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This is The Flash Season 6 Episode 10 Review - Who is going to die? The first episode in post-crisis is off to a great start.

The Flash Season 6 Episode 10 Review – Who is going to die?


This is The Flash Season 6 Episode 10 Review – Who is going to die? The first episode in post-crisis is off to a great start. I think Eric Wallace has really got something up his sleeve to keep all of his fans not just his fans but The show’s fans engaged and this episode just really gave a good essence of that of course the black hole organization was kind of littered throughout the first half of graphic novel.


Part 1 as they’ve described it this is like a graphic novel season. We’re finally into the second graphic novel which will obviously really utilize the black hole organisations plans. Finally in this episode they acknowledged the name of the organization which could very well be low-key kind of the villain of the second half.

They might be responsible should I say for the main villain because as we know with the black hole organization is that they’re responsible for abducting messy humans and training them so who knows what else. They’ve got their sleeve but before we get into all of this in more specific detail guys and a you know break down the rest of the episode.

There’s now reopened already getting robbed and Barry came in to save the day it was just like a nice kind of showcasing beginning for the second half of this season. The Flash Season 6 Episode 10 Review, It’s kind of weird I know I’ve already said this in this review that we’re kind of getting two seasons in one season with you know obviously two graphic novel parts.

This is where they introduced a brand new intro for the second half of the season and honestly I just felt like saying how about that intro it was really cool. I know it’s a bit longer than the typical you know really quick flash of the flash logo but this was like a really refreshing thing to see the show’s logo or intro has never been updated not that that happens in every single show but yeah I really liked it.

Now moving swiftly onwards and back on track to the whole iris story which I found very very interesting I’m like seriously finding this character iris the most interesting out of everyone at the minute. I’m not saying I haven’t found her a decent character beforehand but if anything that they’ve always wanted to do.

Including Candice Patton and other people on the show as well they’ve mentioned this before a billion gazillion times which is the journalistic route and what. The Flash Season 6 Episode 10 Review, They’re giving her right now especially in how it weaves into the main plot of the second half is absolutely great like honestly, I’m really looking forward to seeing this whole black hole organization thing.

Unfold what they did with her this episode was really cool of how they had her meet with her source talking about the whole black hole organization in terms of how he spent 20 years working for Michalek technologies in the R&D department and as to how they linked Malcolm strömblad. I believe his name was who came in and took that prototype rifle if you guys remember the guy who worked for the black hole organization but also got killed by the black hole organization.

He was compromised and he died with that you know in that car burning and this is where it got also revealed that of course, you know. Since iris is trying to like burst the door wide open in terms of the black hole organization that she is the next target of this mysterious laser-eyed assassin who we actually found out to be essentially this kind of new dr. light who focuses her powers through that photon gun which is pretty awesome and also a part of Cisco’s who’s who bug we’ve also shared the name of the female doctor light from the comics who goes by dr. Camaro.

Camaro Hoshi, it was really interesting seeing our risk like go on Phil on building a black hole timeline. Ever since the particle accelerator, they’ve been you know abducting and training metahumans such as ultraviolet who he thought was very beginning of the season. That’s how it kind of weaved into the first half of the flash.

Who is going to die

Now iris did try and confront the current CEO of McCulloch technologies who is Joseph Carver and he essentially denied that there was any large conspiracy this is where she even launches that article to Central City saying that McCulloch technologies is compromised by a covert organization.

She’s already blown it out of the water she’s got their attention so stuff throughout this is what I mean in future episodes. It’s gonna heat up quite a lot but we also had some other interesting things going on with a couple of other characters in this episode. We had Nash walls returned and even he and Cisco had a little bit of a confrontation about crisis even though Nash felt like he paid for it.

He also kind of confirmed some deaths like so apparently these people have not survived which is Harry wells Jessie which is pretty crazy like I mean technically they would have found out if they were kind of you to know here on earth prime. You know he even played a recording of Harry later on in the episode which was quite sad because it was a newer recording of him telling Cisco that he’s kind of regaining his intelligence.

