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This is the Latest Review of  Spaceship Earth Hulu. I hope that you Gonna like it. It is Released on 8 May 2020. It is directed by Matt Wolf.

Spaceship Earth Movie (2020) – Review and Summary

This is the Latest Review of  Spaceship Earth Hulu. I hope that you Gonna like it. It is Released on 8 May 2020. It is directed by Matt Wolf. Starring: John Allen, Abigail Alling, Margret Augustine. The idea of taking care of planet Earth is not a new topic.

It’s something that’s been around for decades upon decades with the current situation of the world with greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide and you know the use of fossil fuels and stuff like that the global warming situation is a real thing whether people want to believe it or not things are melting things are happening the way the earth kind of you know changes throughout the situation.

It is happening because of a lot of stuff that we create you know through certain things and the idea of a documentary wanting to kind of thrust themselves into this situation and kind of talk about it and kind of deal with it and kind of deal with a certain subset of that ecosystem is nothing new it’s didn’t done before I mean there’s a movie out called biodome which kind of makes fun of the whole situation.

I just I like to talk about biodome because I like that movie but this movie spaceship earth is that subset where we have a group of scientists and so on and so forth who were basically tasked for two years to go into this biosphere biodome what everyone called it called biosphere 2. This is Spaceship Earth Review and Summary. They gained a lot of attention-getting a lot of media press and so on and so forth but it also got a lot of criticism because of the people.

Who ran the system the people like john Allen at bath so on and so forth because people when it comes to science when it comes to anything of that nature are going to be very skeptical especially when it’s something of this nature which is, of course, building a $200,000,000 bio ecosystem.


I hope that you would like my summary. It makes a lot of sense when you really think about it you go and you go these guys are they’re investing a lot of money to create something that a lot of scientists could use in different leaves and fashions and they have these 8p8 people set in this glass structure I mean how does that going to work well and as we see through this documentary.

It doesn’t work well after a while they end up pumping i/o to oxygen and to the thing one of the people gets really hurt with their fingers so they have to leave the biosphere but they come back with like duffel bags and some like that so of course, the media and the press are gonna be skeptical and the scientific community.

You’re gonna be skeptical and the fact that john Allen and I think it’s his wife we’re not willing to kind of push the narrative forward to kind of be honest and truthful which in the scientific community or in general you have to be true because if you’re not people weren’t gonna believe you and the people who do believe that nontruthful people are gonna make like crazy people I mean it’s just the way the world works.

This documentary is kind of a small slice of that situation in my only kind of critique of this movie before I get into like the will stuff I really liked is this could have been like a four or five-part documentary I mean they did like eight parts on the tiger king and love the summary. Here is the Review of Spaceship Earth. So it is a pleasure that you like this summary.

Why couldn’t they do like four or five parts on this because of it really kind of condenses the whole nature what they were trying to do who these people were yes you get to see them in their day to day activities in the biosphere but it’s not as well-realized it feels like there’s a kind of constraint on the actual material that they’re presenting and there’s a little bit of a slant into the scientific community?

Which makes it look a little bad worse and better than it needs to be but what that said is so an engaging documentary because it’s about people who are hopeful people that all have this belief that if what they’re doing to create you know a future of prominence and you know of excitement and join this and you know non-worrying this stuff like that so to see this kind of thing being built kind of working in its own favor is a really fascinating thing to watch

Its kind of like watching the Mr. Rogers documentary because they’re taking situations and they’re putting the idea of who these people are and what they were trying to do into a well light I guess you could say and that’s what I truly like about documentaries like this because they’re willing to deal with the good as well as the bad you know we get the very beginning early kind of culmination of how this thing started to kind of development with a bunch of people who were very you know daydreamers.

They were very people that were go-getters they went around the country they built their own boat they basically created their own world dealing with the ecosystems that will eventually be in this biosphere because they had hope they had dreams they inspired they know had the help of Ed Bass who’s a very prominent wealthy businessman to kind of let them have you know tracks land you know building like a London Art Museum and then tracks land in Australia to kind of get an idea of these biospheres and biodomes.

