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This is the Dawn Of Fear Review and I,m going to tells you It is worth it? This PS4 Game is looking very horror and a good game.

Dawn Of Fear PS4 Game – Review | Worth it?

This is the Dawn Of Fear Review and I,m going to tells you It is worth it? This PS4 Game is looking very horror and a good game. I have the answer to your every question well vest came out of nowhere I only heard of this game a few weeks ago. Honestly, I was stunned at the lack of news or anything else about this game. Before they saw us review trailer Donna fear is a survival horror game that tries to capture the days of old effects cameras.

How to Play

A spooky house and plenty of puzzles and monsters to fate and be an old-school survival horror fan myself. I just had to play it so let’s jump rayon you play as a man named Alex Alex pains though their stepmother has passed away. He’s no return home to his family hosts to sort things out we’re now at stash at Tom home.

He finds out that something goes wrong very very wrong his house is no longer the home. He remembers and knows he’s in for a fateful survival as he gathers resources sauce puzzles and face-off the creatures that lurk in the house Alex is and for a lonely as he tries to solve the mystery of the mansion and of course escape with his life.

You can see it seems to be checking off the boxes wife her the story is set up dad’s final member check. The main character with a troubled past checks my studious host that holds a deep dark secret. Dawn Of Fear Review. Why the character must venture forward check the story seems to run like a step-by-step playbook rather on having it flow naturally.

It does seem intentional and in some ways, it does work in its favor the main character as on original and boarding but what can be a real deal-breaker as the lack of voice acting. I know in some cases it’s feigned but in a survival horror game. I want to see some proper dialogue spoken even efforts bad everything is taught through text.

The rating isn’t that great those many spell mistakes and errors that I can’t take away some of its seriousness but I both say the full story. The mastery of the place there’s enough to pique my interest up. Until the end even if it wasn’t all that original there’s plenty of letters and notes left behind by other characters.

Where it does get wouldn’t say about the place and the backstory so that that helped what the game lacks and originality makes up for it. Its charm and respect for the horror games of old when it comes to old-school survival whore this game gets a bang on. Dawn Of Fear Review. Most places don’t afeared wastes no time of the bow top.

Once, you’re in the host and check out the first area you’ve already encountered the first enemy and of course, the gay command wife is no dead by the time you get back to the main hole. It sets things up right on Nestle so no get alone and a sewage house where zombies and other creatures that want you dead no you must arm yourself before other weapons.

You can faint and make your way through the house Donna fear does a great job of balancing the game by keeping faithful to old-school roots but also not making it too difficult for new players to be turned away supplies like ammo and health or not so generous so picking and choosing went to fate is always a smarter option some rims can have two or three enemies at the same time offering very odd to room to move so getting to know the lay of the house.

Remembering where the enemies of stationed become vitally important the enemies in this game mainly the zombies can sometimes have a very unpredictable part on sometimes that can grab you very easily other times they can just completely miss you even when you’re rating the face.

There is also a very noticeable delay to their attacks and as you can sometimes make avoiding zombies a little too easy especially if you’ve only got one to deal with I do like how they moved through very creepy and the way they fall after being shot works fantastic as any survival horror.

It manages to use the same troops and elements you would feign that most all our games are trying to replicate and the mansion there’s tons of locked doors blocked off areas secret rooms main bookcases and it’s all up to you and how you get into these places, of course, you have the normal method feign the key but some others require more than not even fainting a key all depends on how king your ayahs and this is where the exploration and puzzles come into play.

I have to say some of these puzzles are pretty damn good most of them at the beginning is fairly simple you know what the chess piece puzzle or the very cliche power puzzle where you have to follow up the knobs to find a treatment of warts to operate that power but some of the more unique ones are fairly well done the notepad.

I found to be excellent to anything you collect from weapons to items the notes are all noted down on this book and s helps you keep track of what you’re doing by the way here’s a always read the letters and notes you faint line around these things are very to as many puzzles and clues on how to get into certain areas may depend on one of those nodes one of my favorite things about this game is the fact that they kept the effects camera angles instead of using the or TS.

They all the facts camera walks beautifully here and a design under layer of the house complements the cameras perfectly each angle is almost perfect giving you just enough room to see what’s going on but also keeping the corners in certain parts out of you just to keep that tension going when you enter a room only to hear a zombies mourn and you have no idea what it says it brings a level of fear.

That just doesn’t work with an over-the-shoulder view it brings that level of fear that just doesn’t work to put an over-the-shoulder view they also have some dynamic comes as well laughs the camera following the player in certain rooms and that looks great the track is short down the hall is very well executed.

There are plenty more areas that use us to its full effect as you can see the graphics are not that good you can tell there’s an overall cheapness to the game this is obviously an end it a tool so you can tell they watch for a variable budget animations can look wonky and sometimes it can look very stuff pending on what’s they are using the knife looks very stuff is real.

It also feels extremely slow I also notice when you open doors and as an enemy nearby the enemy will freeze in place and toe the door is closed. Dawn Of Fear Review. I have to admit it looks pretty silly there’s also some box that shows up known again as you can see here in the bathroom those also some other books are just all over the place.

They’re stepped up in Quetta law so patch as needed as soon as possible the mansion’s overall design is good but some of the decisions regarding their interior what I found to be quite funny one minute you could be in a normal-looking room and then you walk through a door and to a dungeon that small things like that that I do feel pretty silly the music is great and the sound effects were pretty decent there’s some reused same bass but it’s not too bad the music the sound in the lating all blended well together nicely.


It does a great job creating a chilling atmosphere overall the game would faint Cosette in the circumstances but some of the bogs really do lead fast and quickly, in the end, Donna fear does its job and keep some old-school horror alive it may not look pretty and it does have some cheapness about it but the setting the puzzles and the overall old-school survival horror tropes.

Gameplay managed to satisfy my hunger for a stay o that many people had long forgotten. This is Dawn Of Fear PS4 Game – Review | Worth it?. If you’re a fan of native survival horror the nest as a must buy the story is as cliche as it gets but it’s still enjoyable the glitches and bugs are a problem and does hold it back from being great but that said Donna fear gets an 8 out of 10 for me it may seem generous to some but for me, as a survival horror fan that suits me to the ground anyway guys thanks for watching and I’ll see you next day you.

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If you're a fan of native survival horror the nest as a must buy the story is as cliche as it gets but it's still enjoyable the glitches and bugs are a problem and does hold it back from being great but that said Donna fear gets an 8 out of 10 for me.
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