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This is the review of season 2 of Sex Education, Starring Asa Butterfield, Gillian Anderson, Ncuti Gatwa, Emma Mackey, Connor Swindells.

Sex Education Season 2 – Review and Summary

This is the review of season 2 of Sex Education, Starring Asa Butterfield, Gillian Anderson, Ncuti Gatwa, Emma Mackey, Connor Swindells. Season 1 review of sex education guess because of the title so can we get in the chat sad Austen and sex education what is up flick fans. Welcome back. Today, we’re talking season two of sex education on Netflix.

I need your comments down below were you looking forward to this season and did it deliver as a late-bloomer ODIs must master his newly discovered sexual urges in order to progress with his girlfriend. Sex Education Season 2 Review, Sex Education Season 2 Summary, Season 2 of Sex Education

Sex Education Season 2 Summary

While dealing with his now strained relationship with Maeve. Meanwhile, his school is struck with a chlamydia outbreak highlighting the need for better sex education at the school. Sex Education Season 2 Review, Sex Education Season 2 Summary, Season 2 of Sex Education. New kids come to town who end up challenging the status so we have a sub-Butterfield once again returning as this character.

I believe this with all of my heart that Otis is the best Butterfield has ever been he is so good and believable as this character. We also have Gillian Anderson returning and shoot they got I want to highlight here really quick as Eric. It’s possibly my favorite character of the entire series.

He is just as good in this season really everyone is we cannot fault the cast. We cannot fault the direction we cannot fault the script because it stays amongst what we know and loves from the first season really the status. At this point, it’s gonna start out awkward in every single episode.

Until it serves you with the random episode and you think it’s leading into something and it really doesn’t the show knows exactly what it is and that’s what’s so beautiful about sex education kids but seriously this is a show that just knows what it is Austin how did you feel about season 2.

Sometimes you’re watching something you just sit back and you start thinking about the fact that and maybe it’s not even a season two or three. Maybe it’s a season five or six but you realize, this show is finding its stride. This show knows where it’s going and it understands its characters in such a way that maybe some didn’t even believe.

It could in season one and that’s how I feel about season two already of sex education. I’m feeling that way and I think this show is just the bomb and honestly, I may like season two more than the season one. I feel like we’re diving a bit more into the characters in this season. We’re understanding what makes them tick what makes them other things.

We have Oda stealing with his very own issue issues in the first couple of episodes. He’s having some issues can’t really keep him down bingo now logically are their ways that you can prevent that problem yeah man just I don’t want to go into this in this review. Sex Education Season 2 Review, Sex Education Season 2 Summary, Season 2 of Sex Education. It’s played for comedic effect and it works so well.

Sex Education Season 2 Review

This show is a very different tone from pretty much every other show on Netflix it highlights the comedic elements in such a way that maybe distances itself a bit from reality. It also amplifies itself so much that you believe that every character is a tad bit exaggerated and normally and you guys know me normally that would bother me.

With this show, it seems as every character fits so perfectly within this world it feels like this school. This group of kids they’re all in their own little corner of the universe and you just believe the way that everyone interacts with each other so much. I love the progression of the characters like I said Otis is dealing with his issues but then Maeve and you saw this on the trailer so not a spoiler.

May have comes back into town she weasels her way back into his life there is a struggle because he now has a new girlfriend which evolves into another problem. Now his mother is in a relationship with her father. It’s just this big odd strange quote-unquote family dynamic that evolves even more so when his father comes back into town.

So all of those relationships are great his relationship with his current girlfriend is thoroughly entertaining. I really enjoy that actress and her work and as we progress through the season. She starts to realize that she’s feeling a bit differently about certain things than you would think at the beginning of the season.

So to see that relationship progress was really entertaining and then you have Erik dealing with his own thing. Sex Education Season 2 Review, Sex Education Season 2 Summary, Season 2 of Sex Education. There is a new kid in town so there is a relationship going on there but we also have the return of certain characters in this season that make things a tad bit more difficult and speaking of which the character of Connor is dealing with his own issue really the fall out of season one.

It really is focusing on him fine who he is as a person and taking the blame taking responsibility for certain things that get him in a lot of trouble but maybe it’s not always his fault and that really is what of this show is kids teens everyone in this show find who they are not just sexually. I mean that’s a big part of the season.

I’m still not really hit on all of that stuff right. If you watch season one first of all. If you enjoyed season one you’re most likely back here to figure out. If season two is worth watching. If you didn’t like season one. I don’t really know who’s watching this review that didn’t like season one I mean sure try season two but you’re not going to like season two.

If you did not like season one and I understand why some did not right this is a very overly sexual show and some of the imagery and some of the scenes. I think is going to be a bit much for some people. I wouldn’t watch this with my family but I would watch it by myself and with my wife because we find stuff like this hilarious.

It’s just it’s all about the way that it’s presented and executed on screen and I think if you’re back here looking for someone’s thoughts about season two of sex education just know that this season is more of the same. I don’t say that in a negative way. I say that in the best way possible.

It’s more of everything you love about this show but in my opinion. I know everyone’s not going to feel this way, in my opinion, it may be even better I think the characterizations are a bit stronger. Sex Education Season 2 Review, Sex Education Season 2 Summary, Season 2 of Sex Education. I think the writing is a bit slicker I even thought the episodes moved a bit quicker only eight episodes really not too long about 50 minutes per episode.

I flew through this season of television I was in love with where these characters were going figuring themselves out no I don’t agree with everything that everyone believes in this show there are certain characters that think they know everything. They come to realize well maybe I don’t and Ottis is a prime example.

He’s supposed to feel about his girlfriend so that is probably the funniest struggle that was played on in this series. There were so many memorable moments so many memorable lines a few times. I said this about last season a few times where they did push the envelope in such a way and I just feel kind of odd.

I mean, for the most part, you feel odd watching this show. If you’re by yourself you’re just sitting there going. It’s a little cringy because you’re supposed to be watching the kid. Even though it’s older actors I didn’t want to get into that but it is weird but when it comes to a show knowing exactly what it is and what people crave from this I think they’re going to get a lot out of it.

It’s just entertaining not just comedic not just funny which it is all of those things but we also have some side characters dealing with their own legitimate problems that call for a lot of emotion to be displayed by those characters and because of that it gets you emotional.

The storyline from Amy I thought was really really well done at first it was played for comedy but as you progress and as you learn. This is really affecting her emotionally it just gets deeper than that we had some deep things in season one but I believe season two goes deeper. Sex Education Season 2 Review, Sex Education Season 2 Summary, Season 2 of Sex Education. I believe it’s funnier I thoroughly enjoy this season of television man.

If you’re in on sex education. I think you’re gonna really enjoy this season if you guys enjoyed this article and you like what we’re doing every single weekend before I get into my score be sure to smash that thumbs up button and let me know in the comments. Is this one of your favorite shows on Netflix with my score.

I’m going an 88% yeah in January we get an 88% television show. I mean my goodness guys what an entertaining time it was such a breeze to go through such a breeze really enjoyed it. Thank you guys for watching this video. Let me know all of those things in the comments down below and be on the lookout because I may have a review of another Netflix series coming this weekend. I’ll be counting down my top 10 biggest snubs at this year’s Oscars this weekend be on the lookout I’ll catch you guys very very soon.

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