It leads into ed Bass and John Allen creating this idea of the crane into their own biosphere and they’re going to have different bio areas you know the desert and the ocean and the rainforest and so on and so forth and so seeing all this hope and dreams started to become reality is a really fascinating thing to watch and a really hopeful thing to watch you know and especially in this day. I hope that you would like my summary.

When we’re dealing with this kind of stuff it’s really kind of exciting to see that people were trying to do something important and something different the problem is it doesn’t always succeed and that’s what happens in this movie because everything is hunky-dory at first everybody is working well together everything’s going nice and creative they go and get all the plants.

They need all the vegetation and all the animals and stuff like that and knowing very little about this whole story outside what I just saw in the documentary the point and when everything starts to fall apart is not really given much information.

When did she go out the woman with the finger problem go out and get the surgery and bring the duffle bags back it’s not really specified and unless you do a lot of research on it which is this movie this documentary also another problem is it doesn’t really do the timeframe very well it’s kind of just like we go here.

Which is not only necessarily a bad thing but when you’re dealing with the two-year span gives us a little bit of context you know at the very end we do get some stuff about in 1991 and 1993 because this took place to be you know between those two years and then see banding comes in stuff like that but then stuff starts falling apart because the thing about an ecosystem about any kind of biodiversity is the thing they’re going to go wrong things are going to happen the greenhouse effect is going to be effective?


I hope that you must like my review. There’s no suppose it air or co2 co2 being pumped into this place so plants are gonna die animals are gonna get hurt and sick they’re gonna die and that’s what starts to happen when you start seeing like the co2 effects about these people started these people these eight people who are trying really hard to do what they need to do and they start fighting with one another Deleuze on away the food is not coming and it turned into like this a strange nightmare of a situation.

They were worried about I mean they say in the very beginning there were many scenarios that you know John John Allen was worried about and when this is probably one of them that they were worried about happening everything just kind of imploded on itself and it’s released such a strange sadness to see because it’s such an ambitious thing to do but you know something’s gonna go wrong because one the biosphere 2 is not really much of a thing anymore.

It’s a thing that’s owned by the University of Arizona and it’s more of like a scientific experiment like they go in and they do experiments and people walk through and do all the kind of stuff but the level of audaciousness a level of ambition and like my review.

This project presented didn’t really pan out like they wanted to they were very inspired by silent running with Bruce Dern and it’s just overall it’s just really fascinating to see how much these people really cared and how much it really blew up in their face the eight people in this biosphere were they were working to try to make things for the better whatever John Allen and his mindset were dealing with they were trying he was trying to make things for the better.

He was just not capable of doing it and the scientific community obviously from this documentary knew that this the speed all these people were not scientists they were not scientifically and adaptable to take care of the situation and except for the ones in the biosphere so it’s a really interesting documentary.

It’s one that could be much much longer much more fleshed out but as its presented is still an engaging documentary it’s one that has a lot of interesting material that I never knew about now think about it I dunno remember hearing a little bit of stuff about this biosphere but like I said I think about biodome a lot of aspects because it’s the same scenario.

They’re going in for like a year something like that but that’s such a terribly awesome movie that it kind of the plates the whole purpose of this documentary but overall yet the documentary is still pretty good it’s still enjoyable it’s on Hulu so, please like my review.

It’ll show up on like iTunes they said a couple of weeks I think Matt wolf is doing pretty good work here I think he is presenting both sides equally he is giving them both good and bad this situation and it’s slanted so because it’s documentary but it’s not like you know Roger Moore style slant or something like that or something you know that you see that’s you know skewing one way but it really does try to present.

A whole picture of this failed experiment so I definitely recommend it we’ll see what happens to it during the Oscar season but it could definitely be an Oscar contender for Best Documentary but overall yeah I like – I enjoyed they’re amazing I think they were awesome I think you’ll enjoy them too otherwise thank you so much for watching. I hope that you will like this review.

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I definitely recommend it we'll see what happens to it during the Oscar season but it could definitely be an Oscar contender for Best Documentary but overall yeah I like.

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