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This is Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts Review, Talking about this brand new Netflix original animated series called Kipo and the age of Wonderbeasts

Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts Review – Season 1

This is Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts Review. Ladies and Gentlemen welcome Review and Summary. This is the man of the hour King of Kings. The protector of source material and edgy comments the man himself oh gee of course. Today, we gotta be talking about this brand new Netflix original animated series called Kipo and the age of Wonderbeasts which came out.


Today and this was produced and animated by DreamWorks Animation and also studio Mar which is our favorite Korean animation house known from a Legend of Korra Voltron and the Boone Dukes, Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts Review for example, a great and basically the best Korean studio there is and ever since.

I saw a trailer for this show. I was very compelled to watch it because of I kind of like the character designs all of this kind of colorful characters and their outfits and all of these giant animals and mutants and plants and whole this post a ballistic wasteland setting which is kind of overuse though in like cartoons and anime and live-action.

These days but if you make it unique enough and different enough and kind of have a different type of feel to it you can make it past. I can make a pass to any genre long as it’s done well but obviously it’s kind of like God give me get to do it right now and definitely you know. Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts Summary. I think Netflix data excellent choice on picking and creating this show.

Which is based on a webcomic that came out 2015 and basically I think it’s lots better like an adventure fantasy show than Shira and really likes 13 forever and all of this kind of mediocre or garbage shows? Netflix has been picking up so definitely like. if you like real good like Western fantasy shows hippos definitely a must-watch.


Let’s get into it so even though. I’m gonna start this review as very clearly that I did enjoy the show. I thought it was pretty solid one of the best Western fantasy shows in a while characters were compelling interesting the world. Also was and design is really terrific but there are some flaws in the series.

Luckily on departments that don’t really matter a lot to people but it obviously matters to me because I like to talk about them and these are things that you know mean a lot to me. So the problems of the series are not reliant on the story which is good so the story from start to finish is kind of making sense.

I probably should explain a bit about the plot so our favorite main lead is Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts oak who is a curious young girl voiced by Karin Foucault Hara and she is you know what they called Moe people who live underground and working like escaping this post epileptic setting.

She’s like in the sewers basically and there’s flooding there and she basically pops out on the surface. It’s a well very naive person because lets just say that the underground world was maybe something that was very safe and kind of like a privileged world of sorts. I mean it was not like this absolute richness or anything like that but it was safe there were no creatures or mutes as they are called mutant animals.

Basically she meets a bunch of these characters as she comes up on the surface and goes to basically journey with them to basically find her people who well are missing basically because they had to advocate well and then evacuate from their previous like home or bunker basically and so and there’s basically like five major characters.

You have Kipo you have a wolf with the little girl was a survivalist and fighter and then you have Benson who is this like happy-go-lucky guy kind of chill listening to rap music all the time then you have de which is a talking insect kind of the comedy filter. Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts Review He has the power not really a power but he goes through this transformation sometimes goes in the baby form.

He’s these little different types of weird insect forms basically and then you have mandu which is this adorable mutant pig basically and those are the main characters in the series. Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts Summary. The dynamic of them is pretty good but there were some problems that I had so I’ve been consistently talking about against any forms of black washing Latino washing whitewashing.

It’s wrong okay and I did go look into the original imagery of the comic from 2015 and most characters was well from the facial features and color of her skin basically suggests that she is definitely well Latino or a Mesoamerican or like a Native American basically and that will kind of like fit into a lot of the other settings on the world and they turned her to a black girl.

This was really weird to me because we already had Benson who is already black guy and well our keep is also half black. I felt like there was an element of black washing here which was completely unnecessary. You made the cast actually less diverse than it initially was and even it was to become it then that’s not really my argument but that’s probably something that the neoli Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts Review berals are interested in but I’m saying that you should never ever do these things obviously the artist.


The creator was part of the making process to my understanding but then again when you go into work into Hollywood they will tell you a lot of things like well this is not diverse enough not black enough not LGBTQ enough so they will change your source material they want to package it so they can sell it to their capitalist consumers that’s just capitalism 101 you just want to make sell and make the product mainstream and compelling and well the spoon-fed content for everybody and that usually takes that’s why a lot of the movies.

Today are because they’re trying to appeal to many people as possible instead of like you know catering to a very small group of people and that’s usually when you make the best movies when the actual real writers and the artists have the real freedom to create what they want instead of like meeting these quotas or whatever they’re my you know.

I did like the design of the original artist. I did feel like when you look at the comic panels of the original. There was a lot of like the sky was very yellowish, okay then we had a yellow-orange type of backgrounds in this new one I felt like they use too much pink I don’t have a problem with the color.

I just felt that it looked much better on the original comic there’s a lot more detail in this animation than the comic was so it’s a lot more detailed version let’s just say that but I did feel like this pink palette was being overused let’s be honest about that like you know you can use a bit darker colors.

It is actually a bit of depth into the animation the shadows and stuff like that I just felt like was overly pink and teal also was very used on like in Ghent not just on the sky but also on the designs of the characters. Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts Review. I feel like all of them use the same color palette which was like teal pink and green which was really odd to me like why would you do that why would you want to make the characters look exactly similar.

All they’re all like let’s go into some other aspects so as I said already the animation was pretty solid because you had pretty – good pretty good studios along with working on it so animation sequence is pretty nice. No no sloppy frames and stuff like that I think it was very nice to look at times no 3d.

All the creatures in the world like these giant bunnies and dogs. I think they were really clever like these nice looking creative and towing spin-offs to animals that you know in the real world so a lot of the animals. Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts Summary. I mean all of the animals are pretty much based on like real things they just have mutated to have you know six AI dogs or pigs or you know cats with three tails or something like that and that was kind of cool so I like the world.

I like the designs of it now was one of the highest appeals to me in the series but I do want to say that I filed the color scheme even though. It’s colorful it was still monotone because it used too much teal and pink in my opinion in the in dissent and he was like other things. I wasn’t a big fan of the soundtrack to me that he felt too American to me.

.I mean by kind of too much rap and really really bad dubstep tracks by the way like literal the most generic stuff that you could basically play I guess that was kind of the joke also when they were played to kind of like making them sound generic as possible but I was no fan of really any of the soundtrack that’s a big.

I mean this is a very highly DreamWorks is really good animation studio so I was really baffled by such a low bar you know. Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts Review, I mean in America altogether as California where it was produced you know it’s a hub of musical artists. You can’t like find a decent composure it was bad to let’s just be honest about it and way.

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