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There are Five reasons why Temtem is better than Pokemon. Temtem stealing animals are way cooler in Pokemon. Humble Bundle is well known

TemTem: A New Pokemon Game? Should You Buy This Game?

Today we’re going to be taking a look at TemTem, the new Pokemon, TemTem: A New Pokemon Game? Should You Buy This Game? Inspired creature collection MMORPG just released into early access on Steam as of the 21st of January 2020. The game is buy to play, box price of about 35 usd, you can get it discounted on humblestore if you have humble monthly and redeem the key on steam.

This is a first impressions video based on my own experience and knowledge of the gameand answering the basic question of, should I buy this game?Straight away I’m going to answer that question for once and I’ll answer it in the most comprehensiveway I think you can. Basically there’s a really easy way to find out if you want to buy temtem or not.

Just answer these three questions. First question you have to ask is, do I like pokemon?If the answer is no, do not buy this game. If the answer is yes, can you forgive server issues, lag and not as much content as whatit should or will eventually have?If no, don’t buy the game yet. Just wait. And if yes, last question, are you buying it purely because it’s an mmorpg or becauseit’s a game you want to play?

If it’s purely because it’s an mmorpg, probably wait on buying the game because it doesn’treally have an end-game yet that is consistent with what is needed for an mmorpg to functionas a long term game. If yes to all of those questions. Buy TemTem. Chances are if you pass those three questions, you’re going to enjoy TemTem.

I’m not going to spend time in this video describing the gameplay guys. It’s pokemon with a few changes, I’ll go over the key differences but I’ll assume most peopleknow how pokemon plays for the sake of keeping it as short as I can. Bullet points. Story campaign, online world, co op adventure, player housing, customizeable characters andoutfits, competitive mode with pick and ban phase for temtem battles and of course thefact.

It’s an mmorpg so events, constant new updates with content, cosmetics and all thatgood stuff. Now the obvious first issues here is that the game is early access, so there is a lackof content. From what I’ve been told so take this with a pinch of salt, they’re missing half thestory, half the temtem, a lot of areas of the game and a large portion of their intendedend game.

Which is entirely forgiveable since it’s an early access game from an indie team. The other obvious is that the servers right now are absolutely shocking. Basically I usually do a first impressions gameplay of about 10 hours before I releasea video. I’m releasing this video after 5 hours. The reason for this is that during peak hours there is aa large queue.

The queue goes relatively fast though because everyone disconnects constantly every few minutes so you’ll get in fast and then just disconnect. So you’ll get in-game, run around and as soon as a team battle happens, you try to pickup an item, buy or sell to a vendor or have an NPC try to fight you. Good chance yourgame will just hang there indefinitely and in my case, I have to task manager end the game.

So I stopped playing to get this video out there. The game is great when you can play. Unless something drastically changes over the next 5 hours of gameplay and it just goes super down hill, I doubt my impressions would change given the extra time but we will follow up later and see. The end game I can’t really comment on, I’ve heard it’s not in-depth enough right now foran MMORPG But most people aren’t going to look at TemTem as purely an mmorpg or from that perspective.

Most people are going to play this game based on the fact it’s a pokemon like game on PC with multiplayer. As an MMORPG game channel, I obviously put more stock in that aspect but for the purpose of this video. I’ll basically get it out the way upfront. The game probably doesn’t have enough content as of this video release to keep you occupied for a long time, the way you would expect for a regular MMORPG.

If this is your main concern, perhaps wait for the game to get more content updates or the full official 1. 0 release whenever that happens. So what does Temtem feel like and what does it have to offer?I could literally just say it’s pokemon guys buy it and that should really tell you all you need to know to be honest. So far it just feels like I’m playing a pokemon game.

And that might sound like a bad thing or me being negative but I mean that in the most complimentary way possible. This game legitimately makes me feel nostalgic about pokemon, a series that is massively embedded in popular culture and one I haven’t played personally since I was like 13 years old, so over half my life ago.

