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The Twilight Zone Season 2 (2020) - Review, Recap, Ending, Summary.Main Stars: Sara Amini. It is Released on 25 June 2020. It is directed by Mathias Herndl.

The Twilight Zone Season 2 (2020) – Review, Recap, Ending, Summary

Season 2: The Twilight Zone Season 2 – Review and Summary. Are you Going to watch then you need to read this Review before watching? The Twilight Zone Season 2 (2020) – Review, Recap, Ending, Summary.Main Stars: Sara Amini. It is Released on 25 June 2020. It is directed by Mathias Herndl.


The Twilight Zone today is season 2 episode 1 king 9 will not return written by Rod Serling and starring Robert Cummings as James M Brady so before going any further pleased like my summary. I get into the episode I would like to bring up a few things first of all season 2 brought a couple of changes first of all the more known and classic Twilight Zone theme was first introduced in this episode season 1 used a different.

You know the musical score and also now Rod Serling’s opening narrations would have him actually appear on the screen instead of us just hearing his voice which I really really liked because it adds another dimension to the episodes another thing of no I try not to compare up so it’s too much I try and take them on their own but sometimes I feel it’s necessarily necessary to make a comparison to make different points throughout the review.

It’s interesting that this episode is very similar to the premiere episode which was also obviously the first episode of the season where is everybody, unfortunately, it’s not quite as effective but that doesn’t mean that this episode is bad is it has its own redeeming values and also a couple of problems so like this summary. I’ll get into the episode we start with Rod Serling’s intro and we go to the main character James Embry.

We are told that his plane went down it crashed we see him on the ground and he gets up wondering where his crew is I had another thing I want to point out we do get a lot of voiceover narration which is actually an improvement from where is everybody where it was all just the character talking does out loud the voice-over narration seems to fit better.

He’s trying to figure out what’s going on and he spent some time wondering where the others are Oh Benji he goes back into the shop and they’re static on the radio and you know he tries to make contact but he’s not getting anything and little by little he seems to be flipping out more and more I like the way it’s built up and he says he needs to keep cool and keep logical so then he goes back outside and he starts to flip out even more as he’s not figuring things out and then he winds up seeing one of his crewmen in a plane.

When he gets closer the man disappears so he starts freaking out even more and that’s already about the halfway point of the episode now he was the problems with the episode come in if it seems like I’m skipping a lot of stuff and just jumping around I’m really not a lot of this episode is just our lead character walking around talking to himself both out loud and through narration and it just it takes too long for everything to happen. I think this is a good summary What you think?

I like the slow bill but there are not enough different variations of things happening in between to make it completely work so while it’s somewhat effective it’s not completely effective so we go to the second half of the episode and we see him on the radio again and he’s getting nobody or nothing so he concludes he must be having hallucinations or maybe he’s you know like drunken.

He’s sleeping and it’s all a dream it’s interesting that he thinks that that might be what’s going on hmm so he tries to rationalize the crewman that he saw he’s getting more and more upset and then he sees a sign that says so you know one of the crewmen passed away so he says he’s sorry for that and then he sees you know jet planes up above but those would be from a different time period so now he’s freaking out even more.

He really doesn’t understand what’s going on and these are all nice hints to the end of the episode so what’s happening so we get more talking out loud like I said this is very padded and you know all of a sudden he starts laughing he says this must be all an illusion he starts laughing and then the laughing after a little bit of time turns into screaming. Have a look at the summary read it and like it.

He sees his crew members appear and disappear right before him I think we all it’s pretty easy to figure out what’s going on at this point in my opinion so you know he says nothing is real and he falls to the ground and from there we transition to a hospital where we find out he said a psychological disturbance from something he saw in the paper and this was all a dream the old it’s all a dream now I don’t know you know how cliched that was at this time period in the early 60s so.


I’ll give it a little bit of the benefit of the doubt from but from a modern standard it doesn’t totally hold up the ala Dream thing has been done so many times I couldn’t even count them so but there is a little bit of a twist which saves this slightly which is that there is at least a reason for the ala dream and like my review which is that this was a mission he was supposed to go on and he never did and the plane crashed so he was spared of that and he feels guilt over not having gone so you know the doctors telling me we’ll be okay.

The psychologist tells the doctor I want to see him in a few days but then there’s another twist and this is what really saved the episode for me is the fact that they find sand in his boobs meaning maybe he really did go back we don’t really know for sure the ending really worked for me, unfortunately, everything takes just so long to happen it takes forever this is probably the slowest moving episode to this point.

That’s not always bad I like a slow build but in this case, there’s just not enough script or interesting material I think setting it in the scene they did hurt to like in where is everybody you were in a town and you could do a lot of things you could go to a lot of different places where you’re basically just in a desert with a plane. I hope that you gonna like this review.

There’s only so much you can really do there’s not a lot of sets or anything but it’s a very well shot episode with the good atmosphere I think Robert Cummings performance is fine you could say he’s a little over the top but maybe he needed to do that to compensate for the lack of you know the amount of story that was here so overall this is a mixed bag for me and I give King nine will not return a two and a half out of five two points five out of five thanks for watching.

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