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Disney+ is back with another amazing animation Cartoon Series "Short Circuit" and this is the Review and Summary of Season 1.

Disney+ Animation “Short Circuit Season 1” – Review and Summary

Disney+ is back with another amazing animation Cartoon Series “Short Circuit” and this is the Review and Summary of Season 1. I just finished season 1 of Disney short-circuits this is a new series of just short films or short episodes. Whatever you want to call them from Disney Studios a lot like Pixar’s short films except. Even shorter each runtime sits at about 5 or 6 minutes but usually, the first minute or two is an introduction of the film.

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Then there’s about a minute of credits so when you really look at it each of these shorts is only about two or three minutes long and overall. It’s hard to give a review of these shorts because all of them were really good. Honestly, there wasn’t really one that I didn’t like. However, a lot of them just left me wanting more.

I think that’s a good problem to have like my only complaint with these short films is that they were almost too short. I was falling in love with the characters in the story and the visuals and so much about these short films and then they would just end. This is Short Circuit Review. I found myself wanting more.

If you’re going to be watching this series I would recommend that you watch the credits as well because more often than not it seems that the story continues on into the credits. Even, If it’s just pictured on the screen so what I want to do today is I just want to give a short like pretty much sentence long review of each short.

Just to kind of give you my general thoughts on it and then at the end of the Article. I will give my top 5 shorts from this season. Disney+ Animation “Short Circuit Season 1” – Review and Summary, Short Circuit Review, Short Circuitv Summary, Short Circuit Spoiler, Short Circuit Rating. I’m just going to go in order of each episode starting with puddles. It’s a very imaginative short and it was fun to watch and kind of sends a message about don’t be on your phone to spend time with your brother.

Your siblings so there’s that exchanged in it I actually like this one it had a good concept it was creative you’ll probably hear me say creative a lot as I talk about these shorts because a lot of them were just very creative and a very original lucky toupee was funny to me. I thought it was cute I liked how the Leprechaun is thrown out the window.

I just liked the leprechauns period in this short. I thought they were pretty funny in the whole business of making toupees from the leprechauns is just really clever just a thought. This was one of my favorites for sure. I loved the animation I thought it was a funny idea and honestly I would love a movie of this short.

I think that there is a lot that they could do with it but most of all I just thought it was creative how this kid’s thoughts are interacting with his schoolmates and how people can see his thought bubble. It was cool how the thought bubble is a character in the short cycles. Amazing Short Circuit Review. This was definitely probably the most touching at least one of the most touching shorts of all of them.

You just see the lives of this elderly couple and you see the time that they spent in this home. It was relatable in the sense that we’ve all had a home at least hopefully we’ve all had a home that means a lot to us. This short was really showing that it’s not so much the house like the literal house a little the literal property.

It’s more so what takes place in the house and that’s what makes it a home and this short really kind of touched on that and I liked that a lot of lightning in a bottle was fine. It was kind of weird I mean lightning falling in love it seems that Disney and Pixar kind of get away with abstract ideas. These short films and this definitely was one of them and also is it really bad that I wanted the kid to be struck by lightning at the end. Anyone Bueller the race was super goofy but funny and it was original and just where did they come up with these ideas.


I think these ideas are so funny. Disney+ Animation “Short Circuit Season 1” – Review and Summary, Short Circuit Review, Short Circuitv Summary, Short Circuit Spoiler, Short Circuit Rating. I love it the race was just entertaining to watch here Jitsu it was kind of goofy. It was cute to see this little girl’s imagination and the animation was well done as well but just a goofy episode nothing wrong with it downtown man. You like this Short Circuit Review. I like this one I want a feature film of this one as well it was so cool.

The style at times reminded me a lot of spider-verse I don’t quite know how they would make a movie out of this but I just really liked the animation in this and the way it was all constructed was really cool to me. Jing Hua meaning flower in the mirror it was sad but it had a sweet back story.

I feel like that made this short a little bit more meaningful to me. Otherwise, if I hadn’t watched that intro it just didn’t mean as much to me but watching the background to it made me like it a little bit more drop. This was a fun little film where you kind of sees the cycle of a raindrop. You see all the places that a raindrop goes into its life.

If you want to use that word and I really liked the music in this one too it had great music zenith was very visually appealing. I didn’t really understand what was going on the entire time but with that being said, I still enjoyed it and I still thought it was very visually stunning, I like that one elephant in the room.

I really like this one is probably I think it’s the only one that it’s a song instead of like a score. There’s a song being sung throughout the whole short and I thought that that was fitting I also liked the theme of a family and how it’s important to be together I like that that there was a good theme fetch not gonna lie.

I’m gonna spoil this one I mean I don’t think I’ll offend too many people. It’s literally like two or three minutes short but when she is eaten by her Oliver by her pet name Oliver. I really wanted the credits to roll like how funny would that have been if she gets eaten and then the credits.

Just roll everyone would have been like what the heck like what was the point of that’s short but anyways. It was like it was a cute one wasn’t my favorite by any means but I thought the animation was really well done it seemed like it was one of the more advanced animated shorts of this list.

It was really appealing to the eye overall all they were very creative and they were very original. It seems very personal to the filmmakers which I thought was cool and as for my top five that is a great question just give me one moment at number five. I would put drop number four I put downtown at number three I put just a thought at number two.

I put elephant in the room and then at number one I put cycles which weren’t the most visually appealing of the series or of this season but it just meant the most to me of all the shorts that I watched, I thought it had a really good message and I liked what I saw and so I would rank that as my number one.

I think you guys should watch this it’s a very easy watch. This is everything you want to know about Disney+ Animation “Short Circuit Season 1” – Review and Summary, Short Circuit Review, Short Circuitv Summary, Short Circuit Spoiler, Short Circuit Rating. It shouldn’t take you more than an hour seeing as how there are about fourteen episodes and each one is literally like five minutes long so give it a watch and let me know what you think.

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