Immediately playing the game I’m transported back to those feelings and the game just scratches that itch that I haven’t been able to do before without running an emulator or playing handhelds which I don’t really like doing. Obviously the game isn’t just a carbon copy, they’re tried to differentiate themselves.

So while a lot of things are similar, the core gameplay elements mostly work the same, the minute to minute gameplay. It has enough character and features that are unique that even if you’re content with pokemon and are a big-time pokemon player or fan, you will most likely be able to find something in this you like. The battles are different.

They’re 2v2 based instead of 1v1, you still have 6 slots in your squad. TemTem have different weaknesses and strengths just like in pokemon but there’s also the added factor that there are synergy effects between certain temtem types which adds just an extra layer of complexity and strategy to the game which I just overall feel good about so far with limited playtime.

If you look at steam reviews, most people are making comparisons with the new pokemon games and what they do differently or better to TemTem and what TemTem does better. It’s pretty obvious that everyone is going to treat every detail in this game as a comparison to pokemon so that just reinforces that if you are a fan.

You’ll likely enjoy this enough to warrant the box price. Monetization wise there literally isn’t even a point to be made here, the game is to buy to play and unless I’ve just somehow missed it while looking at the menu for 5 minutes there is no cash shop or anything else right now. So yeah that’s not an issue. You don’t really need me to tell you that graphically the game is just stylized to be friendly to all games, just a really clean, low cost, low performance-friendly style. Not to say it doesn’t look good.

It actually looks great and suits the game for what itis meant to be pretty perfect. The shading on the characters especially the temtem is great. Just a really good looking game. Performance-wise it’s pretty perfect too in terms of fps on my system, not noticed any issues at all. Of course the servers but yeah.

Music is amazing in this game also. So content-wise I’ve already said it is missing a lot and that there isn’t really much ofan end game, allegedly. Box price is 35 dollars, so is the content in the game worth the price? I can’t really tell you to be honest since I’ve not finished But.

Based on every single person who has finished it saying it is about 25-30 hours. So you’re getting 25-30 hours of the campaign, plus the rest of the future content as the game ramps up for official release for 35 dollars. To me, if you’re into pokemon already. That seems like a perfectly reasonable price. But it all just comes down to How much you value your time versus your money, only you can answer that one. The game is cute as fuck, it feels polished despite being early access, it’s just a casual, fun game to play.

I honestly am not sure what to say bad about this game at this stage of playtime besides the lag sucks. As soon as that goes away I haven’t got any complaints really, a couple of minor things I’d like to see different but so far so good. A few tiny points, some things I like and dislike just on a small scale. I love seeing people run around the world with their temtem following them around.

Really cool. I dislike the random encounters more than I thought I would, especially since I can’t seem to find a way to skip animations in battles and so fighting random low-level creatures constantly might get a bit annoying the longer I play but it’s a super minor gripe and something that pokemon people should be used to.

I would like to see the new sword and shield mechanics with seeing temtem out in the world at her than the random encounters I feel that would suit it much more but unsure how it would work with the multiplayer. That’s about it. I feel like I didn’t really go over much of what there is to do in the game in this video but honestly, at this stage, I’d expect everyone to know what pokemon is and so far the gameplayI’ve done is literally just a pokemon game with slightly different content and a new world/characters.

Hopefully, I can get to play more when this lag goes away and finish the story and post an updated review of what we have so far and how my thoughts and feelings change over the course of the time spent on the game so look out for that. All in all, as a conclusion. I think this game is going to be a smash so long as they can reign in the tech issues, get the servers stable and handling more people which I’m sure they will and then this game will just get better with time.

A live service pokemon inspired game that actually gets it right and feels like a pokemon game but with some more spice, with persistent online world and years of content to come? If that doesn’t excite you I don’t know what to say. Alright, I hope you guys enjoyed the video, like, comment, subscribe, play with my bell. Join discord, follow me on Twitter for updates and news and shout out to the membership squad, I’ll have the new end screen done next week. Love you guys. See you at the next one, PEACE!

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