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This is the Review of The Turning and also I,m going to tells you all about this movie plus summary and spoiler. I,m also going to give the rating.

The Turning (2020) – Movie Review

This is the Review of The Turning and also I,m going to tells you all about this movie plus summary and spoiler. I,m also going to give the rating.

The Turning Summary

The turning stars Mackenzie Davis Brooklyn Prince and Finn Wolfhard and is the latest adaptation of the classic novel by Henry James the turn of the screw so Mackenzie Davis plays a nanny who gets hired by a very rich family to watch over two kids. Their parents are gone. They’re very creepy.

They’re very strange and they’re extremely annoying but when she starts seeing odd reflections and mirrors and ghostly shadows in the hallways. The Turning Review. She begins to suspect that something more sinister was going on this film had a difficult production history starting in 2016 and went through a lot of different hands at one point in time Steven Spielberg was an executive producer on this movie.

He left as various things happened and having seen the film. I can’t blame him this is a nothing movie nothing happens it has no meaning it barely has an ending. It leaves you cold wondering why you watched it. I’d rather watch one of the worst movies ever made than a nothing movie. In fact, this film is entirely build up it feels like one really long first act and then an ending.

If you want to call it an ending. The Turning Summary. I’m gonna have a hard time not spoiling things throughout this review but I’m gonna do my best not to because I am completely baffled by the way this film ends. It doesn’t really have an ending. It’s about 70 minutes of pure setup. She’s trapped in this house the kids are getting on her nerves.

She’s having really horrific visions and then something occurs and you think the movie ending and it felt very unsatisfying but I still felt the majority of the movie was rather mediocre at that point. The Turning Review.. I was willing to just kind of give it a pass as this mediocre January horror movie then the film does a trick of sorts and the final 10 minutes of this movie are unforgivable.

The Turning Review

I have not been this upset about the way a film ends. Since the open house if you saw the open house on Netflix then you saw one of the worst horror movies. I think ever and the ending of this movie is such a betrayal to writers. Everywhere two filmmakers everywhere to the audience everywhere that I have no idea how Universal put this out in theatres.

It feels like the type of movie that would have like 37 alternate endings on the blu-ray and like 10 deleted scenes that explain things that they just decided to cut out of the movie. There’s a semblance of an idea of what is happening. There are about five different things you could choose but none of them are concrete.

I know that a large portion of Henry James’ original novel is this sort of disorientation that you feel as a reader because certain things aren’t explained and in the great film the innocence which you should definitely see which is also based on that novel. The Turning Review. There’s a similar feeling of the misunderstanding of deception.

You’re not always sure if what you’re seeing is real and it’s awesome it seems like the writers behind this movie. Sort of reading the Wikipedia synopsis of that book. We’re like yeah we can do something like that let’s option it. Let’s just make it but we’re not gonna end it. We’re just gonna like write a bunch of set up.

We have no idea where we’re going to take that set up but we like the setup. It’s gonna be artsy and cool and people will appreciate it. I’m sorry I was mind blown when the credits started I the movie didn’t end there’s no ending. It’s crazy actually the musical score also is very strange when ghosts appear, I swear, I heard an electric guitar such an odd musical choice.

I commend Nathan Barr the composer for trying to do something unorthodox and weird but it didn’t work the end credits music was similarly rock-themed with a bunch of images that look like an anime music video. I’m not making this shit up Mackenzie Davis is a bit much in the movie. The Turning Review. Actually, I like her a lot I thought she was probably the best part of Terminator dark fate her and Linda Hamilton but he or she overacts quite a bit.

I think and Finn Wolfhard is unfortunately really bad in the movie. I liked him a lot Brooklyn Prince is not too bad. Actually, She does her role pretty well the best performance in the movie is by Barbara Martin who plays the housekeeper. She seems to have this disturbing knowledge of things that have happened in this house in the past.

She doesn’t want to talk about it of it she gave the best performance in the movie. She didn’t know of her act she didn’t oversell it she was really good. The Turning Summary. It just feels like there wasn’t a sure hand on the page or behind the camera. It feels like a lot of different people had an idea for what this movie could be nobody agreed.

They just threw something together in the editing room and released it for all of us. I’m gonna give the turning a d-minus first 20 minutes of the movie. I was on board. I thought okay this is actually mildly entertaining and the Gothic imagery is really beautiful about halfway through the movie.

It was such a regurgitating series of the same sequences over and over again one of the kids does something creepy. One of the kids pulls a prank and I was like this is getting really stale but I was willing to pass it off as an average January horror movie by the end of the movie. The Turning Review. I was so betrayed by the complete lack of trust in the audience by the lack of respect for the audience.

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It was such a regurgitating series of the same sequences over and over again one of the kids does something creepy.
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