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This is the Newest and the Latest Review of White Lines Netflix Season 1. It is Released on 15 May 2020. Season 1. It is Created by Álex Pina.

White Lines Netflix Season 1 (2020) – Review And Summary

This is the Newest and the Latest Review of White Lines Netflix Season 1. It is Released on 15 May 2020. Season 1. It is Created by Álex Pina.

Are you looking forward to this did you like it ok so a woman tries to solve the mysterious death of her brother the famous DJ who disappeared from Ibiza many years ago and please like my review and summary. This show stars Laura haddock you may know her from Transformers the last night you may know her from guardians of galaxy she plays star Lords mother.

She is good in this show absolutely she wasn’t necessarily the standout for me but you’re with her throughout the entire show. You experienced these things with her as it turns from a drama to at times a comedy there are some comedic elements here too a full-on mystery and one that I think a lot of people are going to respond to the cast over although some of the supporting actors here.


I hope that you would like the summary. Daniel Mays as Marcus is really good Juan Diego Bato is great and it’s really up to the characters to carry us through this show it’s also cool that we see two different versions of not every character but the majority of them we have the late 90s version of that character and what’s going down today because what we get with this show is a look into two distinct timelines.

When she was younger and she was having interactions with her brother and elements that lead to where we are today when she is solving the mystery after they found her brother’s body and as I mentioned before Alex pinion the creator of money heist I think a lot of people are going to expect this show to feel similar to that one and when you look at some of the comedy beats sure a few of these side characters have the exaggerated expressive nature.

We love from characters in that show but this is a very different show it moves at a very different pace it is slower than money heist it was much more difficult to binge it’s why I’m putting this review out so late and not that that matters in the long run because not everyone is going to binge it but it is a more difficult show to process in the long run just because it moves at times at a snail’s pace and that’s going to bother a lot of people I also think the sheer amount of nudity and sex and things that go on within this show is just gonna push people in the opposite direction.

I understand that I was really uncomfortable times not gonna lie Tia I mean I expected it but not to the degree that we ended up getting it if that makes sense not a really like sexual scenes, not orgies and some naked people just running everybody but it’s a full-on murder mystery here so we have Zoey.

Who runs into her brother’s old friend and he’s the current DJ his name is Marcus once again Marcus was an awesome character so when she arrives her goal is to figure out what happened to her brother but I don’t even think she expected to go full-on Sherlock Holmes and solve this mystery well her arrival really shakes up everything going down because there’s this casino deal that requires this island to be clean of all drugs.

When she gets there this kind of upsets this balance that a lot of folks will do anything to maintain and I mean anything and the show is a constant flashback and forth sometimes we get narration from certain characters other times we’re getting a peek into the lives in the 90s and obviously with the title like white lines you can expect there to be some drug use within the show but even if you’re not a fan of all of these dirty elements as some would say and the nudity that comes about it’s also this crime drama at its core that becomes more and more interesting as we go.

I’ll admit at the beginning of the show and sit back going this is just not what I expected I think we’re all gonna have that mentality if we’re a fan of money heist. We’re going to expect this to be the next money heist right and I don’t know if it is that but I don’t know if it had to be that if that makes sense I’m okay with this being.

Its own thing and if you can get wrapped up and invested in this mystery I wasn’t fully there I did have some issues with the pacing and like I said I wanted to care about her character more they gave me reasons at the start but as we progress. I request you to like my summary.

I cared more about what was going on in the background with these side stories the main storyline at a point not overall was my least favorite thing happening because I’m like I just want to know what’s happening over here with this character that’s more interesting but it’s still trying to figure out okay who did this why did they do it. I hope that you will like my summary.

How did he get caught up in this situation when was the last time I was able to see him you’re asking all of these questions and as she is trying to answer them you are with her every step of the way even if you don’t care maybe as much as you wanted to at the start and that is the sign of a good at times glossy crime drama and it works here what I love about the show is that it’s just a good character-driven mystery not only our main characters.

We explore the ins and out of where they are which is nice because the setting let’s talk about this real quick I can’t believe I haven’t hit on it it looks incredible not only the set design not only the backdrops where they are obviously it’s going to look good but the filmmaking is spectacular some of the shots here.


This Review is Nice to watch. We get the occasional wides that look fantastic some of the camera pans are gorgeous and it’s just an overall phenomenal looking show even if white lines was the most boring thing I’ve seen all year I’d still look at it and say I mean it’s visually appealing so it’s got that going for it thankfully it is more than that when you dive in.

I still didn’t get everything that I wanted and some of these elements were just so overwhelming and so overbearing and I didn’t care as much as I wanted to I just wasn’t all the way there at the story I think a lot of people are going to have their preference do they prefer the flashbacks and if you have your preference like I did.

When we’re getting the other pieces I’m just not as interested and I know that sounds bad and fans of this show are going to look at me and say Austin what is wrong with you but I needed the writing to be a bit better in parts and again. I expect out of you to like my review.

This is just gonna turn some people away with how deep and dark I mean it gets really dark at times but when it goes to those levels I see many audience members just falling off and in a way that’s not good that aspect didn’t bother me as much I was so enamored with the filmmaking and I did care about a lot of these characters so at the end of the day.

I didn’t love white lines as much as I wanted to it’s much more on the average side then maybe a lot of people are going to anticipate going in but there are still some Goodell and some elements in there that I think are going to give a lot of people a fantastic time and many are going to walk away loving it with my score I’m going a 65 percent.

Let I know do you like these Netflix reviews would you like to see me do more I appreciate you guys for watching what do you want to see me do next a lot of stuff to watch a lot of things to do you guys are truly the best I’ll see you soon? I hope that you must have liked this review.

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Brilliant acting by all, loved "Boxer" 😘 good storyline and took me back in time to the 90's visiting ibiza listening to those tunes.

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