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This is a First Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 3 Review. Everything you need to know, Netflix is going to released on 24 January 2020.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 3 Review

This is a First Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 3 Review. Everything you need to know about this drama. Netflix is going to released this show on 24 January 2020. As many of you know I’m a big fan of the chilling adventures of Sabrina stop with it far longer than Riverdale. I’m still with the show even though you’re gonna see I don’t have the greatest things to say about part three but one of the things that have made this such a good show is its ambition well.

Unfortunately, No it feels more like a movie I don’t know if that’s because it’s on Netflix or not but it’s felt you know less teen drama even Riverdale even though of course that’s very much a part of the show’s DNA but unfortunately, I feel with part three it finally bit off more than it could chew which makes it the weakest part yet.

That said it still has its moments because again. It’s a really good show and I’m so very excited for part 4 which has already been greenlighting and I really kind of you know I guess you have to pass through this to get to that and you know that’s a very good way to describe it because it was a bit of a chore to get through these eight new episodes.

Whereas with the first two parts and the holiday special. I found myself thoroughly engaged alright so what’s the problem as I said it was a couple of problems the biggest one is that a bit off as I said way more than it could chew. If you can’t afford to portray things like hell or even I think it was Scotland don’t write that into your script.

I totally can tell where the movie where it’s nice that I called it a movie. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 3 Review. I can totally tell where the show is you know cheating and cutting corners budget-wise you know just because your character says that what’s going on doesn’t mean. I’m going to believe it and often. I did it like looks exactly like every location where this show has already been shot come on.

I also felt that hell’s throne room and Lilith’s dress why would Lilith not look amazing right I thought those things were particularly disappointing also the characters for some reason. I felt seemed off like I’ll be curious to see how you feel about this but like Sabrina’s hair seemed like a wig.

This season I don’t know if it is or not but it just looked off even like her lipstick application looked a little off it was weird Harvey’s hair a couple of shades too dark I was like why does his hair suddenly darker I mean everyone looks like themselves but kindof not it just worked me a little bit I was like are you rushing the show.

These actors not ready to come back like what’s going on they’re not really doing anything else from as far as we can tell right and speaking of being out of character after all the work they did to get to a good place the new drama between Nick and Sabrina seems super contrived like obviously just there for the sake of creating drama.

Here’s something that really threw me and this is difficult because you know. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 3 Review. I’m not a member of the LGBT community so I’m not sure what members of that community would like to see so I really want your feedback on this, especially after you see the show. This is a non-spoilery review door I’m not gonna give anything really big away but this is such an odd choice by the show.

I feel we should discuss it here and I’m not giving the whole thing away all right so anyway Theo has a new love interest right and after all the work that was done with his trans storyline very bold work and you know you know worth applauding to have him fall for I would I believe the term is assists male characters and for their relationship to seemingly have classic male/female dynamics at least that’s how it seemed to me again I don’t know how the LGBT community is gonna feel about that I don’t know what they want with the character but I don’t think this is it same for Ambrose who seems to have lost all his pansexuality in his new relationship with prudence.

It’s just it’s like suddenly Theo seems like Theo in name only instead of in his core being which the show worked very hard I mean as much as Theo says oh I’m so happy you accept me as I am I’m like you don’t seem that different than you did before to be perfectly honest you know. I just it’sits it doesn’t seem to have a level of representation that it one’s dead againI’d be very curious to hear your thoughts about this especially.

If you are member the LGBT community there is a surprise twist at the end of part three which I think is supposed to maybe make up for these other losses but it comes out of nowhere so it also seems very contrived and pandering I also feel there’s a lot of the same stuff going on here as inthe first two parts Blackwood is still a problem Hilda and Zelda still don’t communicate prudence still has daddy issues Lilith is still threatened by the Dark Lord.

Sabrina still can’t decide between being human or a witch the show has kind of a clever answer to that in the final episode the season finale you know part 3 finale where the show goes all avengers endgame and that was the best part of the show in fact I almost feel like it could have just been like maybe one or two episodes. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 3 Review.

This season like a special instead of an entire season because that stuff was interesting so I want to see where the story goes next and also I’m very curious about FatherBlackwood’s twins which do return and that’s all I’m going to say they’re also immediately sidelined after their very interestingly reintroduce soI’m excited to get back to them and also I just loved these characters so let’stalk about the good so while her look is off in part 3.

Sabrina is still in the role that Kiernan Shipka was born to play she perfectly personifies the real magic of this show and that simultaneously laughing it’s laughing at South High camp but also taking itself deeply seriously as a story about witchcraft and paganism and all that I think that really shows clearly in someways does its research ship this ability to discuss chant and question spells while making it all seem totally believable continues to be impressive.

Everyone here is likable the whole cast is likable so I’ll just tell you my favorites and I’ll be curious to your favorites down below as well Ross Lynch is Harvey’s great Michelle Gomez Lilith loved that character chance Perdomo orpodamos Ambrose and Lucy Davis as Hilda Jaz Sinclair is Ross and tatty Gabriel’s prudence have grown as characters over the past you know part 2.

They’ve become new favorites of mine but both are tragically sidelined here yet again there’s little developments with them but it’s a shame to see them not get more to do when both actresses are just so darn good and their characters are so interesting but you know. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 3 Review. There’sline four new characters I like those new I like the new characters to be honest with you well their relationship to me does seem problematic I thought that Jonathan white-cell is still very charismatic as Robin he has like areally interesting look and smile.

If it’s very well with the show and sky marshals Mambo Murray is a particularly wonderful addition I think bringing different types of magic in this case voodoo into the show is a fantastic idea and I wish that more of that was done here and I hope that’s something they do more of in part 4 again there’s like little there’s like potential through part 3 and you’re like.

I’m more of that and they don’t do more of what you’re like maybe you’re saving it for part 4 I’ll be back and I’ll find out and then also while these characters have been annoying and not at all developed by the way Sam Korra is still very charismatic as Caliban and he is you know he has a fun British accent he does a nice job with what he’s given which is it much.

Some of the episodes do have the magic of the previous seasons I would say my favorite is Sabrina having to collect souls for Hell and finding out the deals that each person made in exchange for their souls that was pretty cool I don’t know why it’s stuff started and then stops so suddenly but it made for a really good episode.

It was a good procedural a bit networking right every episode we meet a new soul so maybe you know a Netflix show wouldn’t want to do that but I would have preferred that to be more of the focus of the season than the stupid carnival storyline too many carnivals recently I’m done with carnivals for a while which of course the carnivals not what.

It seems right and it gets kind of mid salary but not nearly as well done as midsummer out which Sabrina which is understandable because you knowhow Ari Astor is just willing to go there this show gets pretty close but not already asked your level but it takes also that it takes Sabrina her friends and her coven so damn long to figure out what’s going on when it’s so freakin obvious also slows the show down a little bit.

It makes it a little bit frustrating to watch you’re like it’s so obviously problems wrong with you. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 3 Review. If you’re a big fan of this show like me, of course, you’re gonna watch part 3 and you’ll enjoy parts of it even though as I said it’s really just a giant setup for part 4 and I would have preferred this speed maybe half it’s right.

I mean I would have read pen this thing that’s basically my review I would have wet read pen this sucker and crossed out a whole bunch of stuff from written notes like you can’t afford to do that so don’t even try you know when the show goes beyond its reach it falters but when it’s when it just at the precipice of being like a movie is its sweet spot.

Then it’s really good and also as I said this also could have just maybe been like a special that would have worked as well so that’s my non-spoiler review the chilling adventures of Sabrina part 3 which drops on Netflix this Friday.

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