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This is Horse Girl (2020) Netflix Movie - Review and Summary, Starring Alison Brie, Molly Shannon, Stella Chestnut.

Horse Girl (2020) Netflix Movie – Review and Summay

This is Horse Girl (2020) Netflix Movie – Review and Summary, Starring Alison Brie, Molly Shannon, Stella Chestnut. Horse-Girl on Netflix is this just an offbeat look at a lonely young woman on the verge of a breakdown or are her dreams. More of reality Alison Brie is Sarah who is quirky socially awkward lonely downtrodden. Sometimes melancholy she’s also unconfident but she’s genuine and she’s looking for genuine friendships.


There’s a peculiar and offbeat vibe to this film but also a slight sense of unease like you feel that a shoe is about to drop but you don’t exactly know what its gonna be and how it’s gonna be and really is it gonna drop. As I mentioned Bree as Sarah doesn’t have a lot of friends. Horse Girl Review. She’s trying to make friends she’s trying to have friends.

She’s trying to branch out she has one who she works with as a co-worker Molly Shannon who does a really good job. She seems very genuine and just kind of I mean she’s much older than Sarah but she feels kind of motherly but also just a real friend Debi Ryan plays Sara’s roommate and kind of also her friend.

I mean she looks out for her seems to but there’s also this edge to her like she just doesn’t get along or doesn’t really like Sarah. She tolerates her maybe that’s what it is but you don’t know is that just maybe just some roommate tension or is there something deeper that’s going on or is that only from the perspective.

Sarah sees one point in this film Sarah has a birthday and because she doesn’t have a lot of friends she ends up just staying at home. Watching her favorite TV show which you know what for some of us that’s actually the ideal way to spend a birthday me. Included I would rather go to the movies but I don’t need a whole lot of people to hang out with but anyway Sarah hangs out at home Debby Ryan her roommate comes back with her boyfriend and says now this isn’t right.

We got to do something so they invite another guy over who happens to be Debbie Ryan’s boyfriend’s roommate. You’re following that his name is Darren now this dude. I really like him because he is awkward also I mean he’s very socially just inept kind of like Sarah is and they’re a really good fit but also he’s beam’s at least seems like a very genuine person.

Now throughout this whole thing, the whole movie you have this sense of unease like something is just not right. Something bad is about to happen and so you’re always very cautious with each character that we meet because well they seem like they’re good but maybe they’re not maybe there’s some underlying just deviousness to them.

I don’t want that to be for Darin because how he interacts with her is so awesome. I mean it’s so tender it’s so sweet it’s very understanding and it’s very real and they get to have a real connection. Horse Girl Review.. I enjoyed that Sara does have one other genuine interaction and that’s with her friend Sara.

We also get to see some flashback that gives us insight into her character what she’s going through may be why she is just a little bit how she is but it is so touchingly sweet as these two interact. I mean really it was because you get to see a true tender heart in Sara as she reaches out to her friend Heather.

I loved it and Alison Brie killed it in this because she really translated in a very short amount of time his depth of her personality as is going along Sara’s having some weird experiences and visions. You don’t know are they dream is it the reality is she just a little unhinged maybe she was just too much drunk who knows what’s going on and what’s affecting all of this.


There’s something going on between Sarah and the owners that they’re going like this but we don’t know why I mean we get a flashback of an event but it doesn’t answer that and so is it just because she’s odd or maybe she’s just a little off-putting. She’s paranoid or because of her whole behavior. Horse Girl Review. I don’t know and they don’t explain that to us so that would have been nice to get a little bit more or just cut that part out because it didn’t really add anything at least on my first watch to the story the visuals in this are fun.

Simple and not over-the-top and I like that because it keeps us in this space of reality and questioning reality because we’re like well is she really seeing this or is that not happening because it’s just not so over-the-top where you’re like oh guys well that’s just yeah. Whatever but I enjoyed it and it added everything just compounding and combining to make for an uncomfortable watch.

That’s exactly what we’re supposed to feel because we’re on this journey with Sarah’s character. I know that not everybody’s gonna like this film the story is unconventional. Horse Girl Review. It’s patient but it’s not slow I mean the story itself is odd and then Sarah the character. She’s even more so but it really worked for me.

It had this indie feel and I count that as a massive positive there’s no violence but there is sex full nudity and a lot of profanity. I give horse-girl four and a half out of five couches is there an offbeat movie that is just your favorite or one that you just love. Let me know what is in the comments below.

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