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This is everything you want to know about The Last Full Measure (2020) - Movie Review, Summary, and Rating.Written and directed by Todd Robinson.

The Last Full Measure (2020) – Movie Review, Summary and Rating

This is everything you want to know about The Last Full Measure (2020) – Movie Review, Summary, and Rating. So for a movie like the last full measure that not a lot of people have heard of this would be sure does have a stellar cast in it. What’s Up guys welcome to movie employees. My review of the last full measure written and directed by Todd Robinson. The last full measure is the story at Pittsenbarger who is played by Jimmy Urban.

Spoiler and Summary

This movie and pizza burger was a character or a person who saved about 66 people in Vietnam. Unfortunately, he did die but he never received the Medal of Valor as he deserved. I mean he saved a lot of people and this is the story of why he didn’t get that Medal of Honor the conspiracy behind at least the supposed conspiracy behind it.

This movie’s trying to represent and it leads us into the story of a character played by Sebastian stan who plays Scott Hoffman this is one of my big pet peeves of any movies like this. If you’re gonna give us the true story of this character in how he got his award. Give us the real people Scott Hoffman is not a real person so he is just kind of like our you know go through and our you know character who we kind of follow behind.

He’s not real so why make that why to make him a character in this movie why you’re giving us a circuit for no reason and so he is a pentagon official who is an up-and-coming in wonder Kane who is up for a big promotion. The Last Full Measure (2020) – Movie Review, Summary and Rating. He’s approached by this character played by William Hurt. He’s a brother-in-arms to a pizza burger and he basically convinces a senator who Sebastien’s character works under to go.

Interview the vets who were saved by pizza burger and then find out why he didn’t get the Medal of Honor so he’s kind of a character who doesn’t really want to do it. He’s just kind of a non-believer and he meets characters who were played by Samuel Jackson and hares Peter Fonda John Savage.

He as the story goes along as he learns about what pits and the burger did in flashback form he starts to truly believe he starts to truly understand that the people who fight and who deal with situations like this who fight and protect our country are getting the shaft. Basically, There’s so much bureaucratic tape and so much beer kike BS that these people who deserve everything in the world just aren’t getting it really is such a shame.

We have Diane Ladd and Christopher Plummer who played pits and burgers father and mother. They’ve had to endure 32 years of basically the government going yeah your son saved all bunch of people. Congratulations here’s the Iron Cross but this happens to a lot of soldiers. The Last Full Measure (2020) – Movie Review, Summary and Rating. This happens to a lot of the UNAM vets that’s, in general, is they’re just not they’re not given the do that they deserve you know just look at all the things that are happening with you know the way the government treats them.

As they leave the military. It’s a real bad shame and so the story here the fact that it’s dealing with somebody that I’ve never really heard of before I think that’s really cool. I think the fact that they’re trying to be well-intentioned and respectful to this character is something I appreciate because you don’t get a lot of these stories.


The stories you do get or they’re interesting but it doesn’t happen a lot of times so when somebody’s actually when something like Todd Robinson is actually trying to give us a true story a person who did something truly remarkable it does give you a lot of spiritual soul respect and just kind of a respect for the whole nature of everything that goes on in the world but with that said you can have as much well-intentioned respect as you could have but you have to have a story that holds its own with characters that are not only well-meaning and respectful.

Give us a good sense of what is truly going on and you have to have well-written characters and that’s what this movie doesn’t have the characters in this movie. The Last Full Measure (2020) – Movie Review, Summary and Rating. Yes, you respectful of them yes you really feel for them they have a lot of PTSD problems which I’m assuming is really realistic to what could happen but this movie is the characters are just kind of bland.

They’re not real were well-written you have these great actors in these roles and the for instance like the Peter Fonda character who has the most PTSD problems. He’s almost kind of laughable a little bit it’s kind of sad to watch you know I feel bad for saying that but it’s just he feels so over the top but overzealous in his character. They just almost feels like that the good attention manner of everything about him just kind of completely goes out the window.

It’s the same thing with Samuel Jackson’s character who has a very interesting character arc but just it doesn’t feel we represented well represented and doesn’t feel well established. It feels weird when it finally comes to the conclusion at the end and then we have Harris’s character who drives around in a bus a school bus the whole time.

Their stories are harrowing and sad it’s just not that interesting it feels kind of sad to watch and I don’t want to fault them for at least trying but you got to look at this from a film perspective. There are many other films that do this much better than feel more resident that feel more important than this film comes off as and then you have Bradley Whitford in this movie and just like he’s so slimy and kind of goofy.

I had problems so many problems with him he’s this is that corporate Pentagon slimeball that you just he hates the watch because he’s blocking every attention that comes to mind and it kind of makes up villain makes it kind of makes this movie into you know character or the villain that doesn’t need a villain.

We don’t need a villain the government’s already the villain why do we need a specific character as a villain. I don’t know, I feel like this movie is once again it was very well-intentioned. I think Sebastian Stan he’s trying but he comes off very schmaltzy and very kind of his eyes started lighting up in his you know the ding of the top with the light ball.

It just is so weird and just so off-putting and just kind of I didn’t enjoy it at all. The Last Full Measure (2020) – Movie Review, Summary and Rating. I feel bad this character deserved this real person deserved a lot more than he got in this movie so it’s still I give a lot of respect for this character of pizza burger. I think what he did was remarkable but I just don’t think that’s maybe representative very well.

I think the fact that when they go back to Vietnam and just if they focus more on the Vietnam stuff you miss more flashback stuff. I think it would work but when pits and burgers in there. You don’t really get a sense of him rescuing people you get a sense of like him bandaging up a few people and then running towards you know the Vietcong and stuff like that I don’t know.

I just yeah I wasn’t for me so well like I said you know you might like it you might enjoy you probably disagree with me that’s fine so but anyways that’s my take on the last full measure.

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It just is so weird and just so off-putting and just kind of I didn't enjoy it at all. I feel bad this character deserved this real person deserved a lot more
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