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There's always something cool about playing a game involving Mecha. This is the Review of the Latest PC Game Hardcore Mecha Review 2020.

PC Game Hardcore Mecha Review – PC Games Reviews 2020

There’s always something cool about playing a game involving Mecha. This is the Review of the Latest PC Game Hardcore Mecha Review 2020. I just got done playing one called hardcore mecha but does this one have some mighty great mechanics or is it Robo rubbish hardcore. Hardcore Mecha Review. Mecha is a 2d side-scrolling action title that is a throwback in a lot of ways the classic robot anime and robot video games of the 90s.

Hardcore Mecha

The game actually has some very nice animation and cutscene to go along with its storyline and you’re part of a mercenary group you have a mekinese under bolt that you’re able to upgrade your level up. You earn money by defeating enemies in the lake and then you can spend this to basically do an upgrade tree for new weapons.

The like if you have both physical weapons as well as guns that you’re able to use and you’re able to pick up guns throughout missions as well as other items to help you out as far as defeating the enemies. The game is mission-based you have a variety of areas. You’ll get the go-to some to involve being underwater some space. PC Games Reviews 2020. Some have more of a stealth element though thankfully the game doesn’t enforce the stealthy.

We get seen usually just have to defeat the enemies you don’t get stuck having to redo areas or anything like that the game is very much all about the action. Hardcore Mecha Review. The controls in the game take a little bit of getting used to though they are quite fun once you have everything down being able to do physical attacks blasting boosting away from enemies.

As well as not only boosting around the screen but you have pretty good maneuverability with the mecha. Overall being what kind of boosts around and quickly fire backward with a punch. You can do some pretty cool attacks to various enemies and this makes for some really intense boss fights.

However, Even though, PC Game Hardcore Mecha Review. I do enjoy the calm bag the missions do start to feel the same after just a little bit of time the game though does have local and online multiplayer to throw them to the mix. There is a fair amount going on even if you rush through the campaign about five to six hours or so there are unlockables.


There are extras so there are some things that keep you playing presentation-wise. I enjoyed the soundtrack. I really did think the animations for the various cutscenes and just the overall story, in general, was enjoyable enough to play it through. You could tell that they very much loved classic either anime or other neck-related video games from the technical side of things.

I didn’t learn any major issues as far as coaching crashing hardcore mecha is available on the PlayStation 4 for $19.99. It does feature platinum trophy the game is also available on PC overall. PC Game Hardcore Mecha Review If you’re a fan of 2d action titles. I think you’re going to need to dig hardcore mecha it is a tad on the difficult side.

You do have the easy mode – well yourself into things and you can change it up at any time multiplayer aspects are a nice addition. PC Games Reviews 2020. I just wish you could customize your actual mecha in the main story. More being able to actually customize the way it looked and like a play as other characters but what is here is still pretty enjoyable. Hardcore Mecha Review. I’m gonna give hardcore mecha on the ps4 a 7 out of 10 that’s gonna wrap up this review though Allegan.

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