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This is Birds of Prey Review, Summary and everything you want to know. Starring Margot Robbie, Rosie Perez, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Jurnee Smollett-Bell.

The Stranger (2020) Netflix – Review and Summay

This is The Stranger Review, Summary and everything you want to know, starring: Richard Armitage, Shaun Dooley, Siobhan Finneran, Jacob Dudman. The stranger to Netflix does it have the signature twists and misdirection like the others a stranger.

Approaches a man and tells him a secret which in turn upends lives and uncovers things that were better left alone the new mystery on Netflix stars Richard Armitage Chabon Finneran and Hannah John caiman the whole thing relies on one character acting.


On some news that they get without that, all of the other things all of the other dominoes don’t really fall. This is almost the linchpin at least in what was shown that begins everything unfolding Hannah John came and plays The Stranger and surprisingly. The Stranger Review. She’s not in it a lot for the majority of the show.

Even though her character is a major role in it and from all of the marketing materials. I thought she I really believed that she was gonna be the driving force behind this but really it’s Richard Armitage. He is the one that is carrying the majority of this show on his shoulders. He’s conflicted and tormented and more and more crap just keeps falling on him.

As the show goes on you just wait for him to reach a breaking point because of everything that just literally unfolds in front of him as with any Harlan Coben show. I’ve seen on Netflix he does an excellent job of weaving together. A ton of characters but still managing to tell a cohesive story.

I mean I’m sure he has some kind of spreadsheet to keep everything straight like almost think dark without all of the multiple timelines to confuse everything. The Stranger Review. I like that there is more going on to the story than just what’s right in front of us there are things in the periphery that are going on that may or may not be contributing to the main point.

I like that because it just builds another intrigue it builds other mystery and it makes the story more robust and instead of us just focusing on one little thing. Even though like I said it’s a ton of characters in ER woven and different things going on you also have these things over off to the side that could be confusing things.

It doesn’t confuse them at least from an understanding standpoint we understand what’s going on but it’s confusing to the mystery itself does that make sense. It’s adding to the misdirection it’s adding to just all of the intrigue. We don’t know if it plays in or not I didn’t feel bored at all throughout all eight episodes.


There are each about 45 minutes so it’s a fairly quick watch but beware you might end up binging the entire thing. If you start because you will find that it can suck you in with just the story the characters, acting, mystery the intrigue. Everything like that and then the suspense – as it builds and builds as the story goes along all of the characters.

Am I think really good I mean there’s a mix of all kinds of people in here you got the weird ones you got kind of the goofy ones you got the slimy ones and then you have the ones where you just don’t know what’s going on. The Stranger Review Maybe they’re good maybe they’re bad maybe, you’re pretty sure they’re good but there could be something brewing underneath all of this just builds a rich pool of characters.

It just adds to a better story if you enjoy British shows and especially crime dramas or mysteries. I say give this one a go it’s well-acted and entertaining. There’s not too much melodrama going on at all in it the mystery will suck you in even though parts of it may be a little predictable but I was willing to overlook it because I enjoyed the ride that I was being taken on it even had some emotional pulls to it.

I didn’t expect and that ending it might surprise you there’s no sex. The Stranger Review, There is some nudity a lot of profanity and some violence. I give the stranger 4 out of 5 couches so what’s your favorite mystery movie or show. Let me know in the comments below that’s a huge range right.

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