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Are you Looking for The Painter and the Thief Hulu? This is Gonna be an Epic. It is Released on 22 May 2020. It is directed by Benjamin Ree.

The Painter and the Thief (2020) Hulu – Review, Recap, Ending, Summary

Are you Looking for The Painter and the Thief Hulu? This is Gonna be an Epic. The Painter and the Thief (2020) Hulu – Review, Recap, Ending, Summary. It is Released on 22 May 2020. It is directed by Benjamin Ree.

I’m going to be reviewing a documentary called the painter and the thief now this is actually about two days from a release by the time I am recording this for everybody else if you’re watching this it should be released by the 22nd of May so if it’s that time or later you can go check this out streaming on a variety of platforms. I hope that you will like this review and summary.

It’s gonna drop on Hulu and then you can also go check out neon films which have been producing a lot of interesting stuff over the last few years if you want to find the painter and the thief or obviously just look it up you should be able to find a video on demand pretty easily so what is the painter and the thief the painter and the thief is a really interesting documentary that has a good hook right out of the gate so one thing.

I’ve talked about this before on reviews of documentaries you need to have access you need to have an interesting story to tell that maybe it is unusual or people aren’t aware of and even better.

If it has some sort of an emotional or arc for the people or the subjects involved makes it even a better documentary, in this case, it starts out with a to works of art being put upon you see being put up and done in a gallery they’re out in the window display they’re very large pieces so I don’t know 10 feet by 10 feet approximately something like that and immediately you are shown surveillance footage of two men stealing these works of art these paintings oil paintings.


I hope that you will like my summary. I do believe so you would think that that well Kay well this mystery is going to be finding who stole these works of art and very quickly that is not the case so there is surveillance footage and the surveillance footage is good so the faces are very visible and within another first couple minutes of the documentary.

The painter is at the courtroom you’re not seeing footage at this point you’re just seeing that or like the kind of do like I’m almost like the courtroom sketch style thing where you see sketches of representation of that chord event in the background.

You’re hearing actual recording I’m assuming on a phone and you’re hearing the artist the painter talking to somebody and asking if she should approach the suspect and that is kind of the kick-off for this whole documentary in that the painter and I’ll try to get her name correct I believe she’s Czechoslovakian she had been living in Berlin and as of the time of this movie she had moved and was living in Oslo Norway.

When this occurred her name is uh Barbara it’s like Barbara so not like American Barbara Barbara and I want to say Krystal Krystal Cova Chrissie Likova hopefully I didn’t mess that up too bad and the thief one of the two thieves the other one you don’t really see much but the one is the main subject and his name is uh Carl but he goes by brittle so a lot of times was her hear him called Bertil or Karl-Bertil.

She approaches him and asks if he will sit for her for painting and very quickly you see him that doing just that sitting there as she begins to sketch him and talk to him and you would think okay well where is this going and that is kind of the whole strength of this movie is you don’t know where it’s going just the fact that she approaches him in the first place is really fascinating.

I had a short interview with her and I will drop in here a little bit of her reasoning what kind of drove her to approach him as opposed to just letting him get convicted and go to jail or wanting to have kind of that vengeful spirit of hey I want someone to get theirs because they took my property and like this summary.

Why did she approach him, in this case, it was a few months since the robbery until the court until the trial happened and then when I was approaching the courtroom I came there with a certain thought that I wanted to actually approach both of the thieves and ask them to pose for me and while recreating the crime scene of the thievery so I was already coming there with the idea that I want to get to know them in the way or to approach them.

Where they would pose for me who of course had an enormous curiosity about how do my thieves look like who are they like you know I just wanted to help them to to make it into a sense for me like to understand why they did what they did so the rest of the movie really is interesting in that it follows um kind of this back and forth between the two and the first probably third you’re really seeing it from her perspective like what does she think of this man.

She is interested in like what has brought him to this point what kind of life is he living her paintings you will see throughout they definitely they kind of have a very hyper-realistic style to them but they’re also stylized in the sense of the compositions and the poses are you know very beautiful aesthetically.

The some of the subject matter would be told many people not beautiful or at least more disturbing than what they’d want to see in a painting you know for say you know one of the pieces that were stolen is the swansong is a dead Swan in the grass but it’s very beautiful but it’s a dead Swan and in the same way she seems to be fascinated by these aspects of humanity. I hope you like my summary.

That people maybe don’t want to look at or consider so deeply and Bertillon this way is one of those people you know we have many people in society who suffer from drug abuse or current have some criminal past we can let them just fall through the cracks or we can try to understand what those people are and how they got to that point and see them as human beings.

This movie goes a great deal towards that now the second third is interesting because it’s witches and you get his point of view you even get some backtracking to some scenes that you’ve seen earlier but more kind of from how he entered those scenes and what he was thinking in those scenes as well as.

You get his perspective on her and that’s very fascinating because I think that as a viewer you’re probably considering her in one way may be more simplistically just as the kind of you know the painter the one who you know interprets the world through paintings but he is kind of looking at her much more like a human and interested in her you know he’s suspicious of her motives.

He’s also interested in her motives and then all this would seem rather dry but it is not this takes over a period of over three years and the ups and downs in both of their lives but especially Burton’s life is pretty severe and a lot of very dramatic events occur not always between them but sometimes just in their lives.

Which makes this just as a story fascinating but when you get to the deeper levels of what’s happening with these two people these human beings it also is very fascinating and it has a really neat bow it ties, in the end, there’s kind of a final shot.


I hope that you must like my review. That is very you know very satisfying for a movie it isn’t absolutely necessary to enjoy this movie but it definitely gives you a little I guess kind of a like I said I boa tie at the end why would I rate this movie I would say for me this is definitely probably about a four and a half star it’s really really good documentary.

I would say that the only thing I could see that might even make it better and I thought about this at the time is that I could almost see this being like one of those twenty-eight up 7up type movies if you’re familiar with that series uh a documentary and I believe back in the 50s maybe the 60s he got a group of children that were seven years old in England.

He interviewed them all about their lives their dreams their hopes and their thoughts about what they were gonna be and what they wanted to be and then every seven years in their lives.

He’s been following them coming back to them and if he can find them all seeing where they’re at and what’s happened so I could see you’re so invested in so interested in these two human beings in this movie I could see something like that occurring with this and like the review.

I could see ten years down the road you know where are the painter and the thief are they still a painter and a thief I mean that alone kind of reduces them to types whereas the film that we have here does something different it really shows them as complete and complex human beings which I think is once again a real strength and something.

I know that this is Gonna be an awesome Review for you so I request you to like my review and thanks for watching this.

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That is very you know very satisfying for a movie it isn't absolutely necessary to enjoy this movie but it definitely gives you a little.

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