That’s how I get the waterproofing and the sole is a TPUsoul it’s which stands for thermal polyurethane. If you guys are interested in knowing the differences between each type of sole. Whether it’s like the PVC on the Doc Martens or a urethane or a TPU or PU sole.

I can do some research and kind of I could do a small video on different types of soles if that’s something. You’re interested in but let’s cut this thing in half before my voice disappears also toasters asleep in the office. men’s original 500 boots. I don’t want to wake them up so you might not make an appearance in this article but let’s cut his open okay.

We got it cut in half and I need a new bandsaw because my Walmart brand bandsaw struggles through these boots so if you guys if anyone knows of a compact powerful bandsaw. Blundstone 500 Chelsea boots Review. It’s gonna be ideal for cutting boots in half let me know this one cut a little bit easier than the timberland boots but still kind of struggled but let’s check out what’s inside these look so freaking comfortable.

There’s like two inches of foam and then like on the bottom is a higher density urethane and then all through the sole that midsole is just like super soft foam. I want to live in these I don know if they’re actually comfortable because I didn’t wear them before I start cutting on half.

blundstone suede boots review. I might buy another pair or reach out to bloodblund stone like hey hook me up I want to wear a pair but they look super comfy so nowI’m just gonna cut out the insole and kind of figure out what’s going on hereat the heel if this is what they consider the SPS the shock protection system.

If it’s just this cutout and what kind of shank it has and then we’ll kind of talk about the leather and the structure of it and do a little more in-depth so let’s tear the guts out of it. if I can now that we got all the guts torn out of it let’s kind of go through the parts of the boot and look at them and kind of see what is how these boots structured from starting from the ground up.

You’ve got the TPU outsole and then it goes to this really soft supple really thick layer comfy layer of foam on it for the midsole and then it goes to a steel shank which is a really nice feature a lot of boots like this wouldn’t put a steel shank.

In there and another interesting thing is it’s actually molded to the midsole I think the way they do these is they probably have some sort of injection process and then the shank goes in while it’s still malleable. blundstone lace up boots review. I like that because sometimes in a boot where the shank isn’t fastened or somehow structured into the boot well as the boot flexes that shank will ride back and forth and start scraping inside of the boot.

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I like that it’s kind of molded-in there and then we go to the insole it’s a Texon fiberboard insole just like-kind of all the other boots that we’ve looked at pretty standard for this price range of boots and then the interesting thing about these boots is you’ve got that little square right at the center of the heel that doesn’t have that hard fiberboard and it basically your heel basically sits on a little pad of memory foam and then sits on that really thick midsole.

I think they do that for comfort let me know if you’ve had these boots how has that held up do you ever have any ripping right here what’s your experience with these and that particular part of the boot and then from there it goes to the insert just a typical insert nothing special nothing bad.

I like that these are easily removable because a lot of boots put a line of glue in it and if you need to put orthotics in there or you need a different type of liner on the inside it can be a huge pain to get up but with these Blundstone. blundstone 510.

They’re really easy to get which I really liked and the counter is just atypical like composite counter, not leather just you know its pretty standard for everything and then we get to the upper of the boot the leather is it’s not a super high-quality leather.

It’s a chrome tanned leather but you can see there’s some bluing on the inside which usually means that during the re-tan process they didn’t leave it in the tanning the re-tanning process long enough but that being said Blundstone is a pretty big company I don’t want to discredit their leather-based.

In my opinion, maybe there’s something in their tanning process and maybe the waterproofing that they keep it in the blued state for a particular reason. I’ll reach out to them and kind of see if they can comment on that because my initial thought would be.

If I saw this bluing it would be a poor leather the stretchy fabric seems like it’s pretty heavy-duty thick stuff the pull tabs are fastened really well the stitching is really nice and even and I like the contrast of it so I think it’s pretty well structured I am actually pretty impressed with this boot this is another one where I was going in thinking like.

I don’t know I might not like this boot some people gonna be upset but I think it’s a pretty good boot is it worth $200 Blundstone boots fashion. I don’t know it looks pretty comfy so that’s the thing with some of these boots like a really handmade full leather boot it might not be as comfortable as a blunt like as like a Blundstone boot that has tons of foam init so on one hand maybe you don’t get as much quality for $200.

If the quality is not comfortable is it really worth it first it’s like a $200 pair of Blundstone ultra-comfy from what it looks like is it worth the $200 maybe you’d rather have a more comfortable boot than a higher quality boot so let me know what you guys think and let me know.

If you have any experiences with these boots and how long they last are they comfortable are they more comfortable than other boots that pretty much wraps it up for the review and the cut in half next we’ve got the Vans video coming up we’ll cut that out.

We’ll cut those open next week so those should be out probably Thursday next week and we’re on our way to 100,000 subscribers so let me know what you guys want to do and consider liking and subscribing because this video is super fun I love being able to show the inside of the boots and products.

You guys can not just take my word for it based on my bias opinions you can look at these boots and analyze every square inch and every layer of it to kind of decide for yourself our Blundstone worth $200 so it’s a really powerful thing to be able to do that I appreciate all your guys support. blundstone 585 review.

I’m gonna edit this video and try to go to bed and recover from his cold my voice made it through toaster still asleep in the office so no toaster cameo this week but maybe I’ll put a little image of him right here there you go all the toaster fans out there I’ve appeased you hopefully see you.

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