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 What is TemTem? TemTem Trailer Review. The game is set for release on PC on the 21st via Steam discord and Humble Bundle.

What is TemTem? TemTem Trailer Review

What is TemTem? TemTem Trailer Review. We are looking at TemTem so TemTemis an MMORPG which is heavily inspired by Pokemon. The game is set for release on PC on the 21st via Steam discord and Humble Bundle. Now please do keep in mind guys again that is going to be released on the 21st is indeed early access so the game is not fully finished.

However, I have had hands-on experience for the game during the stress test so I thought it’d just be a great opportunity to let you know what I think about the game so far and to let you know a bit more information about the game. If you’ve only just found out about it but without further ado guys.

What is TemTem

Let’s get into it much like Pokemon you have just a walk and like every child, you dream about becoming a ten-time camera now the campaign needs to explore the six islands of airborne archipelago discovering new species and making good friends along the way. Now each Island offers a different world and a different set of mm to ten and each of these areas.

Also, offer dojos which are ten times versions of gems now you have to defeat all the leaders to become the ultimate TemTem trainer sound familiar. Guys in TemTem there are twelve types of Hempton fire nature water electric mental earth wind crystal digital Mele toxic and neutral the typing of attempt M decides whether that Tenten will take more or less damage from a technique of a specific type.

For example, a water attack against the fire TemTem will have much larger effects than a fire attack against the water ten times all sounds pretty familiar right guys. Now alongside the solo story campaign guys. TemTem will also launch with a fully cooperative campaign allowing you to jump in with your friend at any time and work towards the next goal together as team players can also catch new TemTem complete.

TemTem Trailer Review

A route or face off against the TemTem all while fighting alongside your friends in duel battles now this is something. I’m excited to try I’ve not tried this in the stress test yet but I can just imagine how fun it would be you and your friend balling around taking down dojo leaders together in duel trainer battles.

Now, Honestly, I have had such a great time playing and screaming the stress tests the game’s artwork. It’s absolutely beautiful and eye-catching the soundtrack is phat chair and the game just brings home the nostalgia of Pokemon but with a new exciting change so guys in my opinion TemTem is home to percent worth.

I look forward to seeing how the game develops. I hope to see you all along the way with me I’ll be bringing a lot more TemTem content to youtube and twitch the TemTem designs are fantastic. I can easily see myself having your favorite TemTem very soon but anyway. You’ve not yet done so for more TemTem and Runeterra content and let me know in the comments below who you are favorite.

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