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One-Way to Tomorrow (2020) - Review, Recap, Ending, Summary. Main Stars: Metin Akdülger. It is Released on 19 June 2020. It is directed by Ozan Açiktan.

One-Way to Tomorrow (2020) Netflix – Review, Recap, Ending, Summary

This is the Review of One-Way to Tomorrow. One-Way to Tomorrow (2020) – Review, Recap, Ending, Summary. Main Stars: Metin Akdülger. It is Released on 19 June 2020. It is directed by Ozan Açiktan.


One way to tomorrow a romantic story of two strangers who come across each other on a journey from Ankara to Izmir so this film is directed by chose an Aki then I probably didn’t do that justice I apologize for that it’s a Turkish film it’s set on a train and it’s the journey of these two people that meet on the train that is traveling to a destination. You would get excited to read the whole summary and review.

Which I don’t want to tell you because of spoilers and there are some spoilers to be had if I told you like what they’re actually doing there so these two strangers they meet up and they share a cabin on a train it’s a 14-hour journey and in amongst that journey time you get to know these two characters you get to know their the ins and outs of their past relationships.

Which is probably the real main focus of the storyline you see that there are very broken people and that what they’re going through now they share those experiences with each other and that’s what the film really takes place where it would really concentrate on Ali and Leia and for the most part they do hold your attention when you have a film like this that is very small and budgets very small in locations.

I think there are just a few setups the majority of this film takes place in this carriage they move occasionally to have a go have a drink and sometimes the train stops and there is an event or something that happens to move the story and plot along at various a couple of other locations but for the majority of the film, they’re in this cabin and so you need two characters that can hold your attention for 90 minutes. I expect that you gonna like my summary after watching its review.

I would say that this film is not what it says on the tin then normally I go it definitely does what it says on it in if you look up that genre what this is meant to be is a romantic comedy I don’t get that at all I think that is misleading it’s a drum drama journey about two broken and how they have to try and fix themselves along this journey trying to come sort trying to come to some sort of healing.

That’s why the dialogue kind of journeys these characters and that’s why the film focuses on is this dialogue-heavy heavy film so as I was saying you need two actors that can hold your attention and I would say for the most part they do and for the most part the dialogue is interesting because at the beginning of the film.

You obviously have no idea but you kind of see these two very opposite people kind of thrust into a 14-hour a journey together and they kind of have to be there with each other and liked the summary, as you see the film develop you get to know what makes these people tick why there are broken what through what relationships have done to them in the party there is some romance they happen to be had very little.

I would say well it does get to the romance stuff I didn’t quite believe it mostly because of how broken these people are and I would say that at the end of this film I felt like they definitely needed to go to some therapy and sort out their stuff before they inflict their own kind of nonsense and their baggage on another relationship that’s just my two cents from the dialogue and from what you get to know from these people.

They’re like yeah okay you guys need to see some people the film itself looks okay there aren’t very many varying shots there’s only so much you can do with two characters in a carriage and I hope that you will like my summary. I would say for the most shot they are creative as they can be so it shots through the glasses shots at a longer distance when they’re sitting at a different table you know various different shots of phones and you know as creative as they can be but there isn’t a lot that they can do with it.

I would say if you’re expecting any sort of action or a fast-paced film it’s not that it is a drama and journey story where people need to figure out who they are and I would say it’s also not a comedy at all I didn’t laugh once during this not one peep there was a montage that was sweet and the film itself is broken up into segments and part 1 part 2 part 3 before that kind of stuff but there’s no comedy in that.

When they’re dancing is not funny it’s more leaning on the romantic drama sort of side so my mind does kind of boggle going what why would you even call this a romantic drama I am a romantic comedy it’s not that it’s more romance of though more drama I think you like the summary and some may struggle with this film even though it’s quite a short film in 19 minutes it does take his time a dead clock watch from about 15 minutes in where I thought I was sure that the film was coming to an end.


I can’t drag this out anymore they’re gonna get to their destination and then the story’s going to come to that fruition and when I saw I had another 40 minutes to go I thought oh wow okay this is Dragon for me a lot even though I thought the actors did a good job with what they had there were some interesting editing techniques from the use of music to transitioning into the real world to make you feel it like it’s more established like you’re there with them so I liked some of the creativity there.

I have to say though this is definitely one that you’re going to need to concentrate on because you’re going to have to read if you don’t speak the language then you’re gonna have to read the subtitles because there is no dubbing for this at the moment wish I could speak English properly there is no dubbing for this at the moment. It is really a great review if you think so please like it.

That’ll come later but I didn’t see a message saying they’re going to do dubbing so yeah I felt that was the only thing that really kept me to it because I had to read so I had to find out what was happening in the film that way when you get to the end there is a sort of oh that’s that’s quite nice but I didn’t love it I’ve seen films like this done better.

That makes sense there are so many genre films like this they’re kind of the journey where the characters need to grow a little bit but that’s not to say there isn’t enjoyment to be had yet I just felt that you would like my review. It was very dry very sparse but the characters and the actors will well-written well-acted and the dialogue was pretty decent I quite liked the story.

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