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Tig N' Seek (2020) - Review, Recap, Ending, Summary. Main stars: Kash Abdulmalik. It is Released on 23 July 2020. It is created by Myke Chilian.

Tig n’ Seek (2020) – Review and Summary

Season 1: Tig N’ Seek – Review and Summary. Are you Going to watch then you need to read this Review before watching? Tig N’ Seek (2020) – Review, Recap, Ending, Summary. Main stars: Kash Abdulmalik. It is Released on 23 July 2020. It is created by Myke Chilian.


I have to say it’s one of the best choices HBO max did and just take this show because it really is good it’s one little series that is I’d like to say it’s a ripoff of Spongebob but it’s more like an homage of spawn crop because they don’t take only two characters SpongeBob and Gary just chase the name is seek and seek because TKE as the main character fuse in kind of acts like SpongeBob so like my summary and more realistic in the way that he is sort of a child but he takes off kind of serious but you know how to have fun you know who knows how people but he has sort of little problems here.

He serves a professional list that he had to be perfectly certain things especially trying to help his job or someone he freaks out and the fact I think one of the best apples of sort of focus on that especially helping and friend-making pies but he sort of screwed up he’s the one who broke the pie so he tried to make our the only problem is the cheap lying because he doesn’t want to feel his friend and tell himself you just keep making them make him to the point just sort of blunt face but I love it they make it sort of realistic because the very game this type of show usually does oh don’t worry about it.

We finish the pies all everything is a good no not everything is good the job has been failed even be given the five stars just to get him away because he screwed up he still come back to help because he knows he’s messed up nothing really good just how life is and that is one of the things that makes this show kind of interesting because geek he’s not perfect he’s flawed he’s one of those people and like the summary. Who tried to be his best happy a sort of kind of realistic sort of world especially Kevin the big city because usually some cartoons never focus on the big city that much nowadays it got a little bit more commonplace one of those that.

He still is a lot of things to do with like for example like the chiral incident that Tico has his best friend seek stuck a turtle but once more he didn’t pay you don’t have freaked out he talked boss he was freaking out he’s got crazier and crazier realized you just don’t know paid the turtle and they actually did he accidentally seek to eat old restaurant journals like oh well these have to pay more no no no you go to jail this time I go to jail relieve me out god no and that’s kind of feeling it’s sort of fun, especially how teak is more like a character study because you see him sort of panicking freaking out we also try and be a good person.

He doesn’t know how to be a good person in this situation and that makes him super fascinating interesting Nicola far-right to seem just freak out you also have sick that once more he saw people of Gary you sort of straight man they don’t talk the only word he’s here is meow but let’s seek because you see him kind of interesting you have to sort of read what he does, for example, he’s sort of an engineer who corrects things of nothing like girlier the heap sees of broken glass this is all some watches and charity make a time machine. I hope that you will like this summary. I don’t know how he makes attention wishing but the guy is super smart in super clever you’re like okay.


Who a cat who doesn’t know how to talk correct things are nowhere next purpose into this world especially all the side carry taken see me there basic sort of realistic sort of cliche bike and reversing the cliche when the big samples are the desk guy with the secretary to his boss and you think be serves Nadi or don’t bring no the secretary guy I expect that you will like my review. He’s the best with the Samaras one under group he served reverse-engineer the character make it definitely unique and you think that’s why taking sick so works super well.

You always liked to play with generic characters and make it something completely different especially you serve a backed back silicon drop I mean I think that’s the thing make this shows super interesting to see him go different places that not really shows going to going up are going different job trying to talk to other people to do to help them do the other jobs and what’s more it that’s one of the main keys this show more super and like this review. Where it goes to different areas than other shows could never do and that’s why I just enjoy it the sort of fresh in very unique take-off sort of the good boy so thanks for watching.

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