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Dirty John 2 (2020) - Review, Recap, Ending, Summary. It is Released on 2 June 2020. It is Created by Alexandra Cunningham.

Dirty John Season 2 (2020) Netflix – Review, Recap, Ending, Summary

Season 2: Dirty John Season 2 – Review and Summary. Are you Going to watch then you need to read this Review before watching? Dirty John 2 (2020) – Review, Recap, Ending, Summary. It is Released on 2 June 2020. It is Created by Alexandra Cunningham.

I was massively disappointed when I found out that this wasn’t a prequel to dirty john season 1 but I will persevere anyway dirty john the betty Broderick story from Bravo the USA and it’s got a whole new cast they basically went the anthology route and this time the story is set in the 80s and it’s the story of a perfect Southern California blonde wife played by Amanda Peet and she’s the mother for and she repeatedly refuses to accept reality when her husband Dan takes up with his beautiful young assistant Linda dan confidently assumes. This is really a very interesting review and the summary.

Where this story is going I think that it’s interesting because you know thematically this is very similar to the first season but otherwise it doesn’t have a whole lot in common and it’s kind of a weird it’s one of those efforts to tap into an existing IP with a second season. I know that you really gonna like this review. That really doesn’t have any reason to be titled dirty Jon other than that there’s already a dirty job to show existing and it’s interesting because whereas the first season.

If you haven’t seen it you might like it you might not but I think it is worth checking out if it sounds appealing to you because it’s somewhat interestingly done but this is very much tabloid storytelling so if you’re not into somewhat trashy soap opera-like plots even if they’re based in reality then this might not be are you but the first season you know while that was showing one woman being gaslit by one man.


I hope that you would like my summary. I would say that this season is interested in how women, in general, are gaslit by men and how in particular the women of the 80s they gave up everything for their husbands they supported them they put themselves out there they helped them get through college and then they didn’t get anything in return for it and Betty Broderick played by Amanda Peet here she’s an interesting character I think that it’s gonna be a challenge for this show.

It goes forward to continue developing her because I think they’ve already shown how crazy she can get in the first two episodes to such an extent that I just don’t think there’s a whole lot of room for escalation and we already know in the first two episodes where this is going even if you weren’t already aware of how the true story ends which I’m interested to know how many of you had already heard of the Betty Broderick story.

I have to confess that I hadn’t but I’m very very young so this was before my time that this took place what happens to Betty Broderick in this series as her husband Dan who he’s just a very confident man and you can see why a woman would want to be married to him he’s very charming and he seems reasonable but there’s this underlying glint of something dark and menacing in everything that he does and you can tell that he’s a very calculating and self-interested person so like this summary.

Who doesn’t necessarily take other people’s needs into consideration and as far as Betty goes obviously she is not the hero of this story and I think that there’s something less relatable about her descent into madness and I very much think that this series is portraying her as going in the same that she was not herself when she carries out the actions that she eventually carries out but I think there’s something less relatable in this and like my summary.

This would be the case was most of us aren’t insane but there’s something less relatable in her gradual descent – insanity that just kind of comes and goes and spurts then there was in Deborah Newell’s willingness to believe these lies that allowed her to continue in this harmful relationship in season one so please like the summary. I think that there were aspects of season one that was a lot more nuanced and a lot more compelling than this season.

We’ve seen this theme of men taking advantage of women a lot lately and I don’t have a problem with it like a man but I think this is often true and I do think that women need to stand up for themselves and they need to have legal recourses with men like Dan but at the same time, this is a story that we’re hearing all the time and themes do not give a story heft by themselves if the story itself is not well told though that this is a very effortlessly entertaining series.

It’s got a lot of styles apparently Amanda Peet’s character has about 200 costumes and three wigs and she’s just living it up 80s style and her performance I would say is not as nuanced again as Connie Britton’s was in the first season and she got actually a Golden Globe nomination for her performance obviously.

She’s very very fun to watch though very very entertaining very very attractive and kind of unhinged it’s kind of funny because of the first season. This is a great summary. I felt like they did a really good job finding actors that looked like their real-life counterparts but here the actors don’t look anything like their real-life counterparts just a side note now Christian Slater is very chilling as the husband.

He loses a lot of steady charm and charisma but you as I said you can see that underlying layer of Menace and it’s not anything he’s doing so much as you can just tell that there’s an undercurrent there’s a subtext everything he says and does and there’s one scene in particular in the first episode in which he pulls Betty from a car and shoves her to the grass is kind of acting like he’s restraining her but I felt like it was very much showing.

How he always wants to have the ability to exert power over her and I thought it was a very telling scene the series is directed by all women directors and they’re doing a very competent job I mean it looks like the typical USA or a fact series it has kind of that 80’s color palette that pretty much all these shows use at this point and it has a killer soundtrack really good crisp editing and it goes smoothly from scene to scene that there’s some narrative trickery going on that is weakening the story and I feel like the first season. I expect that you like this summary.

I feel like the seam is very elongated past what it really needs to be because while a lot of interesting things happen I don’t think it has enough material for the eight episodes I believe that it’s going to go – but there’s a lot of interesting aspects of the portrayal of the 80s that will be entertaining and enlightening the viewers potentially now obviously you take it all with a grain of salt because you may or may not agree with everything that.

They’re portraying but I personally think it’s enlightening and I find that you know the supporting cast is good there are actually a couple of actors that were in the first season both Joelle Carter and cliff Chamberlain on her back and I thought that in the first two episodes they had some standout performances from the young actors that were playing the younger versions of Betty and Dan Tara scoff by as young Betty I thought was very very good.


I did question why this character was so acquiescent and kind of a passive suffering victim in the past I do think that they’re gonna eventually fill in some gaps and show how Betty became so forceful in the present as opposed to the past when she really just went along with whatever Dan said but in these two episodes the characterization seemed a little inconsistent and young Dan played by Chris Mason again doesn’t bear much rep Zebulon stew the real Dan.

He doesn’t do a very good job of mimicking Christian Slater and integrating it into his performance and we haven’t seen her yet but this cast also includes legions Rachel Keller as Linda Koch Anna who was the woman that Dan eventually leaves Betty for and it’s interesting in this story because it grapples a lot with so please like the review. Who is actually sane and who is actually insane and who has the right view of reality and it’s interesting because there’s this line spoken by Betty Broderick’s attorney in the first episode.

Where he tells her and he’s played by Andy Buckley who is from the office that’s where most of you will recognize him and he says I know you think that if you don’t play you can’t lose but you can Betty you’re losing already that that’s kind of a theme that’s come out a lot in these first two episodes so like this review ais areally great review to see. She’s kind of refusing to go along with the way that the system is rigged because she knows that it doesn’t work in her favor but refusing to play in this system isn’t helping her and it’s actually making it easier for Dan to get everything.

He wants and just leave her with nothing so in these first two episodes it’s you know like I said it’s a very much a tabloid story even if it is based on true facts but it’s constantly engaging and I think that it’s a little bit messy but it’s entertaining enough if this is the kind of show that you enjoy I think that you will be in for a fascinating ride so I would give this a solid b-minus personally. I hope that you gonna like my review.

I wouldn’t quite go to a B just because I think that some of the flaws detract from what is already a little bit of a soapy story but I think that if you like this type of storytelling it’s first-class in this type of story and if they can iron out some of the kinks it could be really something so that’s my review of dirty John the Betty Broderick story.

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