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This is Zombie Army 4: Dead War Review and This is Worth A Buy? This is my final review for the recently released zombie army for dead war.

Zombie Army 4: Dead War Game – Review | Worth A Buy?

This is Zombie Army 4: Dead War Review and This is Worth A Buy? This is my final review for the recently released zombie army for dead war. Zombie army 4 is the latest in a series of cooperative third-person zombie shooter games created by rebellion as a less serious spin-off to the sniper elite series. While it certainly doesn’t change up the formula too much zombie army 4 does introduce quite a few changes to the zombie-killing action.

How to Play Zombie Army 4: Dead War

Including reworked controls and increase an enemy and location variety and a revamp of the progression system aimed to keep players engaged for longer. Let’s first start by talking about the game’s narrative for those unfamiliar with the series zombie army that takes place in an alternate version of World War 2.

When the Nazis raised the dead out of desperation and plunged the world into an apocalypse throughout the course of the original three games players need to travel across Europe killing swarms of undead monsters. In an attempt to put a stop to the zombified Hitler and save the world. It’s a silly premise and rebellion fully embraces it with its latest game with chapter artwork highly reminiscent of old movie posters.

Zombie sharks and even fun Easter eggs like the ps4 controller speaker playing a creepy message when the game is paused for long enough players. Zombie Army 4: Dead War Review, Once again assume the role of various characters from the series each with a handful of one-liners that they’ll shout out under certain circumstances though their lines can be a bit repetitive.

It would have benefited the game to record a few more just to mix it up the games nine missions bring players to some interesting locations throughout Italy and the surrounding area. Including Milan Venice and even Rome likely as a way to recycle some of the assets built for the Italian focus Sniper Elite 4.

The darker atmosphere and unique level layouts helped to set it far enough apart that it never feels recycled in any way. I can’t say much about the actual plot without spoiling it for those interested in the storyline but for fans of the series. It is consistent with what you’d expect the gameplay is what truly matters here though.


Zombie army 4 delivers what I feel is the strongest entry in the series yet using the refined movement and controls introduced with the most recent Sniper Elite Games zombie army 4 feels like more polished experience shots seem to land on targets more consistently in aiming. Especially with secondary weapons like the shotgun and Thompson feels much easier to control the level environments are also much more interesting.

This time around taking a barge down the canals of Venice and fighting off hordes of the undead in a zoo habitat helped us shake up the banana of mowing down zombies for seven hours straight. The new traps like the undead shark prop helped to add an interesting new dynamic to the gameplay one of the most enjoyable aspects of the game.

Though it is trying to maintain lengthy kill combos a staple of the series that is much easier to keep track of now thanks to a large combo counter that changes color depending on the value of the streak. These are hugely important as high combos can reward you with additional points and rewards upon completing mission chapters.

That enables the player to unlock new upgrades for their weapons in gear this is one of the most unique features of zombie army 4. Zombie Army 4: Dead War Review, While players could customize their classes before this new system allows them to improve individual weapons with new attachments and buffs. Including faster reload higher damage output.

Even special abilities like explosive rounds and shock rounds that are activated after a cool-down each weapon features an upgrade tree with each enhancement requiring an upgrade kit and a prerequisite of obtaining a specific player rank enticing players to progress further in the game in order to unlock the full potential of their favorite guns.

Wares can also customize other aspects of character including their melee weapon each offering their own special benefit like rewarding the player with a small amount of health and player perks that can be upgraded further by completing perk specific challenges. It’s a significantly more robust system.

Though, It does seem to come at a cost zombie army 4 features far fewer weapons to choose from with only four rifles as opposed to the nine offered. Previously, This is the strange omission concerning the franchise’s heavy sniper roots. Though this is likely because the secondary weapons are much more effective.

They were previously I think I would have been fine with us more focused arsenal weapons. If the upgrade path didn’t take so long to take advantage of the game really wants you to continuously replay missions with your friends. Even encourages it with things like a weekly challenge mission that modifies the gameplay slightly.

The game’s linear nature and overly scripted design really make replay less likely this is a shame too because the weapon upgrades are definitely fun to earn but simply take too long to acquire forcing you to stick with a single loadout. Zombie Army 4: Dead War Review, Throughout the course of your experience, what’s even more disappointing is that the game is already strongly pushing.

Its microtransactions I never necessarily felt that I was underpowered or needed any of these paid weapons but at least offering a method for unlocking it through an in-game. Accomplishment would have made this more forgivable and then, of course, we need to talk about the enemy types zombie army.

Choji offered a decent amount of enemy variety but not even close to what’s on offer in this game. While many of the classics like the suicide zombies the snipers and elites return in one way or another. There’s also the new creepers the flame troopers and even zombie tanks and half-tracks though the latter aren’t quite as interesting to face off against and seem to only hurt the pacing rather than add to the experience.

I was also disappointed to find that the zombie shark used to advertise the game and even offered as a collector’s edition item is limited to just cutscenes and being used as a static trap object. Zombie Army 4: Dead War Review, It seems like a huge missed opportunity to not feature a zombie shark boss fight along with other campy style bosses in the same spectrum.

When, I booted up the Zoo campaign, for example, I was expecting some zombie polar bears and lines to jump out but sadly it was just more of the same with a few new human zombie types being introduced along the way. So, Overall from a gameplay standpoint zombie army 4 is certainly an improvement over.

Worth A Buy?

Its predecessors with much cleaner control more interesting progression systems and some great level designs but it does fall short of delivering the type of experience. You’d expect from the fourth attempt now from a visual standpoint zombie army 4 does make a few nice improvements lighting is more dynamic environments are beautifully detailed.

The zombie gore system is the best it’s ever been I especially love how each weapon seems to deal with an appropriate amount of damage to the undead horde. It was especially satisfying watching large groups of zombies explode into pieces after setting up an explosive trap but just like the sniper elite series. Zombie Army 4: Dead War Review, The game still comes off feeling like a small indie title with stiff character animations and limited scope.

I’ll be sure to expand upon the visual improvements more with a plant direct comparison later this week as there are quite a few interesting changes that have been made both visually and from a gameplay perspective. Overall zombie army for dead war is a really fun experience in a reasonably priced package.

It doesn’t try and reinvent the wheel or anything so if you’ve played the other games in the series this one really doesn’t feel all that different on the surface but the revamped progression system smoother control scheme and great level variety make it one of the most interesting entries to the series.

Even if there are a few needless microtransactions thrown in but what do you guys think are you interested in zombie army 4 let me know in the comments.

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