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Hi, guys! This is the Review of the Selena Gomez is back at last! After more than 3 years, Selena is back with Rare, her second album.

Selena Gomez: Rare Album Review | Salena Gomez 2020

Hi, guys! This is the Review of the Selena Gomez is back at last! After more than 3 years, Selena is back with Rare, her second album. She has more but we consider this her second. A great pop album we’re gonna talk about now of course, cause I know you’re looking forward to it. An album full of empowering messages of independence and also vulnerability, accepting vulnerability as a necessary process to get that power.

Regarding vocals, we get the expected, we don’t expect incredible vocals. There’s an improvement in lyrics, being these more personal and intimate than before. Selena Gomez: Rare Album Review. You can tell she’s been involved in all songs. In Revival, she didn’t co-write all of them and you could tell. Production is very organic and minimalist, percussion and bass standing out with some 80’s touches.

In my opinion, more cohesive and coherent than Revival, which was more of a mix. Alright! Let’s talk about the songs one by one. Rare, the title track which is a good opener to the album both in production, with percussion, organic and casual and in lyrics, about the disillusionment of a relationship and empowering and knowing one’s self-value, which is pretty much what the album’s about.

The other person doesn’t treat you like the super special and hard to find being you are. You’re tired and go “look, baby, bye”. Dance Again, an electropop BOP, off MAKE IT A SINGLE! A self-empowering song about you being the one capable of pulling yourself back up and make you feel okay. Realizing how down you’ve been and the hard stuff you’ve gone through but knowing that you were able to get out of there on your own.

If you wanna be happy, you have to get up and go for it, not staying still no matter how afraid you are cause you’re not getting anything that way. This song is super bass-heavy and I love it! I’m not gonna talk about Look At Her Now and Lose You To Love Me cause. I write an article to analyze them when they came out. I’ll leave it here at the end of this video in the description box so don’t leave, stay until the and then you can go watch it.

Ring, a completely organic song which sounds very Mediterranean, she really invented the South Pigs (Portugal, Italy, Grece, and Spain) I really like that it stars with just one instrument and more are added one by one until there’s a lot of them, I like how they keep coming up. It is about “I know I’m a GODDESS and I have wrapped around my fingers like a ring and I can do whatever I want with them”.

Selena Gomez Rare Review

Vulnerable, which has an 80’s vibe, also in vocal production, which has a filter. It reminds me of an ft Punk. It’s about knowing that opening yourself to someone and letting them get to know you put you in a vulnerable position as, by knowing intimate things about you, Selena Gomez: Rare Album Review, they get a kind of power, but she knows this is not the guy’s intention so she’s willing to do it. Because she knows he won’t use it against her.

I really like the production but that high note after the bridge a little awkward. People, You Know, another one of my favorites in the album. It’s about how people in your life come to a go. It seems they’ll be with you forever and the next moment they’re not there anymore and the turn into strangers you know nothing about.

I love the chorus, the rhythm, and the percussion. They remind me a lot of Beautiful Now by Zedd, from True Colors, released some years agoIt’s one of my favorites in the album and LOVE IT. MAKE Dance Again and People You Know SINGLES. Let Me Get Me, Selena Gomez Rare Review, another song driven by percussion. About self-confidence and power over one’s self.

Saying “let me hold myself, I know I’ min good hands and I won’t fail me. And that’s the only thing I need to know to let go, be free, enjoy and be okay”. Crowded Room feat. 6 LACK, with a melody that reminds me of a lot of Roll With Me by Charli. Do you wanna roll with me? Do you wanna roll with me? Say yeah.

It’s very similar. This is one I don’t really like. I don’t like how R&B fits Selena,I like her more in a Pop scene. It is about starting something with a person the flirting, the approach and so on. But also the fear of things going wrong because of past experiences. I think it is about reconciliation with Justin Bieber think. But when we are in a room full of people but it feels like we are the only ones there, it means something, so come on, let’s do it. But things don’t last longe cause we get to kinda Crazy.

I think the previous one was getting back with Justin Bieber and this one is realizing he is not good for us, that he is not alright and he hurts us. Also, he is super toxic causes tries to blame us when we did nothing, psychological abuse, no, we don’t want it, bye, cancel. What started sweet turned out rotten.

Now you want me, now you ignore me, you lie. Look, leave me alone, boy, You’re crazy. I don’t like the son or how it sounds, I find it boring and I think is kind of a filler here, to be honest. Fun, which I think is about The Weeknd. It is about a moment when she wasn’t right, not in a good place, but she found someone who was in the same situation.

She had broken up with Justin, The Weeknd had broken up with Bell Hadid. Was it Bella Hadid? Yes. So they found each other and were attracted to each other and they need each other, knowing it wasn’t going anywhere, but okay, it was a good way of entertain each other and get out of that bad place they were in, right?

Selena Gomez Rare Review, Helping each other as long as they have fun. Which didn’t turn out well because The Weeknd fell for her and we all know how that ended. I told you in another video, Selena Gomez: Rare Album Review, which I’ll also leave here, when Abel released his last record, well, an EP.

You’ll have the video here at the end and in the description. I don’t like this song either, it sounds like an unfinished demo. I don’t like it. And we get to Cut You Off, which I think is again about Justin Bieber because a co-writer said it is “about an asshole boy who shall not be named”. So it is about getting over him and rooting out this person who was not good for her, who didn’t treat her like she deserved and forget about him. And realizing that, without him, you’re better.

It has a retro vibe in the production but I don’t like it because, again, it sounds like an unfinished demo. I don’t like it. This last longs. . . pfff This song sounds like it could be in Sweetener by Ariana Grande, it could go right after R. E. M. and you know what I think of Sweetener And, talking of Sweetener, we get to the last song of the album.

A Sweeter Place, with Kid Cudi. This one I DO like. It’s a good way to finish the album, at least for me. A little bit more electronic, it reminds me of the singles she’s released these past years more than the rest of the songs in the album, with those vocal layers and so on. And those synths. . . and the “uh uh uh uh”s. GOOSEBUMPS!

Besides, this song is about the time she spent away from everything. She was simply looking for a place where she could learn to live. Selena Gomez Rare Review. After almost dying she decided the important thing is life itself. Living it. So she got away, learn to breathe, to be with herself and found that perfect place to be which is no other than a clear mind, focused on the here and now and in living life.

The best place to be is yourself. And with that we get to the end of Rare because the deluxe songs are the singles she’s released these years: Bad Liar, Fetish, Wolves, Back To You and It Ain’t Me. I really like the album, the first impressions are really good, I listened to it several times and I liked it more each time. However, it loses strength in the end,I told you the songs I didn’t like, although I like the last one, the previous three or four I did not like.

I would’ve taken them out and release a 10-track album. I also miss some more direct Andrew reference to, possibly, the most important thing these years, which is almost dying! She briefly touches it in the last song but I’m missing a “look, I almost die and this is how I felt”you know? She focuses a lot on the after, the “I almost died but I’ve decided to live”, I miss some “I almost die period”you know? Not out of morbidity, but because I would like to know what she would have to say about it through her music.

It is possibly the most important moment of her entire life. However, this album is a 10 out of 12. I really like 10 songs out of 13, so YAS SELENA. At least for me, the wait was worth it and I’m BURNING this album this year. So, sons and daughters, that’s all.

Follow me on my social media if you haven’t yet because we talk about many things there that we don’t hear and you’re missing it! Selena Gomez: Rare Album Review. Comment what you think, your opinions. Did you like what I said? What do you think? Share the video if you liked it so more Selenators can see it.

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