I guess for now unless in a future episode or season somehow they did survive but for now, I guess you know r.i.p Jesse wells and Harry wells but also while we’re on the topic of Cisco stuff after that conversation with Caitlin it basically boiled down to that he does miss being vibe even though he doesn’t regret taking the Cure.

I think this does spell a bit of foreshadowing for the future perhaps and if there is a way for him to ever get back his powers because after crisis you can only assume that they go revote again but at the end of the episode Cisco is indeed going away for a bit apparently to suss out some threats you know in terms of the new world what you know was and what now is post-crisis which is interesting which you know I think spells that Cisco might not be in the show for a couple of episodes.

I don’t think this spells anything major I just think it’s gonna be used to explain maybe a bit of his absence in a couple of episodes down the line just like how Ralph wasn’t in this episode even though I think there was no explanation it would just be a good explanation for if he is missing and perhaps whatever he comes back with we’re gonna get some more really interesting information about the post-crisis world and as for Nash wells kind of keeping the reins of STAR Labs within Cisco’s absence we got that reveal of that photo which you know.

I don’t know about you guys it was very obvious from the second Nash had those interactions with Allegra it seems that his daughter is a doppelganger of Allegra which is why they’ve kind of made that fairly obvious in previous scenes before crisis that there was some weird kind of thing with Nash and Allegra. The Flash Season 6 Episode 10 Review. It’s gonna be interesting to learn the history behind what happened to his daughter but that moment wasn’t necessarily too surprising for me in the episode but still you know sets up something for the future with his character and you know what that will mean.

Black Hole Revealed

More or less by the end of the episode, we had irises sauce getting hit by the kind of new dr. Lai assassin he even goes on to say with his dying words that black hole isn’t what we think and his dying words were mirror now when that happened I thought oh you know are we getting like a new mirror master.

Even if it’s not like a fully fledged villain or whatever’s going on there it definitely made me well think especially with that ending of the episode now iris suddenly I know we’re kind of got that lead to finding Ava McCulloch after you know kind of putting the the the words the room number whatever it was in a reverse image so it kind of spell Ava who has been missing I believe quite a while.

I think since the particle accelerator and that is when she gets trapped in the mirror quite literally she used that black hole organization little symbol thing to open the door and you know connecting that to what obviously the guy said in his dying words about the mirror and then she gets sucked into the mirror.


It’s kind of like you know adding one plus one plus you know the official character description from back in November of where we learned that Ava McCulloch would be coming to the show because she got cast as effort I think that’s how you say her name effort door has been cast in the role of Ava McCulloch and the official character description was a quantum engineer and co-founder of Michalek technologies Ava McCulloch is a scientific genius who works on the bleeding edge Avery’s been away from Central City for many years.

A chance meeting with iris west-allen results in a surprising alliance that pushes the boundaries of sanity while also uncovering a vast conspiracy to take down team flash and his allies now obviously that’s not 100% accurate to what actually happened in the show in terms of like you know a chance meeting.

I guess you could call it a chance meeting but either way that was the official character description for her just to let you guys know in terms of maybe what we can kind of expect him to feel out for the future episodes we’ve you know what happened considering she got snatched into the mirror but I really did thoroughly enjoy this episode.

It really set me in a good mood for the future flash episodes is coming. The Flash Season 6 Episode 10 Review. I really can’t wait to see what the black hole organization turns into honestly my biggest wish is that as we get to maybe episode 14 15 16 is that they reveal a villain that they’ve had a meta who maybe have been infused with something so intimidating to make them a villain and a really big problem for Team flash.

I know a lot of people want a speedster that would be really cool somehow they’ve been experimenting and they’ve managed to give that somebody maybe I know a lot of you are thinking maybe that could mean god speeds return or maybe we could of course have and all-new kind of speedster weapon or something like that I don’t mind ultraviolet and lesser villains like this new doctor light but come on I think even though we have an organization here as a potential second-half villain.

I think we need a frontman for that we need a frontman villain of the black hole organization and it needs to stop being the lesser villains but you know I’m of course willing to wait several episodes for that to happen don’t expect it to happen one or two episodes right as the flash returns for its graphic novel part 2 season.

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