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This is the Review of The Murder of Nicole Brown Simpson, starring Mena Suvari, Taryn Manning, Nick Stahl, Agnes Bruckner, Drew Roy.

The Murder of Nicole Brown Simpson 2020 – Movie Review and Summary


This is the Review of The Murder of Nicole Brown Simpson, starring Mena Suvari, Taryn Manning, Nick Stahl, Agnes Bruckner, Drew Roy, Gene Freeman. Directed by Daniel Farrands.

The murder of Nicole Brown Simpson was directed by Daniel Farrands. The guy who brought us the haunting of Sharon Tate last year before that he made the am Knievel murders and before that he made some well-received horror documentaries like never sleep again Nightmare on Elm Street doc. This film stars Mena Suvari as Nicole Brown Simpson.


It follows her during her final days before her tragic death in 1994. I’m gonna do something, I’ve never done with this review because this movie is very special. I’m gonna give the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson. I’m getting that out of the way right off the bat because this is honestly one of the most offensive movies I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

I think this is a gigantic mistake of a film following another gigantic mistake of a film and Daniel fir’aun’s is a filmmaker that seems to be carving out a very strange sub-genre for himself of gross trashy exploitation in which he takes real-life crimes. In this case, two famous people who were murdered and makes movies about them back-to-back both of them incredibly.


Cheap flops together with news real footage to pad the runtime and drone footage that’s messy and wobbly and performances that feel like first take performances of a student film. I’m sorry to bother you is Candice home no I’m a brother so tell me how you’re doing. I don’t want to hear all this I’m fine stuff I want to know how you’re really doing.

Hey in case you forgot the party’s out here even though am Knievel murders was a film that was also based around true crime. The Murder of Nicole Brown Simpson Review. I give him a pass on that because there have been so many Amityville movies at this point. It’s almost become part of pop culture and it even though it was a real-life crime that took place.

It’s not like he was the first person to make such a trashy movie about it or something however his last two films are inexcusable. I find them grossly inappropriate and this film is somehow even worse than the haunting of Sharon Tate. I don’t know how he did it let’s talk about it first off it’s written by Michael Artur.

This is no surprise his very first script this just so happens to be the production coordinator for the haunting of Sharon Tate. I find that rather interesting so I’m assuming that at some point during that production they spoke about making more like this. He just wrote one and because of how quick this one came out just one year later.

It really just seems like they somehow were given permission by somebody. They had money from something and they threw some shit together and even though this movie is just over 80 minutes it includes at least 10 minutes of newsreel footage at the beginning and at the end in some kind of haphazard attempt to make their film feature-length.

I’m gonna warn you that from here on out this is gonna contain spoilers obviously. I don’t recommend that any of you see this movie or support it. I don’t think it deserves anyone’s money just by the fact that I paid for the rental of it makes me feel gross even knowing that I did that this is gonna contain spoilers from now on.


Let’s talk about some of the movies that this rips off Nicole Brown Simpson has a nightmare in which she’s ravaged by some unseen ghosts this thing lifts her on to the wall and then eventually on to the ceiling. The Murder of Nicole Brown Simpson Spoiler. This is a blatant rip off of one of the most iconic scenes of A Nightmare on Elm Street made even more bothersome knowing that, this filmmaker maiden never sleep again The Nightmare on Elm Street documentary,

It’s obvious that he was trying to pay homage to something but there’s no point to it your film is a garbage fire of trash why would you rip off one of the most iconic scenes in horror as if you’re somehow treating it well like. You’re not paying homage to something when you shot for shot recreate it in your movie or your film doesn’t even remotely deserve that level of greatness.

It’s fucking pathetic mena Suvari and Nick Stahl as the supposed cross-country killer that has in some conspiracy The Murder of Nicole Brown Simpson Theory been linked to OJ’s trial both of these actors do the best. They can with what they have Taryn Manning is wearing one of the worst wigs I’ve ever seen in a film. She’s very bad in the movie as is Agnes Bruckner as Chris Kardashian.

There’s no attempt to build character throughout the movie and if they were they didn’t understand what they were doing with the characters in many scenes. She discusses her kids and how she feels bad that they’re constantly subjected to how abusive OJ Simpson is but you rarely see these kids.

They’re barely on screen in the entire film they’re only there for very small moments why is that probably because it’s difficult to work with kids. They can’t work the same hours there are child labor laws and you can feel that in every single scene that they’re in because they look directionless like they’re just in the frame wandering around wondering when they can go home there’s these pointlessly long and drawn-out therapy scenes where Nicole Brown Simpson tells her therapist.

Everything she’s concerned about how OJ was abusive and how she hated living with him and this scene contain. I think one of the most troubling statements from her from the entire script my friends used to say that he molded me into what he wanted me to become so that no other man could ever take his place and to be completely The Murder of Nicole Brown Simpson Review. honest so I missed the sex sometimes.


There’s a lot of insights that this script gives us into Nicole Brown Simpson’s apparent psyche during the final days of her life moments throughout the movie where she gets to hit us over the head with a fucking mallet of foreshadowing when she talks to cops and she’s like you know after he’s killed me you people can live with the fact that you never did a thing about it there’s not an ounce of subtlety throughout this entire film.

I’m worried he’s gonna kill me one day and he’s gonna get away with it oh my god Nicole what are you talking about even more disturbing there are moments where the film seems to suggest that she brought her murder on herself by inviting this guy into her house who ended up being the cross-country killer sleeping with him allowing him into her life that it’s her fault that she was killed and what will likely piss a lot of people off.

The movie seems to suggest that OJ had very little to do with the actual crime when we see the crime which by the way is depicted in gruesome very detailed bloody and gory sequences he treats their deaths like. It’s a slasher movie we see them stabbed over and over again with a lot of blood slow-motion neck slitting and everything I was absolutely fucking appalled he even shows the crime-scene photos of their dead bodies what’s worse the theory that they’re posting about who may or may not have killed them the film breaks its own rules.

The scene of their deaths shows one man in a ski mask killing them then we get our great montage of newsreel footage to elongate the runtime because you got to get feature-length. The Murder of Nicole Brown Simpson summary and in that we see the real OJ Simpson talking about how he was there during the murders but probably blacked out and that somebody else who was with him actually did the deed as things got heated.

I just remember Nicole Phil and I remember I grabbed the knife I do remember that portion taking that knife from Charlie after that I’ll remember the except. The Murder of Nicole Brown Simpson Review. I’m standing at his all kind of butt and stuff now so we see in this fucking movie a newsreel of OJ Simpson saying he was fucking there but in the dramatic depiction of the deaths, it’s just one guy this movie can’t even follow its own fucking rules.

This is embarrassing honestly this is really one of the worst movies that I’ve seen in regards to true crime exploitation it’s bottom of the barrel it has nothing interesting to say it does not know how to build character it’s a movie that actually has no real idea of just how offensive.

It is there’s even a scene where they talk about the former Bruce Jenner and this is what they have to say oh and Bruce sends his love he couldn’t make it he’s hosting a fundraiser in West Hollywood with Heidi Krieger what a drag this you can’t make this shit up people you really can’t I I have no idea how this film was financed.

I don’t know how these actors got involved with that this is extolled the first movie in like six years I have no idea what’s going on all. I know is that Daniel Ferran should no longer make films like this what I think you should do is take him home grab on to those hard buns and go to town. I think it’s really really bad somehow worse than the haunting of Sharon Tate. The Murder of Nicole Brown Simpson Review. I don’t know how that’s possible but it is you guys are the best thank you so much as always for watching look forward to more reviews.

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