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This is the review of The Gentlemen also going to tell you the summary, starring Matthew McConaughey, Charlie Hunnam, Michelle Dockery.

The Gentlemen (2020) Movie – Review and Summay

This is the review of The Gentlemen also going to tell you the summary, starring Matthew McConaughey, Charlie Hunnam, Michelle Dockery. How’s everybody Matthew McConaughey here and I just want to endorse my movie the gentlemen. I want you to get your minds right and your brains right. It’s gonna take your soul it’s gonna bend.

It’s gonna warp it you’re gonna get so happy when you realize you saw Matthew McConaughey on that big screen all right.

What is up with fans. We’re talking a brand new Guy Ritchie film and that is the gentleman it drops this weekend in the United States and a couple of other territories. I need your comments down below is this a movie that worked for you fan of Matthew McConaughey. All right.


Let’s get into it so a British drug lord tries to sell off his highly profitable empire to a dynasty of Oklahoma billionaires. This cast is stacked McConaughey Charlie Hunnam Jeremy strong Colin Farrell, The Gentlemen Review, The Gentlemen Summary, Henry Golding one after another after another. It felt like every time they popped up on the screen even though.

I knew that we’re gonna be in the movie I was consistently shocked and Hugh Grant can’t forget about Hugh Grant but it has all the makings to be a really fun entertaining great time but you look at what Guy Ritchie has been doing as of late and not that his films have been the worst movies ever right but they just haven’t performed as well as what I believe the level of he as a director actually is obviously snatched lock stock.

Everyone knows what he does best he just hasn’t done it in a while he hasn’t attempted to do something even Man From UNCLE right that’s his style that’s his forte and the fact that he’s coming back to it for some reason had me a bit nervous a bit scared. It’s like can he recapture the magic that he’s been doing multiple times for multiple years.

He’s just taken a slightly longer break from and yes yes he did this is a really good movie. I’m not saying it’s the best film that I’m gonna see all year I’m not saying it’s a film that hit every point that it was trying to hit. I have a few issues within the script and the fact that multiple moments were predictable especially when you get into that third act.


They try to throw in a twist after turn after twist after the turn I saw the majority of them coming but with a film like this, you don’t care with the cast like this you don’t care about Matthew McConaughey. He’so good in this role and I knew he would be but it feels like he fits in the Guy Ritchie world it feels like he knows.

Exactly what he’s doing with this script any other actor that would have been reading his particular dialogue in this script. I feel like it would have come off just not as intimidating when it needed to be Matthew McConaughey is intimidating as this crime esque boss in this film.

I’m like dude do more like this I want to see this side of Matthew McConaughey more often we’ve seen it before but we just haven’t seen it as often as I think it should be especially after this performance and then you look at a guy like Charlie Hunnam. The Gentlemen Review, The Gentlemen Summary. I like Charlie on him quite a bit right he’s always been more of a TV actor for me he’s popped up in movies.

Here and there obviously something like Pacific Rim but this is the best he’s ever been on the big screen he owns every single scene there’s one scene. I believe it was released online involving him and a gun that’s all I’m gonna say but he’s supposed to be intimidating. I bought it I felt it I’m like. I would be afraid of Charlie Hunnam at that moment.

I would probably back away slowly – so Charlie Hunnam kills it a Hugh Grant was very different I’ve seen some complaints online the reviews, for the most part, have been a black luster but ok for the gentleman and I understand why they’re not the best but then I’ve seen some that have been so negative and just the to the point to where it almost perplexed me.

It’s like did you guys don’t have any foot like I see the issues within the script this isn’t a perfect film by any means but you’re having so much fun throughout the entire film you just don’t care. I’ve not even talked about the highlight of the movie in my opinion and it’s Colin Farrell and I know a lot of people are nervous about the fact that Colin Farrell is going to be the penguin in Batman.


It’s a completely different character but if he plays it the way he plays it in this movie. Now This is definitely more of a humor centric performance than that character would be but he had me cracking up the entire time but he was also really and I’ll use this word again with all of the actors because they’re supposed to be intimidating Henry Golding is really good shel Dockery.

Almost every single saying she was in the real wind for this film. I think is it’s frantic pacing because it never seems like it gives you any time to breathe now while that is a win for the movie itself because you walk outgoing. The Gentlemen Review, The Gentlemen Summary. I was entertained non-stop like it never ends and sometimes getting back to the point.

I was about to make that’s not a great thing I think for this film it works more so than it would other movies but I also needed just a tad bit more time to let these characters breathe a bit more time to allow them to build up in such a way that may be and not it relatable is not the word but maybe felt for them a bit more had more of an emotional connection.

You’re on board and the way they tell this story mostly through Hugh Grant telling this story and then how that story begins to interweave and connect in that third act I thought was really cool but because of that you also don’t get that connection that I think is required for this film and I also have some questions about the plot itself it was semi-predictable like I said there were moments that not necessarily.

I missed but there were moments that I need to see again to understand why they mean what they meant in the film for the overall story so this is a movie I’m gonna watch again this is a movie I do not care one bit to watch again because I had such a good time the first time and I feel like eventually, my score could actually go up because I feel like in general Guy Ritchie movies in this vein the more you watch them.

The more you appreciate them the more you learn about these characters and what he was actually going for with the plots the gentleman is a really good time in the theatre another surprising January movie with a great cast an action-centric plot. Just a good overall time and if you guys enjoy this Review.

I will definitely do more including the turning later on tonight so get excited my school for the gentlemen is a 73% a solid seven going on eight out of ten movie-like. I said I need to see it again too to get there but I had a really good time if you guys are looking for a blast in the theatres in January. The Gentlemen Review, The Gentlemen Summary. The Gentlemen maybe the movie for you thank you guys for watching. I’ll be back very soon like I said with another of you impossibly a Netflix series review to as well along with all the normal.

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