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This is the Latest and the Newest Review of Scissor Seven Netflix Season 2. It is Released on 7 May 2020. I hope that you Gonna like it.

Scissor Seven Season 2 Netflix (2020) – Summary and Review

This is the Latest and the Newest Review of Scissor Seven Season 2 Netflix . It is Released on 7 May 2020. I hope that you Gonna like it. Welcome back to the Ruby Tuesday my name is Ruben and this is my review for sister 7 Season 2.

The aborted Stan invasion on chicken island assassins from killer League starts targeting seven and other strong martial artists on the island to invade so Netflix has finally released the next ten episodes. I hope that you will like this review.

It’s season two of scissor seven and at least this time I can get it right and say I’m sorry for calling it an anime it’s not an anime it’s a Chinese animated series and it’s fantastic this is fast becoming one of my favorite animated seasons.

I allowed both my boys to watch it with me this morning they’re going to do schoolwork now because obviously everybody’s at home doing school from home.


I hope that you must like my summary. This is just a real treat for us we love our anime but this series for some reason has really clicked and vibe with us I think it’s because of the mix and mash of the ridiculous humor and the really dark storylines some anime like a comic a kill is so dark and as relentless.

This one a lot of the characters have very dark backstories but then you have this ridiculous human that just really works with it and I know some people were upset with season 1 because they were they had quite a bit of that ridiculous humor for me that really worked but this time around I think they do have some of that humor.

They really get stuck into that arc where it’s isn’t where Isis is from the background storylines of a lot of the other characters on the island which is one of the questions. This is Scissor Seven Season 2. I hope that you would love my summary.

We had a lot in season one we’re like why is everybody so damn strong on this island and we thought maybe it was to do with the crystals in the middle of the island or something like that or you know experiments it turns out there’s a lot of reasons a lot of these characters have massive dark storylines of their own and some of that is concentrated here in season 2.

I hope that you will like this summary. Which is a lot of fun I really appreciated that there where they were able to pack so much in these 10 episodes there are only about 11 minutes to 15 minutes long each there are no OVA episodes yet so far this time so we’ll just have those 10 episodes?

It’ll be very quick for you to get through if you like season 1 your just gonna want to binge-watch a whole lot from beginning to end and then just be sad to be like dammit where is season three because although there is a contained arc again in season two definitely needs a season three because there needs to be a completion of a storyline that I’m not going to talk about suffice to say that seven is definitely his character that is always being you know that he’s in turmoil with his past.

He doesn’t want to be that person that he was before her and his kind of likes this person that he is now he wants to be that person but in order for him to protect the people that he loves he needs to be that person because everybody seems to be religiously powered. This is Scissor Seven Season 2 Review. I really love the animation from the great fight sequences the very vibrant color used in that to the ridiculous moments when things go wrong.

You have the very very change the funny change in animation styles to the kind of depict almost a mean style of animation which I know is part of the culture and the Chinese apparently is part of the Chinese animation and it is used a lot but I think for this for someone that isn’t used to that sort of animation style when it mixes in that we just find it hilarious and we still are asking lots of questions in this animation. I hope that you will like the summary.

We still want to know where certain people come from what they’re doing it has this mystery that keeps you riveted as well as packing a punch in the storyline there is a lot of dark storylines that we weren’t expecting some of the characters what I liked about it as well is that they bring back all the characters most of all the characters that you like from season one and then continuing.

This journey with seven there’s the development of relationships there’s the development of character arcs for individuals storylines that they somehow just managed to pack it in all amongst all figuring out what’s going on with seven I really like you know there are some of my favorite storylines from season one to do with his chicken you know the Mafia chicken that sort of art comes back into play there’s lots of stuff that.


I hope that you must have liked the review. I wasn’t expecting to come back into play that does and I really can’t wait for season three and I know. I hope you will love this Scissor Seven Season 2 Review. I’m probably gonna have to wait for ages now because of the pandemic was in suffice to say this is top-notch I’m going to give this an A+ because it’s so much fun to watch we laughed and we were caught on we were surprised the whole time.

I don’t think I’ve had this much fun watching an animated series that Netflix says is an anime in a long time yeah very very fun we’re definitely gonna watch it again suffice to say if you’re looking for a great animation style if you like anime it’s not anime.

You’ll love this so yeah Chatham that comes below who is your favorite character I’m not sure I have so many favorites there’s the old granny who for some reason is super-powered and I think her characters great I like the immortal version Stan’s.

There’s so much going on in this that I think it’s just a lot of fun that you’ll pick up and you can talk about it with your friends. I hope that you would like this review.

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Who your favorite characters what’s your favorite episode maybe and future possibilities of what will happen in season 3 unless you’ve read the manga also remember not to spoil anything. Thank you so much for watching. I hope that you will like this review.

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