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From the trailers, the Norwegian Netflix series Ragnarok looked to be a mythological action-adventure, Ragnarok Review, Summary.

Ragnarok (2020) Netflix – Review and Summay

From the trailers, the Norwegian Netflix series Ragnarok looked to be a mythological action-adventure, Ragnarok Review, Summary. with maybe a touch of Chronicle thrown in is that what we get so the family moves back to a very small Norwegian town. The oldest son begins to experience some physical changes no not puberty. He also encounters some environmental issues that could endanger all of the townspeople.


Now, this is a show with a lot of teen angst it focuses mainly on a group of high-school students. We have Magna and laurels who are the brothers Magna being the oldest. Ragnarok Review. We also have Fuhrer and Saxa who are the children of the owner of the town’s main industry then we also get Gris or gray.

I’m not sure exactly how to pronounce her name. It’s gry and it’s old who also have some interest in this group as well. They have some emotional ties to the other characters admittedly. There’s Thor he’s the son of Odin and he also has a brother named Loki I also know that there are Gods and Giants and the Giants in this are not actually the large hulking creatures.

That we typically associate with the word giant but they’re just another race and the gods and the giants battle it out. Now there are a ton of parallels between the Norse mythology and the characters in Ragnarok. Ragnarok Summary, It doesn’t start out as blatant but it really does become very overt towards the end.

It’s important also to know where the title of the series comes from and how it fits in Ragnarok is a series of events that ultimately leads to a massive battle with a ton of deaths. Ragnarok Review. Then that leads to the destruction of the world now an entry in Wikipedia. I’m not usually using that as a source of anything reliable but in this instance it makes sense.

Just for the show is that also along with Ragnarok there is the event of Ragnarok it ends with the earth being submerged in water. I mentioned this because the show has a large environmental slant to it the majority of the story, really does focus on environmental issues. There’s also a lot of talking and planning and scheming and a lot of it very vague that ends up taking up the majority of the time of each episode.

Now into teen angst, there’s plenty of that here when we have relationships and drama and grades and the pressure to fit in and friendships all of that I mean there is plenty to go around. If you’re into the whole teen angst angle I do like a few of the characters a lot Magne is a lead in this.

He’s brooding and he’s kind of sulking but in this instance, for his character, it makes a lot of sense and he does it really well. You really are drawn into him as a character and his brother laurels is terribly annoying. Ragnarok Review. I mean he is not a nice guy at all you don’t like him. You don’t want to root for him he is scheming and he is conniving but when you realize how his character fits into the story.

It makes absolute sense and so I end up liking him for that I don’t like him as a person I don’t like him as a character in that but I like his performance. Ragnarok Summary, I like what he does now from the trailer I really thought there was gonna be a lot more action in this. I mean we see some lightning bolts and some you know raised arms.

Some you know it looks like there’s a lot of fights to it and everything else we don’t really get much of that I mean there is a little bit of action but the series relies more on the drama and that whole relationship teen angst just stressful type of growing up the situation. That’s what they rely on for the majority of the story.


In this in this series that all of that part of it begins to hamper the pace just a little bit just felt like there was too much of the talking and the planning without them. Actually putting anything into action and moving forward with these plans. Now it is only six episodes. They’re each about 45 minutes.

It’s a really quick watch now the scenery in this is beautiful I mean the shots are well done. I mean it’s beautiful just to look at as a series I mean you’re just like wow. It doesn’t hurt that the locale is spectacular I mean it is just there are glaciers and flowing water. It truly is beautiful but unfortunately, it’s all just a bit lackluster because of the story execution Ragnarok is supposed to be this giant battle.

I mean something that brings about the end so I picture in my mind some the epic right the climax comes and goes and it doesn’t feel as big as the drama leading up to it purported it to be like it. Ragnarok Review. It just felt like it should have been a lot more based on the scheming and the planning and all of the talking.

Everything that was going on and even some of the events that we get to see in some of the action building and then bits of the story in the mythology that’s woven in it feels like we should be getting something much much bigger than what we actually do get. Now, Ragnarok Summary, I do like that there seems to be room for season two but I didn’t leave this one with such anticipation with that with such a drive to find out.

When it’s gonna be I cannot wait on the edge of my seat oh my gosh I need season two right now it ends and I’m just like yeah well okay maybe there’ll be a season two. We’ll see for me personally the least interesting thing about the entire series was the whole environmental angle. I just didn’t care that much. I understand why it’s in there.

I understand where it’s leading as the story and it takes up a lot of the story of the driving focus because it’s always there pushing towards this final thing but I just yeah it didn’t grab me as I think that they intended it to but luckily I was able to connect with a few of the characters and that was what drew me in and kept me engaged then there was that little driving force within me to learn more about the Norse mythology.

I just wanted to know I wanted to know how it fit in did it fit in with the show and what are they gonna reveal as it goes along there’s sex nudity profanity and violence. I give Ragnarok two and a half out of five couches so are you a fan of mythology what’s your favorite. I don’t even know if that’s like proper grammar.

The way to ask it but do you have a favorite like maybe genre origin is that the right term for mythology anyway let me know in the comments below. This is all about Ragnarok (2020) Netflix – Review and Summary.

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